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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone out there working these fish? I would love to see picture and hear all about it. This is my 3rd generation with me, still pretty young about 6 month. I want them to hold their fin out wider, they don't have to be any longer than this. After I get their body conformation right, I'll start working on their color.
  2. Was thinking of keeping my summer tub fish, White Clouds and Rosy Barbs, in the basement over winter, which stays in the mid-50s F. I've seen and heard the anecdotes about them surviving with ice over the top of the water, so my question isn't so much "can they tolerate that temperature", but more "how will they do at that temperature for 7ish months?" I don't see much out there on the internet discussing long-term cold-ish water, so was hoping some of you had some practical experiences; how they did, if they still laid eggs, how much less food they ate, etc. etc. It may just boil down to that "one stress factor" they can tolerate and still be fine that Cory often mentions, but would appreciate anyone's actual experiences. Thanks!
  3. I got a great deal on a 10 gallon tank on craigslist. Aqueon starter kit, 2 cans of food, water additives , net 4 large decorations, syphon,substrate etc. 22 dollars. It came with a rosey barb. I put him my 29 gallon just cycled tank. I was thinking 5 more barbs, danios and a cleaner fish. Any thoughts?
  4. Though I would see what your favourite barbs are Here are my favourites barbs Oreichthys crenuchoides and dawkinsia rohani and red panda barbs
  5. After replying to another post, I wanted to share one way I get clear(er) pictures of moving fishies with my camera phone. It's simple really. 1) take a video of the fish 2) scroll through video for a clear frame 3) screenshot it and crop My rosy barb picture, captured using the method above...he's a long-fin, right? At least I think he is, the fins seem longer than other rosy barbs I've seen.
  6. Hi I have a question. I bought new some long fin rosy barbs online. I did a week of the quarantine med trio with 30% water change. What is my next step do I wait 2 weeks and then give them the med trio again?
  7. Hello, I have a 55 gal with angel fish and I'd like to add a small school of rosy barbs to the tank. Half the internet says the barbs will be fine the other half says they'll tear up the angels. Not sure what to do.
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