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  1. Look At the Co-Op usb air pump. I have seen plenty of people running large sponge filters in 75+ gallon tanks and they are silent
  2. I have an apisto in a community tank. It has Amano shrimp and they do fine. He also is not shy at all and completely ignores the cave I built for him specifically.
  3. @Fish Folk haha. Thanks fir the suggestion but my wife would kill me. As fun as it may be.
  4. Mine has been set up for a year now without any problem. I have the lights it came with setup but don’t use them as I have an AquaSky light for the plants. The larger front panel compared to a 55 or a 75 is nice. The stand is pretty basic. I was only able to fit a 5 gallon tank inside for quarantine, try as I might I could not get a 10 gallon in. I added a shelf on the the other side of the stand for more storage. I mounted a power strip on the back upper trim inside for all of the plugins. And a whisper 100 placed in the stand is running 8 air stones for a year without issue. Like I said no complaints and no problem. But if I could do it again I would get a 90 gallon tank for the extra 6” front to back, but have a hard time finding those and certainly not at that price point. I got mine for $150 on Black Friday 2 years ago when it was normally listed for 300 or 350
  5. I learned today that what was sold to me as a female golden wonder killi is not a golden wonder killi at all. @Colu was kind enough to suggest it was actually a species of aphyosemion. Best I can tell it was rather drab compared to the pics that I see online so I think may still be female. They also appear to be named killi fish but originate from Africa where as the golden wonder killi come from Sri Lanka. My particular fish does not necessarily favor the top of the tank and is found throughout the water column and has plenty of attitude. Saw it square off with one of my Bolivian rams earlier today. Can anyone give me more info about this fish? Thanks
  6. So if you diagnose a plant nutrient deficiency correctly and take measures to correct it will the damaged leaves recover or will it just prevent further damage. For example I have some bacopa with holes in the leaves. It seems to be potassium deficiency. Will the leaves with the holes repair themselves if I dose potassium or will it just prevent more leaves from showing up with holes?
  7. Oh you know what, do you have backflow valve. The one I had originally was “too sealed”. I stuck a screw driver through it to open the nipple rest of the way. It stopped the squeaking and still prevented back flow. Maybe try that?
  8. I would check your airline connections for leaks and maybe put a valve on to balance the air flow?
  9. Hmmmm. Well it swims at all levels and has more cajones than the killis. I’ll try and get a better picture
  10. @Dwayne Brown thanks for the concern. He came that way and is growing slowly and had him some 5 months. Pretty sure it’s genetic. But I’ll watch him
  11. So a while back I got 4 golden wonder killi - 3 males and 1 female. Not a great ratio I know but it’s all that was available. One of the males has a crooked spine and one disappeared. So now 2 males and 1 female. The males almost never leave the surface of the tank by the females is all over the tank. Now I’m wondering if she is what I was told she was. Can anyone confirm for me? Thanks pics of one of the males and the female in question thanks
  12. @mgudyka then no you are not cycled. You are almost there though. You still have nitrite. I would continue to cycle your tank as you have been. Looks like you are good with ammonia to nitrite but still need a little more time for nitrite to nitrate. As you are seeing both that means you have some of those bacteria there and should be close the end.
  13. Do you have a test from before your water change? It looks like you are still reading 0 nitrates. When the tank is cycled you should read some nitrates. Have you seen ammonia or nitrite spikes?
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