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  1. Been a minute since I was on here, hello! I'm considering switching to this food for my fantail goldfish. I don't extremely love the idea of making their food. I don't even like storing frozen fish food in the freezer lol. So......how safe is it to make and store REPASHY in the kitchen? Do you use separate utensils and dishes just for it, or is it okay to use your regular kitchen stuff and then just wash it? Just wondering what everyone does when they make it! Also does anyone feed this exclusively to their fish?
  2. I love my goldfish! I just have gravel in the bottom. I've considered sprinkling the coral in with the gravel but not sure that I want to make that commitment as far as the looks of the tank. Other than that, I have a background on it and nothing else. They have room to swim around and beg for food. But I have wondered if crushed coral is more effective in the substrate vs in the hob. They act pretty happy so it might be one of those things if it ain't broke dont fix it. Anyway thanks for the input
  3. Little info: keeping goldfish in soft tap water with practically zero k h. I added crushed Coral and it'll raise kh a little bit but not too high, my pH tends to be around 6.8 so I'm wondering what other options are the best. Equilibrium makes zero sense to me because I do not have plants in my tank, so I was considering seachem gold buffer or API proper pH 7.5 any recommendations? I like that the API product also serves as a water conditioner, but with seachem I'd still have to use a dechlorinator
  4. Anyone kept fancy goldfish in softer water? My pH is acidic but with crushed coral may stabilize around 6.8. will this be ok for fantail goldfish? Or, should I further buffer the water?
  5. My recommendation would also be to add crushed coral, seachem equilibrium, or a wonder shell.... anything to get the ph and water hardness in the level they like it. My tap water is soft and acidic and I know if I were to keep guppies I'd need to adjust the tap water so they could thrive. I can relate....I bought two and they both died.
  6. That made me laugh! Thank you all for sharing these!
  7. I'm thinking about it ...I decided I didn't like having rooted plants so I only have anubias and a moss ball. I have an ornament that's great for putting anubias in so as it grows I have places to put any cuttings.... It might take time! How long did it take you to propogate yours to that amt? Or did you just buy a lot?
  8. I hear you! I keep one of those fold up camping chairs right next to my tank and open it up several times a day. There's no telling how many hours I've spent sitting watching the tank
  9. Something I was thinking about yesterday actually. Nerd+aquariuM=nerm? But wait....is that video of cory really where it started?
  10. @HenryCStunning! I wish I could hire you to set up a tank for me! Lol
  11. Hi, I know this is random. I've seen ppl on here say they like the look of the naturally occurring algae in a tank/on the walls. Im thinking of letting this happen in my tank and just cleaning the front glass for viewing. If youve done this with yours would you post a pic of what it looks like? Do you find it's more of a benefit for your tank or a negative? (Plants or not) Thanks!
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