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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, now you're just trying to start a fight.
  2. Took awhile but I've got my RODI filter system set up and running!
  3. I've got a 40B on one of those 36" racks as well. It works for sure, but you need to know that's where you want it to stay.
  4. I mean, I'll amend my previous comment that this could be done by having the top shelves replaced with a thicker plywood board that rises above the lip of the shelving unit - that way the larger tank sits across the shelves and might distribute the weight more evenly. The "up to" rating for weight is certainly lower than the failure point for the frame. I just...I worry about the consequences of being wrong on something like that.
  5. I don't think you could actually do this because I believe the shelves sit in a notch of the frame pieces and the tank wouldn't sit flat across two shelf units. They make a 72 inch wide shelf that's significantly stronger (like 2000 lbs per shelf). I would recommed buying that instead because there's a real risk of failure with what you're describing.
  6. My friend and I want to put together 2 50g lowboy tanks using these connections. Fish swim through and have a much bigger area along the bottom.
  7. So if one were to drill two tanks at the sides and use bulkheads to connect them (like building a tunnel with water) would this change the water pressure on the glass panels of the tank? And would that lead to failure of the glass? I'm not an engineer so I'm really curious.
  8. Could it be picking up stuff along the way? Are you sure your water is coming from that plant?
  9. Yes, so I have the plastic hanging strip that I'll use to mount it to the wall. Right now it's just laid out but not glued because I wanted to be sure I had all the right pieces and cuts. At the end of this line is a 25g tub that will be drained into the utility sink with a pump. I've marked the appropriate rise along the wall (5.5 inches from the beginning of the line to the end) so I'll use those marks to adjust the mounting strips. I have a feeling that's going to be a bigger PITA than I'm planning. After I get the drain mounted I'll be able to move the shelving into place and play around with the height of shelves so that I can get maximum tankage but also have it be functional. I chose a low-profile drainage basin so that my drain line hangs low enough to allow tanks closer to the floor while still having elevated overflows. Speaking of overflows, the next step after the drain is likely to start drilling tanks (yikes) and assembling my overflows. I'll add a post here with pics of the pieces I'm using when I get to that point.
  10. The basement is cleared and I've cut and laid out the drain line. 2" pvc this time. Also use the miter saw because the hacksaw is overrated.
  11. So you're saying that most of my body is seasoning rather than condiment? Better yet, when I finally get in to see my doctor after a year I'm going to tell him I just gained a lot of seasoning during the pandemic.
  12. You guys this has to get resolved tonight or I won't be able to sleep. I feel like we need someone from ACO to weigh in and give us a final decision.
  13. I just bought 20 feet of 2" drain pipe to build a fish room so...that's debatable.
  14. I...did not know that condimental was a word.
  15. This AND the PA announcing?! What am I doing with my life?!
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