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  1. Can I get a simple answer..? When will you guys be back in stock with crushed coral? If not soon do you guys have any recommendations I need like 4 pounds…
  2. i would try to support the corners and not only the middle. its still over 100 pounds filled. so i would be worried about the flex of the bottom panel.
  3. i would remove the carbon if it was in a planted tank. i would let the plants draw nutrients out naturally. and the nutrients in water could also help the fish.
  4. I understand, Turbostart 700 fritz is the way to go then.
  5. it does work pretty good. I dont believe its a good alternative to removing sponge filter I would use it but not just by its self.
  6. if your just starting a tank you wont see any ammonia in clean aquarium water. if the gravel has dried out the live bacteria has died off. if you had a cycled tank with 0 ammonia you would have some measurement of nitrate. if you had old filters with poop and stuff on it I would clean it in the tank your starting up so you have live bacteria entering your tank.
  7. do you run sponge filters in your other tanks?
  8. what substrate are you using?
  9. Okay well we got the simple stuff out of way. I do believe its a plant nutrient deficiency. how often do you change water?
  10. I believe that will be the best way to build a fish room run your water to a garden just install a 1 3/4 grey water pump to pump the water out to the yard. are you a member of the aquarium coop?
  11. for me no i want to get out of my apt and get a house with a real fish room so i have more breeding tanks and growing out tanks. i would rather have a 125 gallon tank but nothing larger than that because I do not want any larger fish than angels
  12. once I can figure out my crypto wendtii plans I will update the pics
  13. that is my 40 breeder the water is not clear due to removing probably 40 pogostemon stellatus octopus I am re doing that tank i want a different look but you see that tank i have a 100 watt heater a 150 watt heater two medium sponge filters one aqueon 20 hang on back for water polishing.
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