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  1. Since your parameters are similar to my pre softener filter, what ferts do you use and dosage?
  2. oK, so I just did a major water change in which I added about 45% post softner and 55% pre softner. I tested the GH and it is now at 11. Lets hope the plants show improvement.
  3. Same 15-16 drops to change colors.
  4. ok, found a valve where I can take water after the iron filter and before the water softener where GH is 17. Tomorrow I'm gonna make a large water change and replace it with half and half. see how it goes
  5. Interesting... was so focused on the high Kh that I havent thought about the low Gh
  6. pH on a strip test shows between 8-9, GH takes about 2 drops to change colors. Right now I have fish I got from puddles formed in my flooded backyard last year, a few bluefin killifish, a few mosquito fish and a few wild sailfin Molly looking like fish. Don't want to spend money on fish till I figure out what to do with the water
  7. Eco complete... Nothing fancy
  8. I'm located in Davie, FL. Our well water has a ridiculously high KH (14-15 drops to change colors in an API KH test kit). My frustrations on trying to have a planted aquarium are so high that I'm almost giving up on the hobby. Rare plants are able to survive, such as anubias and so far java ferns, but still, struggle with what seems to be potassium deficiency. I have to dump almost a whole bottle of potassium supplements in addition to ferts to have the leaves look somewhat presentable. Anyone have suggestions on plants to grow or what to do with the water (least expensive solution)? should I just give up on plants and get hard water fish? Thanks
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