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  1. If we drive it's a little under 3000 miles in a Honda Pilot that will be holding 5 people.... We'll need room for luggage too, I don't know that the fish will do well for that long.
  2. Can I take them with us??? It's a long drive with three kids in the car. I have two tanks, one is 29 gallon the other is 5 gallon. Guppies, Cory's, Platty's, Pleco, Neon Tetra, Ember Tetra. Shrimp and Snails.
  3. HI All! Last post I made was just 6 days ago which was an update on my aquarium that is doing so well. Well, it looks like we are going to be moving across country. What do we do with our Aquarium and fish? We're looking to move to Raleigh, NC from Seattle area. Looks like there's some good stores in Raleigh!
  4. Picked up 3 small assassin snails this morning and dropped them into the tank. It's been a few hours and I don't see them anywhere, but I look forward to watching them in the tank.
  5. My husband said I could just move the one Mystery snail into the other tank and then once the assassin snails have cleared on the one tank I can switch them. I only have two Mystery Snails. One is really odd and I'm not sure he's ok. His shell has fractured quite a bit and is often laying on the substrate with part of his body out but not moving. When I go back to check a couple of hours later he's usually moving again.
  6. Isaac will the go after my one big mystery snail?
  7. I was wondering about that? I am not sure where I can get those. Can I get them at Aquarium Coop?
  8. It's a 29 gallon tank and I have 3 cories. I think I'd like to get 2 more. But I'm trying to decide if I want to get something that eats snails in there too. Everything is doing really well, so I don't want to throw off anything.
  9. Well I have been working for a few minutes to try and figure out how to upload a video here and then just gave up and copy and pasted the URL and that did it! Oh well.... Anyway, here is my aquarium today! After starting 4 months ago, very poorly, my aquarium has come along quite nicely. I have Guppies, Julie Catfish, Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Snails, 1 cherry Shrimp, Platty's, A Common Pleco, lots of plants, and everyone seems to be doing ok. I can't believe where I started with all fake plants to where I am now. We really enjoy our tanks and appreciate all the help I have gotten.
  10. HI All, When I set up my tank I originally put in pebbles, in varying sizing from tiny to nickle size from the pet store. When I was there I could not find any sand to put in the tank. Turned out it was in the next aisle over. Oops. When I look at beautiful aquariums they usually either have sand OR rocks as the substrate and not a mixture of both. Is it possible to add sand into the substrate of a tank that has pebbles to make it look good? I did add sand by hand into my 5 gallon tank, and I'm not really sure if it looks good or not. It's my grow out tank, so I just slowly brought in handfuls. My 29 gallon tank has a ton of fish in it though so if I want to add sand it will be kind of hard with all the fish in it. I do think the plants are doing better in my 5 gallon tank now that I have added some sand.
  11. HI All, I bought this clip on light from Amazon for my 5 gallon tank. It's not adjustable at all, and I would like to adjust how much light and what kind of light I am putting on it. I'm also continually struggling with algae in this tank because it's a fry tank so I leave the light on for a long time, but it's so bright. My duckweed loves this light though and I have to clear out half of it every other day or it would cover the whole tank. Any suggestions for an adjustable light for my 5 gallon? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B087ZWBVC4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. I must have my counts wrong, because I thought I was missing the ember not the neon. Monitoring the fish now. This guy was floating up in my duckweed so kind of hard to see.
  13. HI All, I was sitting watching my tank today after feeding and realized there was a fish floating at the top. I hope he wasn't gone for too long, he's lost a lot of his color, so I'm assuming it's an Ember Tetra based on the dorsal fin shape. I also don't think I am missing any Neon Tetra's, just 1 Ember. I checked the Ammonia levels and they are near zero. I didn't check the other levels because I think they are all ok. All the other fish are swimming normally. Any idea what could have happened?
  14. Ok. I lied. My parents wanted to see Aquarium Coop so we went back up there today and got four more Guppies. BEAUTIFUL guppies. Now I'm done....
  15. I don't have a pond, but Rock Mountain is about a mile from my house here in unincorporated Redmond, and they look like they have great stuff. Just wanted to put it out there as an option. https://www.rockmountain.com/
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