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  1. Hey All! New here and happy to join the community! Had a question about the sturdiness of a heavy cabinet I have for a 22 or 26 gallon tank possibly? Or a 20gal ? Pics are added at the bottom. (Sorry, I should have cleaned up first!). This table is about 43”Lx15.5”W on the top. It does have a center support. Looking at a 22gal at a 36”x12”x12” footprint or 26gal at 36”x10”x16”. It is probably plywood. Could this cabinet support that weight? If I added an extra piece of wood on the top, would that help distribute the weight? Looking forward to your expertise and feedback! I’d love to use this, but could get a stand later if I had to. Thank you in advance! 🙏🙏🙏
  2. Last year, I built an aquarium stand by somewhat improving an IKEA Besta with the following dimensions (without using the 'legs'): I used some wood panels (glued wood, around 1cm thick) to support the back walls to reduce pressure on the 3 vertical walls, and added one piece of wood screwed to the middle wall that directly connects with the ground. On top sits a kitchen countertop to distribute the weight. The bottom of the whole cabinet is full of felt gliders so the weight is evenly distributed on the floor. The construction was always planned to have 3 aquariums, but up until now there were only two Dennerle Nano Cubes (30L/8 gallon), together weighting around 80kg / 180 lbs. Now I bought another 55L/15 gallon tank to side in the middle, which will add round 70kg/155 lbs of weight. The reason I was hesitant regarding the last aquarium was my concern for the weight, but as you can see on the photos I tried to improve the stability already and right now with 2 aquariums and the one empty aquarium it looks pretty sturdy still. Is there anyone who used similar furniture for aquariums or can assess the stability of my construction? I personally see one option I have to improve it further: Since the kitchen countertop stands out a few centimeters behind the cabinet, I could try to screw a supporting piece of wood on the wall right below the countertop plate (or instead give the piece of wood two legs to stand on the ground). I really want to make this work, should I be worried though? I know that in the end it is at my own risk, but maybe someone can give their opinion.
  3. My aquarium stand isn't ideal at all, and I'd love to cover the front up with something pretty, or build something onto it like doors. Wishful thinking but also a shelf inside if it's possible. It's metal, so how would it work to use hinges for doors? What kind of creative setups do you have? I'd have loved an enclosed stand but this was a gift and I didn't think it through before setting things up. Show me your stand set ups, and throw me some ideas!
  4. Has anyone set up a quarantine tank in their cabinet before? Are the insides of these standard pine (75g) stands stable enough for 10g of water? Interested in thoughts before I add water. ✌🏼
  5. Has anyone tried something like this as an aquarium stand? The dimensions look good as well as the weight bearing capacity. I really don't like the appearance or quality of the stands at the Pet****** store these look like viable option, opinions? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0839C4685/?coliid=I2W20NKQSO39PH&colid=1IHY2BABROHEZ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088P7LTMH/?coliid=I3M6Z8MX8RHUO5&colid=1IHY2BABROHEZ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. OK I got the base cabinet setup and got the tank resealed and put back on top of the stand. Where it sits there is a slight lean to the left resulting in water level differences. I want this to be a bit more level but as this stand is made from 3/4 birch plywood it doesn't have the normal 4 corners of to simply put something underneath. What method would you guys recommend to get the low side up the 1/8th it needs please. Its doing a leak test now to make sure it all sealed. I am going to drain it tomorrow and try and get something underneath it.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to support a 38 gallon (Length: 36.25 in Width: 12.625 in)preferably 3 feet off the ground? I've looked all over the internet and not really found anything that's a reasonable price and I like the features of. I'm open to DIY however considering I haven't built anything out of wood other than a few small structures made of popsicle sticks I'd prefer not to especially considering this would be holding 38 gallons of water. Thanks!
  8. I built the stands from watching Corry’s video on how to build stand does anybody know if these will hold (2) 75 gallons tanks looking at the picture the top with the 10 and the 20 long that’s where the 75’s will be going thank you
  9. Hello, I built my own stand and I have leveling problem. 2 of the 4 corners on my rimmed 75 are not flat. It is not a large gap, but I am still concerned with it breaking a seal. Am I able to use something like hardie board (cement board) and shims under the tank to level or does it need to be plywood? I just have leftover board to use but I am unable to get ply wood right now.
  10. I've used a towel in the past and don't remember having any issues with water damage. It's been a long time though and I wonder if anyone else has used them to protect furniture used as a stand? For my two previous aquariums I used plexiglass cut larger than the size of furniture (a nightstand, and an old radio cabinet) and it works fairly well, but I do sometimes spill and water will get under the plexiglass, so I have to carefully lift and dry underneath. The latest 6.8 gallon aquarium will ideally go on a dresser, which cannot be fully covered with plexiglass and there won't be enough extra space to lift plexiglass and dry underneath. The aquarium does have a thin foam sheet on the bottom, but I considered putting a towel underneath in hopes that water dripping during a water change would be absorbed, but not damage the dresser. I ruined a desk years ago when water and the aquarium caused the veneer to come off when I moved it. 😞 I know...a stand dedicated to an aquarium is ideal, but that can't happen in this space. Anyone have experience using a towel or something else? Thanks!
  11. I’m wondering how fish keepers determine if a tank stand will withstand the weight of their tank. Some actual tanks stands amaze me with a thin strip of particle board holding up the sides of a 45 gallon tank but then some furniture that seems very well made says it will hold 120lbs.. I’ve read and listened to several videos where some people have used IKEA furniture, particle board entertainment centers, rack system sections, even glass coffee tables (a friend has had a 40 gallon on a glass coffee table for 4 years & it blows my mind every time I see it).. my husband insists on nothing less sturdy than a solid wood stand reinforced to the 9s with a fully supported top. I know common sense is probably a huge factor and I think, generally speaking, sturdier is better but I don’t know how practical that is all the time. For example, I’ve seen several “sofa tables” that I’d love in our home to house a tank but how do you know it’s sturdy enough to do so?
  12. Looking to get another 29 gallon for my guppies. Has anyone used the AQueon forged? Stable sturdy? 30 x 20 also it says bottom fits 15 gallon. Can I put a 10 there for fry? if it’s terrible is imagitarium steel one any good? Those are what’s in my area and price range.
  13. My colleague knew I’d built some aquarium stands, and asked me to build one for a Youth Program (i.e. not for fish). I built it today just like I’ve done them for my fishroom, knowing that one day.... it might come back this way! First I measure out the middle shelf and cut squares... Then I line up the posts and screw them together using some soap on the threads... Once shaped up, it starts looking right... Then apply some Krylon ColorMaxx paint + Primer, and... Done! (Note: this is designed to hold a 20-long on top with extra lip space for testing items, plus a 10 gal on the middle shelf, with enough room for a Lee’s large specimen container to easily pour in from above 👍)
  14. I'm trying to find a metal shelving where the top shelf is between 33 to 36 inches high, and the length and width can accommodate a 20 gallon long. The height requirement is to keep it level with a countertop at 36", or slide under the edge of the counter at 33". It's also to keep it safe from my kids to put anything in the tank. Then I'll have the encase the shelf in something so my youngest doesn't try climbing. I'm looking into metal because it's considerably cheaper than wood. And I don't have the ability to make my own 2x4 stand. I've searched so much, but not able to find. So I was wondering if any of you who use shelves for a racking system, if it's something you can take apart so it's not higher than 36", or lower than 33", and can comfortably handle a 20g long
  15. Can I see some DIY aquarium stands? I’m not very crafty so the easier the better! 😉 Thanks!
  16. Would a stand that's is 48x16 be able to hold a 75 gal tank, measuring 48x18? I have a stand for my 55g that is 16" wide and would like to get a bigger tank but don't know if I can just use the old stand. What if I get a piece of plywood 48*18 and place it under the tank that should support the extra 2in. Or do I need a new stand?
  17. Ok this is my thing, I bought a metal stand from lowes (4 tiers adjustable shelves) I'm alittke nervous about putting multiple tanks on it. Weight wise I should be ok. I plan on putting plywood over top of the metal racks to better support the tanks. Anybody else use this type of metal shelves for there tanks? This is my Saturday project for the fish room. Just an FYI biggest tank I planned on putting on it is a 60 gallon. Have multiple tanks also, 55 and 2 bow fronts and a bunch of 20 highs. Am I good? Any advice?
  18. Do you think this would hold a 20 gallon long and two ten gallons? Each shelf holds 1,000 lbs. Link to the shelf: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Gladiator-5-Tier-Steel-Garage-Storage-Shelving-Unit-with-EZ-Connect-48-in-W-x-72-in-H-x-24-in-D-GARK485XGG/301657823
  19. So I got an aqueon stand today - test assembled and it's quite wonky. I put the pads on the corners like it said, and the aquarium does sit without rocking, but the pads lift up the aquarium from the stand. Is this correct? Want to make sure before I..well add water. Thanks!
  20. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a reliable stand online for a 150g?
  21. My husband has really come around to see the light on this hobby! At first he was very opposed to me getting fish (we have four cats and three dogs). Three tanks later, he loves my fish just as much as I do and also didn't realize how much personality a fish could have! He picked up a 75 gallon for me and then built the tank stand to match the buffet we have in our dining room. The doors are still drying but they will be hung later today. I am so excited! I have been seeding another canister filter in tandem with my cycled 29 gallon. I need to get a lid, a heater, an air pump, and some plants. Once that's all done, my plan is for an oddball tank with maybe rope fish, elephant nose fish, farlowella catfish, haven't really decided (though my heart is set on rope fish, I am having a hard time finding a source for rope fish right now). I know you guys understand my excitement!
  22. Hello All, I am putting together a new stand to hold three tanks vertically in my fishroom, two 20g longs and a 29 gallon on the bottom. So the tanks are all 30" across and 12" deep. I have seen Cory's video with the stands in the store only supporting the ends of each tank, front-to-back. I am considering doing this but seems a bit frightening. I have also read a few articles saying all the weight is on the four corners so in theory I should be fine, but ... Every tank stand I have previously built supports the entire bottom frame, sides and front/back. Just wondering if others have built similar stands for tanks these sizes and just supported the sides, leaving the front and back edges open?
  23. Doug and I both have bad backs, from hauling our kiddo around all these years. (Isaac's 21 years old, non-mobile and weighs in around 100 pounds. I quit lifting him about 30 pounds ago, but Doug still lifts him daily. 🏋️‍♂️🏆) When we talked about trying a garden this year, Doug mentioned Cory's aquarium stands. I thought it was brilliant! We are doing 5-gallon bucket gardening, as well as some crates and various pots, and we're placing them on the stands. We did decide on just 2 2x4s since our bucket of soil are not nearly as heavy as a filled tank and that saved us a bit of money. They are very sturdy, even here in our sandy, grassy yard and they bring the buckets up high enough that harvesting is going to be a breeze. (Please notice, if you will, the drip irrigation lines. I've never done anything like this, but treated it all like a big puzzle of t-barbs, elbows, emitters and tubing, and put it all together. I was SO STINKING PROUD when we connected it to the spigot and EVERY nozzle had water and there were NO leaks or popped lines. It was incredibly satisfying, let me tell you!!!)☺️ So, thanks for the idea, @Cory! Our tired backs are grateful for your creative solutions that work inside the fish room and OUTside too! Alesha
  24. Setting up a new 10g tank in a bookshelf that I modified to support the tank's weight... After putting the tank in place, I notice the corners are touching the shelf, but there is like 1/16 inch space under the middle..... enough to easily slip a fingernail under.. like the shelf is bowed a bit... How bad is this? I haven't filled the tank yet.... waiting on suggestions...
  25. I have a 10 gallon that I am cycling and I want to move and this is the spot I chose but I want to know if this is ok the thing I am putting it on is solid oak and I could stand on it so I have no worries about that this Obviously isn’t the tank but this is how it would look about 2.5 inches on either side
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