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Found 18 results

  1. I added coral to ALL my tanks! I added a bit at a time not to over do it all at once. 10G got 1 pound , 20 gallon 1 pound, 40G 2 pounds and the 5G has a little less than half a pound.. I added it after water changes. the 5 G has some in the filter and a bit in the tank. I am thinking he needs more in his tank. The PH is still dropping to around 6.6 - 6.8 ish... I have hard water. 280... Should I add more? Wait??? ugh.. I do water changes every 2 weeks sometimes every 3 weeks if all is good chemistry and looks wise.
  2. How much crushed coral would one add per gallon.
  3. Per the advise I received on another post, I need to add some crushed coral to my tanks. I have a 20 G tall and a 40 Gallon breeder. One has pea gravel substrate and the other has smaller gravel substrate (both have eco complete underneath for plants) How do I add coral? I have HOB filters so I am not sure I will have enough space to add anything else in there. If I have to add it to the substrate, how do I do that? do I just add it on top? Mix it in? If I mix it in, I am "guessing" I have to do it when I do a water change so I can clean the mess that the gravel will stir up during the process. Any suggestions/recommendations is appreciated.
  4. How much should I use to keep my ph stable after using RO ? I ordered a Pound from Aquarium Co Op want to use it in my filter or is it better under the sand in the substrate
  5. hello! im having KH/PH issues—- I’m not a newbie, but new house with new tap water is blowing my mind!!! I have very low KH from my tap but very hard water (hardest readable on test strips)and PH at about 7.0 depending on the day. I’ve been getting PH swings throughout the day that I’ve been tracking for 3 weeks. My ph is swinging from 6.5 to 7.6 throughout the day most days (starting 3 days after water change) Yikes! I’m thinking I must need more KH- but how can I get it? water changes are only lasting me about 1-2 days, then I’m readying nearly 0 KH in my tank. So I guess a water change won’t be my best bet. Crushed Coral? Seachem’s Equilibrium? I have 1 lb of crushed coral currently mixed into my gravel, but should I use more? No room in my filter to add it, unless I toss one of my 2 sponges out (AC50) this is happening in my 29 gallon. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi all, I bought crushed coral off of Amazon and was sent a bag of aragonite by mistake. I am looking to raise my PH from 7.0 to 7.5. Would aragonite do the same thing as crushed coral? Interested in what you all use and if you ever tried using aragonite before. Thanks!
  7. I have ANOTHER pH question! I want to add a snail to my 5 gallon planted betta tank, but from what I understand, low pH can be tough on snails, particularly their shells. My pH is currently 6.4, due to the fluval stratum I have as substrate. I was thinking of using crushed coral to raised the pH as recommended on another thread by a member here, but I have a few questions. Can I put the crushed coral in the filter instead of in the actual tank, so it's not visible? I like the way the stratum looks and I'd prefer not to have it on top if possible. Second, how quickly will the crushed coral raise the pH, and is there a way to control how high it goes? I don't want to raise it too quickly and hurt my fish, and I don't want it to go too high. mans any snail recommendations for a 5 gallon (I would prefer it not be able to reproduce) would be appreciated also! Thank you!
  8. I'm starting a 75 gallon mbuna tank. My ph is 8.0-8.2, gh 14-15, kh 8-9. Would adding crushed coral be a good or bad thing for the african cichlids? Or am i better off just leaving it alone? Thanks for any feedback.
  9. Little info: keeping goldfish in soft tap water with practically zero k h. I added crushed Coral and it'll raise kh a little bit but not too high, my pH tends to be around 6.8 so I'm wondering what other options are the best. Equilibrium makes zero sense to me because I do not have plants in my tank, so I was considering seachem gold buffer or API proper pH 7.5 any recommendations? I like that the API product also serves as a water conditioner, but with seachem I'd still have to use a dechlorinator
  10. So I've added coral to my freshwater tank in attempts to raise my ph. I have put chunks of coral in my tank. They are not "crushed " . So I know the coral works from where I tested it in a container of fish tank water. It raised the ph there after sitting for a couple of days. I believe the ph has come up some considering the yellow that used to show after a ph test was pale faint yellow. Now it's a dark yellow, so logic would says its come up some but not high enough. So my question is does it have to be crushed? Would it not work with just chunks in the tank? My ph from the tap is a consistent 6.8-7.0 however even with pwc the ph still stays at atleast 6.0. I use prime water conditioner. it specifically states on the bottle that it does NOT effect ph. So I'm at a loss here. I've also read that sea shells work as well. Does it have to be a certain type of sea shells? Some ph help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks, Liz
  11. I was wondering if it's possible to crush 'crushed coral' into a powder to increase surface area when trying to raise KH? I've had crushed coral in my tanks for a bit now and I can't seem to get my KH higher than a 2. Has anyone tried to do this before and if so, what was the result? Also I assume that the dosing would be much smaller? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, -BisScottie
  12. My tapwater has a GH a 5.6 dh my tank water has a GH of 5.6 dh my tap water has a KH of 2.4 dh my tank water has a KH of 2.4 dh my tap has a ph of 8.2 my tank has a ph of 7.4 maybe a little lower why is this? I do have driftwood and catappa bark is that why? Also should I add a mineral supplement for my low KH?
  13. Anyone kept fancy goldfish in softer water? My pH is acidic but with crushed coral may stabilize around 6.8. will this be ok for fantail goldfish? Or, should I further buffer the water?
  14. I want to buffer my water with crushed coral does it matter what type? I was just thinking of using Top Fins marine crushed coral. Also it’s a freshwater tank.
  15. I have a 10 gallon that I have a betta in. I was looking at tank mates and I've come to ember tetras and pygmy corydoras, but I have one concern. I have crushed coral topped with river stones and I'm wondering if, while they're digging through the substrate, the crushed coral could hurt their barbels. It's just a shallow layer of each so the crushed coral does show through a little bit around the river stones. If this is the case, I'll just go with malaysian trumpet snails or maybe kuhli loaches if they wouldn't have the same problem, but I'd really prefer the corydoras if ya'll don't think it'll be a problem. I'm also wondering if there may be problems with this plan that ya'll can see that I, as a new hobbyist, might not have thought about. I do have a backup plan if the ember tetras and corydoras don't work in the tank, btw, so I'm not too concerned about that.
  16. I plan on setting up a 125 gallon tank with plants. What plants will grow in my crushed shells substrate? Also I treat my fish with salt on and off. Will the plants tolerate salt? I want floating plants and a carpet type plant. Please advise.
  17. So I have done a little research to learn what exactly is in my tap water. The issue that has prompted this is consistently higher nitrates, neutral pH and very low Kh and Gh. Visible symptoms include algae growing on leaves of slow growing plants. Here is what I have found... Tap water API tests: pH 7.0, nitrates 5, Kh 2, Gh 2 Here is some information I found online regarding our municipal tap water... "The Salisbury-Rowan Utilities’ Water Treatment Plant uses a pretreatment process called Actiflo, which is a high-rate clarification unit. Micro-Sand, Polymer, and Poly-Aluminum Chloride are added to the raw water as it enters the pretreatment units to begin the coagulation process. After mixing, the solids are removed by the pretreatment process. The water is allowed to settle up to 4 hours and then it is filtered. After filtration, Sodium Hypochlorite, Fluoride and Phosphate are added and the pH is adjusted using liquid lime. Fluoride is added to promote stronger teeth, and Phosphate helps to prevent pipe corrosion in the distribution system. Solids that are removed from the raw water are de-watered and eventually reapplied to farmland in Rowan County." So according to the attached chart... Alkalinity 24.3ppm = Kh 1.3 Hardness 24.5ppm = Gh 1.5 What I need to figure out is how to raise Kh and Gh, or add more minerals to my water, without raising my pH. I read that crushed coral will help, but won't that raise the pH as well?
  18. I've been doing some research trying to find out the difference between these two. I'm getting confused and going down the rabbit hole of aragonite vs. crushed coral and the calcite vs. aragonite forms of calcium carbonate... I want to bump up the buffering capacity of my tap since it comes out at 2dKH and a pH of 7.0-7.2. I also would like to increase my GH since my tap is pretty soft as well at about 2dGH. Rather than dose equilibrium and alkaline buffer with every water change, adding cc or aragonite to my canister filter seems ideal. So my question is...is there a difference? Ideal pH would be no higher than 7.4-7.6 since I want to keep bolivian rams, black phantom tetras, any corydoras. Thanks!
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