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Found 17 results

  1. I know mulm and algae can look unsightly, but overall they make the biology of the aquarium better by harboring bacteria and helping with the overall 'metabolism' of the tank.
  2. This is my 300 gallon community I'm going for a hill stream community much like rachel o'leary's 150 gallon. My goal is to have hill stream species like many US native species such as darters and minnows. I would also like gobies and loaches as well the biggest fish I'm looking to add are around 4-6 inches and the smallest being the white clouds or stiphodon. (96 long X 24 wide X 31 tall) the tank started up earlier this year Equipment Matten filter that hides intake and pumps 2 48 inch Fluval 3.0 planted plus lights 2 48inch Fluval Aquasky 2.0 lights Jebao DC return pump DCP-8000 FX 4 canister filter Hardscape 1/4 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 1/8 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 2-3 inch black Mexican beach pebbles 80lbs Unknown hardwood 6 feet tall 20 inches wide unknown hardwood 4 foot long rocks from local landscaping yard Plants Bolbitis Crypt Wendtii Jungle val Hornwart Christmas Moss on matten filter Livestock current stock some fish have passed or been removed from when the pictures and videos were taken 20 Rainbow shiners 5 central stone roller 35 southern red belly dace 6 Johnny darters 6 red spotted gobies 3 white cheeked rhinogobius 3 neon blue dwarf goby 10 black khuli loaches 6 yo-yo loaches 6 gold white clouds 1 normal white cloud 10 pearl danios 3 emerald shiners 1 tadpole madtom 2 bamboo shrimp 2 Mexican dwarf crayfish 2 Amano shrimp 12 cull cherry shrimp 4 species of snail at least and hundreds of them live black worms I think that is all the life in the tank but their will be more to come and I plan on updating with new additions and changes to the tank on here. feel free to ask questions or suggestions.
  3. I'm in the process of setting up my 180 gallon freshwater tank from custom aquariums but I'm not quite there. I filled it to see if there were any leaks in my plumbing. One of my threaded pipes was sweating, so I emptied it enough to fix that problem and refilled it. It's not in its final place because I still have some electrical work to do. Right now, I have it set up with the heater on and the sump pumps running. I'm floating my driftwood so that I can scape it without worrying about the wood floating away. I will have to empty the tank almost completely in order to move it into its final place and scape it. That brings me to my question. Would you recommend I start cycling the filter now so that I can get a jump start on things, or would you wait until the substrate is in place? If I do a fish in cycle, I will have to remove the fish before I scape it. In a 180, that might be hard to do. I have a full bottle of TSS, but I'm reading on various forums that it is more meant for slow rise of ammonia like you would see with a fish in cycle. I could order some Dr. Tim's One & Only and do an ammonia cycle, or I could wait. I've been working on this project for a while and I'm starting to get antsy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I’m pretty sure he has said this on a livestream, but I forgot the brand. Thank you, Manny
  5. So I just bought my first "large" aquarium. 125 gallon. I was hoping you all could show me how you have yours set up to give me ideas. It will be a planted community aquarium. The fish already in my 60 gallon are getting an upgrade. Also any pro tips of don't do xyz because of ABC. Thanks in advance!
  6. I've been trying to figure out how big my "big" tank should be. I thought that I would get a 50gallon tank, but I wasn't liking the spot it would go. Then, I realized that if I moved some bookshelves, I would have an ideal place for an aquarium. If I did that, I would have 5 feet by 2 feet of floor space available. Now, I'm not real tall, but I have relatively long arms. I wear 34 inch sleeves. But, I know that I don't want to have to stick my face in the water, or even have my entire arm in there, to maintain it. Plus, I worry about "bit off more than you can chew" syndrome. On the other hand, I don't want to get another, larger tank, just to upgrade again, later. Do you have a tank that's just too big of a chore to maintain? How big is too big?
  7. I'm not asking this because I need it. It's more to understand and learn. Many years ago (1990s) my brother and cousin setup a 100g community tank at our house. The only filtration was an undergravel filter. They always had a clean tank and never had a sick fish. When I researched filters for a 100g tank, with the exception of one HOB, all were canister filters. No mention of an undergravel option (granted, some fish don't do well with gravel). I know there's a divide among fish keepers on undergravel filters. Some swear by them. Some refuse them. So assuming gravel is the substrate being used, what are your thoughts on effective filtering for that large of a tank? Is one better than the other? Is one overkill? Does anyone have experience with both? I know bioload is a factor as well. I'm not sure what assumptions to make to make it a fair comparison.
  8. I will be setting up a very large aquarium - approx 500 gallons - dimensions 132 long 36 wide 24 high (inches) that is a densely planted freshwater tank. I'm trying to think of appropriate filtration - three options i've come up with are corner matten filters (worried this might not provide adequate filtration); sump (maybe overkill and a bit noisy); large canister filters (I hate cleaning my current canister filters and these will be larger and more painful - i currently have an fx6 and 2117 on my 120 - I think a sump will be easier but will explain below. - The problem i have with the canister filters is disconnecting them and dragging them to the bathroom to be clean - the fx6 is easier than the eheim since i can just pull out the media basket - the eheim has nice quick valves but still .... - If I went with a sump my thought would be the primary filtration will be a series of slide in sponges ranging from 40ppi to 10ppi. My thought is next to k1 mbr sponges provide the best biological filtration as well as good mechanical filtration with the cavet they have to be cleaned now and then - so i can slide out the sponge take it to the bathroom and rinse/squeeze it as needed (the tank will be in an office). - The above reflect my thoughts but this being my first large tank and I do not have first hand experience there might be 'error' in my logic hence this question. - The attached picture is my 120 to provide some insight of what type of tank this will be as it will mostly be more of the same:
  9. hi! im setting up a 240 gallon turtle aquarium, and my original plan was to have a lot of cichlids with my turtle, such as 3 convicts, 4 severums, and a oscar,but my oscar sadly died due to a injury and i now want to do a tetra tank as i did not want to "replace" my oscar. i now have 30 silvertip tetras, with 4 serverums, and 3 convicts and a RES turtle. any ideas for more tetras with bold colors. BTW i have i 120 gallon sump as a filter thanks!
  10. I am looking and buy a acrylic 300 gallon aquarium but don’t know where to go to buy all my local fish stores don’t go that high and there are a lot of online choices looking for advice on this where would you buy and why thank you so much for you time and advice
  11. LED Lighting Recommendation for a large tank? 180, so 72”x24x24. I've been looking at the new Current USA Serene series since they offer a 72” LED which I like aesthetically. If I went with Fluval or Finnex I”d have to have mount 36” side by side so unless much better for the plants or visual effect, I'd prefer a single 72” bat. I'm new to serious planting - just anubius, swords and Val in past - so your input much appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm an aquarist from Minnesota. I have a small fish room with mostly livebearers in 10-20g aquariums, a 150g pond, a 60g, and I recently acquired a 540g aquarium (8'×3'×3') that I will be setting up over the next few months. I have been keeping fish for 15 years now and have about 6 years of retail fish experience as well.
  13. how to cheap to do you think you could set up a reasonable(safe, normal amount of fish for the size,) 400+ gallon tank? ponds don't count. has to have at least one view panel and a stand. please provide details and have it be replicable(no abnormally good deals)
  14. I don't mean huge, but like 90-225 gallon tanks? I don't have a LFS, and I don't see any large tanks anywhere near me on craigslist or facebook market. I'll soon have some extra space in my office, so I am going to put together another of the cinder block and wood stands. I can go one level with a 5 foot tank or two levels if I do 4 foot tanks, but the largest I can seem to find around me is 55 gallon tanks.
  15. Hi I'm Taylor from Minnesota and this is my alligator gar named Bubbles (Sorry for the bad photo). He is in an 800 gallon above ground pond in my fish room. I don't have that many tanks I have a 90 rainbow fish community that I'll be planting. I have a 300 gallon snapping turtle tank with a 150 above tank sump that has plants and a few fish. The last tank is a 300 hillstream community that I'm sure I'll make a post on. It is inspired by Rachel O'Learys 150 hill stream same kinds of fish just more. are their any other monster keepers here?
  16. @Cory and @Dean’s Fishroom had good things to say about Hikari's Vibra Bites. Both my angelfish and my baby discus ate them readily. I was shocked that the discus ate it right away, It was the first time the baby discus had eaten dry food! I think it is because Vibra Bites looks a little like worms.
  17. I keep Apistogramma, Discus, Corydoras, Pygmy Sunfish and Angelfish. My favorite tank is a 500 gallon community tank that has several pairs of Angelfish that breed often. The tank is large enough that the fry are able to grow to adults in the tank. The majority of fish in the tank were born in this aquarium and have never been out of the tank or even netted. My goal is to have a very stable tank that doesn't need me to do any maintenance. Daniel
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