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  1. Hi there, so I live in Canada and been hit by a big thunderstorm, which knock down so many trees, and 100,000 plus people lost power. Its been 28 plus hour right now and my filter stopped running. So basically in may 21 at 1:50 pm the power went out and I went to make bubbles for them so they can get oxygen, and usually it takes 8 hours for the power to be restore but it is still hasn’t been restore and is already the next day which is may 22nd and now 10pm for me right now. I did buy a portable air pump but I feel like the beneficial bacteria would die. Not sure if I need to re cycle the whole thing again? I kept the media and sponge with the previous tank water. What should I do?
  2. Hello hello! So it's been about a week or so since I've last posted. I feel as if I've made little progress but am not getting very far with it. I believe last week I had no nitrites and 2ppm of ammonia. The beginning of this week, I decided to take a bio-media bag out of my cycled tanks filter and plopped it into this newer tank. Everyday for the past week, I've tested for ammonia and nitrite. I've had the same numbers all week. 2ppm ammonia and around 0.50ppm of nitrite. I thought that it would have cycled the ammonia but it did not. I don't know why but I thought if I dosed in some more ammonia is would cycle. Don't ask. Sometimes I just do things. It clearly did not work. So now I'm back to having this same issue. Why won't my tank cycle? I've taken out the hide I had in it because I thought maybe it was effecting the cycle. Again I don't know why I thought that. I have 3 Java ferns and 3 lucky bamboos. I think in my previous post I was told to get more plants but my biggest concern is that this tank is for an axolotl. I fear that he will dig up the bottom substrate (very fine sand) and eat the fluval stratum I have in one spot under the sand. I did this on purpose for the fact that I'm anticipating him to dig around in the area I plan to feed him. I'm sure many know they're very messy altogether so I'm also trying to keep it easy to clean. Anyways, I guess I'm asking again as to what I should do. I want to use the "more plants" situation as a last resort. I hope this all makes sense. Thank you in advance for helping out.
  3. Any information about this will be helpful I've had this 40gal aquatlantis tank running for a month and a half. Originally I had 5 gold barbs in it. They were doing fine. They are currently in my other tank. I'm trying to cycle this tank as I'm hoping to get an axolotl fairly soon. I've asked breeders as to what they would do to cycle the tank. I was told to take the fish out and dose in ammonia and max dose seachem stability everyday. I've been doing this for the past week. Supposedly this process should be the quickest to cycling the tank for an axolotl. But before doing this I was treating it with stability as stated on the bottle. I've never seen this tank show any readings for nitrite or nitrate. Currently I have 2ppm of ammonia and have not seen anything else. I guess I'm asking for help on cycling this tank. I know it can take up to 3+ months. I'm just wondering what would be the best solution? This tank is running a sponge filter. It has 3 lucky bamboos. 2 Java ferns. I've used Fritz Zyme 7 and seachem flourish for the plants. Plants are doing fine as well. I'm not sure what else to mention. Hopefully this helps diagnose the problem a little. Thank you
  4. So 2 days ago i had thought my cycle was near completion because i woke up and my nitrites were gone but my ammonia was still at around .25 ppm which was weird because prior to that it had been going from about 3ppm to 0 ppm in 24 hours. Well i dosed again yesterday to raise my ammonia to between 2-4 ppm to see if it would all be nitrate today in hopes that my cycle was finally finished well here are my results after waiting 24 hours from dosing ammo. Does this mean my cycle has crashed?
  5. I am on my second round of quarantining fish. My rough idea that I am trying to do is 1 week of the med trio. Then letting them sit for a total of 4 weeks to get the second treatment of Paracleanse in at week 3. After the Med Trio and 3 daily 40% water changes, I start adding filter floss from my established tank and putting it into the quarantine tank box filter every 5 days or so. I have also put one serving of the Fritz bacteria in as well only to see nothing developing. I am assuming that Maracyn is the main issue that hurts that bacteria, but I don't comprehend for how long. Tank parameter are 70 degrees temp, 14 degrees GH, 7 degrees KH, 8.2 PH, 10 Nitrate, 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, tap water does not read chlorine on the test strip but I treat with Prime. I am mainly having issues with getting a cycle started so I do not have to water change while the second round of Paraclense is in. How long after a Med trio treatment is it reasonable to expect a cycle to develop?
  6. I'm trying to cycle a new tank. Levels are ... Ammonia- 3-4ppm, Nitrites- 0, Nitrates- .25-.50, Ph- 6.8-7.0 My question is ... is it safe to put plants in now? Or should I wait until fully cycled? (plants- Anubias nana "petite", Cryptocoryne Lucens, Cryptocoryne Tropica, Dwarf Hairgrass, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green, Mini Bolbitis (Baby Leaf), Christmas Moss) Thank you 😊
  7. I feel like i ask questions about this alot but want to make sure im doing things correctly. Doing a fishless cycle with a lightly planted tank. A couple val, some dwarf hairgrass which doesnt seem like its doing well and a bit of java moss. My question is my ammonia levels drop from 4 ppm to 0 in 24 hours if not less. My nitrite levels stay around 2-5 ppm but my worry is my nitrate levels are at around 80 currently and have been for 2 days. Should i do a water change or just leave it for my plants to deal with? Will this affect my cycle?
  8. Thanks in advance for any advice. 😃 I run 1 or 2 sponge filters w/ my HOB in my 20g. I presently have a bn, 8 ember tetras, and some cherry shrimp culls. I am planning on adding a betta that's presently in quarantine. (He's sharing quarantine w/ neon tetras for another tank to see if he is aggressive 😇) Will removing the HOB and just leaving the sponge filter ruin my cycle ? The HOB is a 20g Aqueon w/intake sponge and using ceramic + sponge Is there anything I should do special to avoid that possibility? Or should I just use the HOB ? Trying to control flow for the betta. 🤔
  9. I had very little issues cycling my aquarium at work but my home aquarium Is going nowhere. I have two tanks going at home a 10 gallon quarantine tank and a 40 breeder both on my tap water. The KH in both tanks is 10 degrees and the GH is 17 degrees. I have a calcium test kit for saltwater that reads at about 5 degrees assuming it works in fresh water. The PH for both is about 8.2 as well. The test strips read 0 for chlorine but I did dose Prime. Temperature=75 degrees. July 23- set up quarantine tank with some water sprite and java moss, bare bottom with some small rocks. july 23-august 2nd added Seachem Stability (no ammonia to really test for) Aug 5th- added 3 lipstick goby - ammonia starts to rise up to 0.25ppm, nitirites=0, nitrate=10 Aug 5-aug 12 added Seachem stability- no decrease in ammonia aug 10th added med trio - light feeding every 3 days and ammonia rising up to 1.0ppm, nitirites=0, nitrate=10 aug 15-aug 18 heavy daily water changes to keep ammonia down- light feeding aug 18- fritz zyme 7 added- ammonia=0.5, nitirites=0, nitrate=10 (I did not change water for 4 days) aug18-aug 24 light feeding every 2-3 days and ammonia=0.25-0.5, nitirites=0, nitrate=10 -I did have some biofilm on the glass but the light is not powerful enough to create algae I guess. Then for my 40 breeder I am less worried about because it is new and a fishless tank. aug 16- tank filled with substrate and rocks. aug 18- plants added aug 22- fritz zyme 7 added, ammonia=1.0, Nitrite=0.25 aug 23- ammonia=1.0, nitrite=0.25 aug 24- ammonia=0.75, nitrite=0.25 Right now it feels like the the only thing keeping my ammonia down is my water changes. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to get the cycle started a bit quicker? Or what could be my issue in starting my cycle? I don't want to take a sponge from my work tank because the fish are sick and it has black beard algae. I could go get some RO water and see if the cycle will start in that. The Goby fish seem ok and are eating when fed, but I kind of feel bad that they have not been given that much. Thank you
  10. So...first off, my fish are safe...but, I am confused... I started this cycle about three weeks ago in a 10g - Fluval Stratum, live plants (crypts, sword, chain sword) and two sponge filters (the 10g will be my quarantine tank, so I wanted to have multiple so I could swap back and forth from my main tank) I set up my 29g last week with new Stratum, driftwood and then added everything from the 10g (Stratum, three rocks, all of the plants and one of the sponge filters)...last weekend my Brother in Law hooked me up with a dirty sponge, an entire bag of cycled bio media for my canister (enough for a full tray of my Fluval 207) as well as a crypt, anubias, rotala and a dwarf lily bulb from his 55g tank (has been set up for well over two years and is currently handling ~80 fish...adults and apisto fry) - so I felt (mostly) comfortable putting a few fish in the tank. I have been testing everyday since I added the fish (8 Ember tetras) to make sure I didn't get an ammonia or nitrite spike (so far zeros on both), but here is my confusion - I still haven't seen any nitrates either...maybe a bit orange, but primarily yellow (API master test kit) Is it the plants (this is my first attempt at a planted tank)? Do I not have a big enough bio load? Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Do I just need to have more patience? I'm happy with the numbers and that the fish are getting more and more active each day, but at the same time still confused at the zero nitrates 😐
  11. We are 4 months into a fish-in cycle for our 1 betta in a 5 gallon aquarium. I posted awhile ago about a sudden pH drop and we have gotten that issue taken care of. However, we have not ever registered nitrites or nitrates. We use Prime daily for the ammonia, which has never risen above .25. We have added API Quick Start and Brightwell MicroBacterStart XLF. Our Betta's fin rot is progressing so we are getting desperate trying to figure out what to do. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. Hey there! Semi new to the aquarium hobby. Wondering if I could get everyone's routine when they're quarantining with meds? I understand the reasoning and concept, however when I'm looking at the instructions for the meds, nothing seems to line up. Each has a different time period before water change and different amount of water changed. Whenever I've ready or watched people talking about quarantining fish it seems like water changing is hardly mentioned? Thanks in advance for the help Grant
  13. I'm in my fifth week and still counting the day for this aquarium to cycle. but I'm noticing white slime in my HOB filter and aquarium smell kind of funny is that normal I'm scare to do anything to the aquarium while its cycling, or is it cycle? Help someone! 😔
  14. My husband has a 20g long. In it he has eco substrate with white gravel over top, root tabs, live plants (java fern windelov, water sprite, aponogeton, anubias, moss ball, and some others), sponge filter in back left corner, airstone in center of the background, and a 30g HOB filter with an intake sponge. (HOB has 2 sponges and a bag of biomax rings in it.) He has/had 2 powder blue gouramis, 3 black ruby barbs, 5 five-banded tetra, one albino pleco, and a mystery and/or pond snail (not exactly sure which). Parameters are 6.8 pH, 0 ppm ammonia, 0 chlorine, 0 ppm nitrite, 20-30 ppm nitrates, hard water. There is no lid on the tank. Unless numbers are off, he has been topping off the tank with Seachem Prime-treated tap water as needed. We have probably done 3 water changes and 2 filter cleanings in the last two months. We do bi-weekly doses of Seachem Flourish for the live plants. (I have added Seachem Stability as dead fish are removed also.) He has lost everything but the black ruby barbs and snails (snails are multiplying - found 3 new babies this morning) in the last month. Are these types of fish extremely sensitive to water parameters? Is the lack of a lid problematic? He is so frustrated he is thinking of just shutting the tank down if the barbs don't make it. I don't want him to give up; I have suggested "easier" fish, like livebearers. Any advice? I am currently treating the tank with Ich-X because I noticed one barb with spots. We are also taking a water sample to our LFS. Thanks in advance.
  15. I’ve been out of aquarium hobby for about 5 years. I had several bare bottom tanks 200 gallon range so I understand cycling. I've never had planted aquarium so I’m trying one seems simple. but I can’t get my ammonia to raise I’m over feeding 6 glow tetras my son picked out and about 30 snails algae wafers he LOVES invertebrates. Aquariums 2-3 weeks old, I have ton of light on it atm 2 reef leds, 6500 Amazon light. I dose prime everyday since started regardless of ammonia nitrite nitrate I don’t want spike kill my sons fish and primes cheap and safe. I also have co2 drop a second yeast way seem best no regulator to fail change every 7 days cost 2 bucks. so all my levels basically 0 I haven’t changed water in 5ish days. Should I start raising ammonia with drops? And dose prime so stays safe? Idk kinda lost never had problem like this bare bottom tanks raunchus and pearlscals. Maybe all the plants I got I poured water and plant hoping add good bugs that’s risky I know. Only guess I have cycle started I missed it somehow. Some picture I spend about 100$ on plants from coop got all eles I needed I really like that guy on you tube. Not sure he’s name but I watch all he’s videos very practical guy. I also use stability everyday and 6 bags CaribSea Eco-Complete 20-Pound Planted Aquarium, Black that might have started my cycle it has bugs in it I think I just read it’s best and I like look.
  16. I have a seeded (about 2 years in an established, planted tank) sponge that I would like to put in my new tank along with a brand new sponge filter. How long can I expect to cycle my tank before I can add some nerites and neocaridina?
  17. I got some fritz zyme 7 from aquarium co op recently and was wondering if the product gives false testing for ammonia. I originally bought a bottle from amazon but was unsure if it was safe because one of the reviews said that you should test the product for ammonia to make sure it is not spoiled. I tried that, and it tested for 4-8 ppm ammonia. I thought it was spoiled, so I bought another from aquarium co op. I tested that bottle, and got the same results. I contacted fritz zyme and they said it is a false reading because it was not meant to be tested for ammonia, which I thought made sense. So, I used the fritz zyme in one of my betta tanks. I waited a little and when I tested the water the ammonia rose from 1-2 ppm to 4 ppm. I think the product worked though, because right now I am seeing almost no ammonia and some nitrites. But I was wondering if the reading when I first added the product to the tank was false, because I am planning on using it in a quarantine tank and a new tank. I don't want to use it if the ammonia actually was that high because that wouldn't be safe for the new fish.
  18. i already have two filter cartridges with beneficial bacteria on it. BUT i am now switching over to sponge filters so how would i use that bacteria on the sponge filters? (the filter cartridges are in a container with water) i also bought fritz zyme 7 live bacteria. please help me with suggestions. 😃
  19. So I have never used bottled bacteria to jump start a cycle. Was wondering since it seems lots of companies now have some type of bottled bacteria if it would actually be a benefit as in the tank would cycle a lot sooner then normal (4-8 weeks) if not longer. I would like to get a quarantine tank going in the next few days and I might be able to get a hold of the fish I want a few days after that. So basically if I got a bottle of one of these bacteria would the tank be ready to hold fish within a week or 2?
  20. I have had my tank for 1 month. I was gifted a Betta prematurely from a friend right when I got this tank. I actually got this ten because she gifted it and I knew my 40 wasn't ready yet, only being three days into the cycle from new. I have 5 ghost shrimp, 2 mystery snails, 1 nerite, and my male betta. I have a Fluval 3.0 light. I have a moderately planted tank with Valisineria, Dwarf Saggitaria, Moneywort, Octopus, Anubias nana, one Red Melon Sword and one Amazon Sword. I was struggling big time with ammonia and did more water changes than I care to remember or can count. I recently bought a Tidal 35 filter to replace the cheap little filter that came with the ten. (tetra whisper). I have both filters in there right now, so that the bacteria can grow on the new one, and the old filter can still give bacteria, even though I hate the filter. (carbon sleeve thing). Here are my water parameters. PH 7.6 Ammonia 0 (This makes me want to dance!!) Nitrite 2.0 😞 Nitrate 5.0 I didn't test the KH,GH, or Phosphate because once I saw the Nitrites I knew I would have to do a water change or something anyway. In my Tidal 35 I have the sponge and media that came with it as well as a polishing sponge and some crushed coral for my snails, (I have very soft water, my 40 gallon says my hardness in it is now 5) What can I do to help the nitrites go down that I am not already doing? I've included a picture of my tank. Thank you everyone Tianna
  21. I tried the method of cycling with Dr. Tims ammonia as described here: https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/2-4-cycling-with-ammonia/ and using Black Kow as inoculate as described here: https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/2-11-inoculate-for-cycling/ 1. Setup tank and filter with hardscape, no lights, no plants, and a good size airstone and set temperature at 84 degrees F. 2. Handful of Black Kow in bio bag positioned over airstone, and 1/4 teaspoon of Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster. 3. Added Dr. Tims 4 drops per gallon every day, regardless of the ammonia and nitrite levels. The tank cycled in 9 days, which is exactly in line with the table at the bottom of the second link above. I would definitely use this method in the future.
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