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  1. You got the store right. We found a guy in Morrisville who repairs and makes custom aquariums and he was the one that confirmed my fears yesterday after buying the fish. I got some bubble bee platy's, and our pleco at the Petco in Chapel hill and they were in great shape. Last time I was in they had some 24KGold Minnows that were so tiny and cute. I haven't had a chance to look into how they would do in my community tank yet, but I would love a school of those.
  2. Good points of course. I know that any store can have Ich, but I think it was more about going against my better judgement. I look at this as a learning lesson and my kids will learn this later when I let them know one died. I'm glad I still have three and I have three more platy's in my other tank too. So if they all bread and make little cute platy babies I'll be pretty psyched.
  3. Oh yes for sure. I also have all healthy fish in my main tank. I wouldn't want to contaminate them. So bummed. I was hoping to get more Neon Tetra's soon, but this is going to really put it off.
  4. Well, against better judgement I bought fish from a fish store in Cary, that I should not have bought. Here's the story. We moved from the Aquarium Coop vicinity in Seattle to North Carolina. When we came to visit back in June, I visited a local fish store, The store was so cool. So much variety. Smaller tanks, but a lot of them, and not too many fish per tank. Everything looked great. So yesterday, my husband and I drove down to get some more fish. This store had a lot of variety, A LOT, when we went before, so I thought it would be cool to get some unique colored fish. Well, they still had a lot of variety, but the tanks had a lot more fish, and a lot of dead fish. I shouldn't have bought any there, but I felt bad that we drove all the way down to not get any. I also wanted some floating plants and snails, which my local REALLY NICE Petco did not have. So I selected 2 sets of platy's from tanks that didn't have any dead fish in them. 2 red platy's and 2 Dalmatian platy's. I also got 2 nerite snails, another plant and a floating plant whose name escapes me. I later talked to a guy, that is from the area and he confirmed my fears that I should not have bought fish from that store. He said to be sure to quarantine and treat them for ICH. Well last night I put everything in my quarantine tank but didn't start treating them yet. Today I woke up to one of the Dalmatian platy's dead. I treated the tank this morning, and will definitely tank my time adding them to my main tank. I was pretty disappointed in myself, I had a bad feeling and didn't go with it. For the plants and snails, will it be safe to add them to my main tank? I really need a snail and my local petco doesn't have any. BTW, the Petco in Chapel Hill, does have a really excellent selection and clean tanks. I was really surprised how nice it was.
  5. We moved cross country and finally got a new tank setup. It's been fully cycled. I started off with three Glofish, three bubble bee platty's, and the cutest Bristlenose Pleco, that is about 1.5" long. I love it. Just wanted to share pictures. Forgot to mention, he goes into the tube of the filter, which worried me, but he got back out.
  6. Was just coming here to look up what was wrong with my plant. Thank you for the info! Mine is definitely a lighting issue. I do not think I am going to correct the lighting though to get it to root and grow. It's disappointing because I loved the red leaves in there. Is there another colorful plant that doesn't require as much light?
  7. I wish petco let you search by length and width.
  8. HI Everyone, I bought a new to us tank from a lovely fellow about an hour away. He sold us his full set up, with cabinet and enough stuff to probably outfit 4 more tanks. Really quality stuff too. Much higher end then I would have bought. So we're basically happy. The tank had some scale on the side and while I was out running some errands today, my husband decided to help me out by cleaning the scale off the tank. Well... now the tank leaks. So we need to buy a new tank for this set up. The tank is 36" long by just over 12" wide. It looks like Petco doesn't have a 29" gallon tank that is that narrow and long. Where can I get a tank that will fit the stand? I am in NC.
  9. After googling, I think you are correct! Huh... they seemed to have just tetra's in their tank then. Interesting.
  10. HI All! I finally got a new to me tank today! It also came with 5 fish, 1 neon tetra, 2 Glofish, and 2 mystery fish. The guy I bought them from thought they might be a tiger fish of some sort but couldn't remember. Any ideas? They are currently in my little 5 gallon quarantine tank I moved with, they are not in their old tank yet. Still need to set that up, but the bottom got a bit wet in transport so we're letting the wood dry. Maybe these are Rosy barbs? BTW, the Glofish next to it, is HUGE. Biggest I have seen.
  11. HI All! We just moved from the Seattle area to North Carolina!! We were unable to take our aquarium with us, but I was able to give my set up to a fellow aquarist in our neighborhood. Anyway, when we bought our house there was this little pond set up. I stuck my hand in it yesterday to put an inadequate pump in it, and it's pretty fowl in there. So I'm thinking I need to dump it and start fresh? Or what? It needs some kind of pump, the pump I bought only works in direct sunlight, and I think it is way too small anyway. Can I save this and put fish in it? How should I approach this? We're still unpacking for the rest of the house, so it's going to be a bit to set up the rest of the aquariums. It needs a pump, does it need a filter? Can I just throw fish in?
  12. Welcome! We are moving to NC this month! I can't wait to start back with my aquariums. I gave my aquariums to a friend in the neighborhood, and miss them so much. I'm hoping to do 3 tanks when we land.... Just need to convince the husband.
  13. Just came here to research Axolotls. My daughter would like one when we move. We're moving to a part of the country that uses AC, but I think we'll probably not drop the house down past 72 when we are using it regularly. Do you think a fan is effective enough to drop the temp in those conditions?
  14. Oh great! I went to the one in Carey towards the end of the day. They really had a great selection. They had some bubble bee chilids that were so cool.
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