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Found 16 results

  1. We are moving into our new house and I need some advice asap, I don't know which way to go here. The new home is hooked up to a water softener, we can bypass it with some slight modifications, we are also on well water. I brought some of my fish over last night and I brought there water with them. I don't know if I should use the softener water? the well water directly? The well or a bypass is all cold water and will take a long time to heat up. I have only tested the waters ph at this point and both well and softener are about 7.2ish. all my fish are in temporary 10 -30 gallon tanks until I get the big tanks filled, but I don't know what to do, I'm in serious stress mode here.
  2. We are on city well water with a TDS of about 45. Should I be adding a supplement to raise the TDS? For planted with fish aquarium.
  3. KH 4 GH 4 ph 7 would you consider that soft water ?
  4. My water comes out of the tap at 8.2-8.3 ph with 37 ppm of tds, low gh and kh. My shrimp do great with just crushed coral and my panda corys don't seem to mind higher ph but I haven't been able to get my ember tetra or pygmy cory colonies to spawn much. Would it be worth trying to lower the ph of my tap water before it goes in? & what would be easiest to use/ how should I add buffer back to the water afterwards?
  5. I recently moved to the Puget Sound, Washington area and my water is PH 6.8 GH 0 KH 80 I have never had to deal with SUCH SOFT water before! I will be adding crushed coral, but do I also combine it with Seachem Equilibrium and Wonder Shells? I had to place all of my fish before I moved, so I am essentially starting over :o( Not fun!! So far, I have bought a lot of plants and I will be water testing, with each addition, as my tanks cycle. Any advice dealing with "GH 0" water ? ~ I need help! Thank you!!
  6. I've tested my water out of my tap and it only measures between 0 to 25ppm I usually use wonder shells and equilibrium to harden the water. I have recently "restarted" my 75g aquarium after a couple years of it sitting empty I power washed and cleaned it and filled it with water from my tap and treated with fritz complete. The only things in the tank when I measured it was 2 medium sponge filters and 2 aqueon heaters otherwise it was an empty tank and it measured over 300 ppm. Very confused as to what could cause this I have 2 10g tanks and a 29g and none of them have this issue any ideas what this could be?
  7. can I keep cherry shrimp in a soft/blackwater tank? I don't want caridina shrimp since they are expensive and seem sensitive for a shrimp I really want something like cherry's for my blackwater in the making community. thanks 🙂
  8. Here is yet another, "what should I put in my tank?" thread. I've read a bunch and I've watched ALL of Cory's videos on the subject. I'd love to read others' ideas, as well as others' experiences and opinions on some of the more challenging fish that might match my conditions (chocolate/licorice gouramis come to mind). My tank: 17-gallon (60P size, so 24" x 12" x 14"h roughly), Eheim 2217 filter, pressurized CO2 1-3 bps My water conditions: pH 6.0-6.4, alkalinity 20 ppm, general hardness 30 ppm. I'm flexible on temperature, but temps in the low-to-mid 70's might be ideal for the plants The fish should be ok up to 80 degrees because my house reaches 78 max in summer. There's a fair amount of current in the front of the tank, but the driftwood and rocks break it up quite a bit so at the sides and back there is a lot less current I don't mind feeding live foods (mosquito larvae are plentiful here through summer and I may end up breeding brine shrimp). It would be nice to not be beholden to live foods though. I also already have Hikari frozen bloodworms in the fridge, as well as Xtreme Nano and Sinking Wafers. Some ideas I have: Pseudomugils or threadfin rainbows, chocolate or licorice gouramis, apistos, kribensis, CPDs, emperor tetras (though I think my tank is too small for them...but some smaller variety of tetra), a slightly less-common corydoras. Picture of the tank so far is below. It's only been running for a month; it will get "greener." I'd like to let the plants grow in a bit more before I add fish (and definitely no bottom feeders until the carpet is established, or until I give up on it...)
  9. I've been doing a very unscientific (LOL) study lately on my neocaridina shrimp. I have 2 planted community tanks and both have neocaridinas. One tank I keep at 13dGH (232 ppm), and stocked it 7 with Blue Dreams and the other tank I keep at 7dGH (125ppm) and stocked it with 14 red cherry shrimp/yellow cherry shrimp. Both tanks I keep at 76 degrees. I added the shrimp to both tanks on the same day about 6 months ago. The Blue Dream shrimp in my 13dGH tank are breading out of control. The red and yellow cherries in my 7dGH tank have not reproduced yet. I'm puzzled why the Blue Dreams are breeding so rapidly in my harder water tank, and nothing so far in my softer water tank. Is it because of the harder water? Do they thrive better in harder water? Even though 7dGH (125ppm) should be fine for neos. Both tanks are well established and both tanks have identical water parameters as far as nitrates, phosphates, etc. go. Really the only different is the water hardness...and the PH is about 1/2 degree lower in the softer water tank. Has anyone else played around with keeping shrimp in different water parameters and have found different results? I'm so curious about this since the shrimp are going from one extreme to the other with their reproduction rates.
  10. Can you grow most plants in hard water or is soft water much better for plants?
  11. Ph 8.2 Gh 2 Kh 12 Does this mean i have soft water or hard water?
  12. I live in Atlanta, GA and we have super soft water. I'd love to add Rainbows into my planted community tank, but its a struggle to keep the KH/GH up. I'm using crushed coral in the filter and it's been able to keep the KH around 5 to 6. PH is around 7.4/7.5 typcially with rest of the water parameters being just right. Is the KH too low for something like bosemani rainbows or turquoise rainbows? Sorry for the noob question, but i've never kept rainbows before.
  13. What's best for plants hard or soft water? I've seen a bunch of videos online and some say soft water is the way to go and other say hard all the way. Which is it? I would have never guessed when getting into thos hobby growing plants in water would be so difficult. I'm not giving up by no means but there's way more to it than just burying some plants and having great growth! At least it is for me. I've got a whole house prefilter than a water softener and my GH was like 1 or 2* My KH is always 20* PH 8.4 and calcium and magnesium is almost zero and my plants weren't doing so well even using root tabs and dosing the water (Easy line Products all the way) I found out right off that it was going to be a challenge for me having a sand substrate but I also seen multiple videos saying as long as the sand was a finer sand it wouldnt choke out my roots and I've got the cichlid sand and it's very fine it doesnt compact at all so I would think it would be easy for roots to travel. Anyhow back to the water subject my water has almost nothing in it as well so I contacted a buddy right down the road and he has unfiltered well water so I drained 1/3rd of my tank and added his hard well water which has brought my GH up to 9 to 10* KH and PH has stayed the same and I've also added wonder shells for Calcium and magnesium and between his well water and the shells its brought my Calcium level up to 5*. I've got root tabs about every 3 to 6 inches throughout my 55G. I do have quite a few amazon swords anubis and val's in my tank plus another that I'm not sure the name. So has all these changes going to get me better growth? I'm not even looking for explosive just some growth. Hell I'd be happy just to have a nice green forest
  14. Hi all, I need help. I have several tanks but I am only having problems in my guppie tank. I had hard water and we went with a water softener. I use the bypass when filling the tanks but the hot water is soft. I have lost 3 guppies this week. My ph is 7.8 right now. I use a python to do my water changes. Will I have to go back to using a bucket? I also put prime in when I change the water. Please help if you can. Thank you
  15. This past week I’ve been cycling my tank in preparation for adding guppies and I’ve recently measured the gh of my water, it is about 30 ppm. I want to raise the General Hardness but I don’t even know where to begin or if it’s a necessity for guppies. If anyone has experience with softer water and owning tropical fish please feel free to offer some advice. Thank you!
  16. I'm back into the hobby after a long hiatus. Previously I had harder water, so I'm not used to current tap water which has little to no hardness at all. I have a 38 gallon tank stocked with 3 male platies and 16 tiger Barb's (8 regular, 6 green platinum, and 2 Starfire Red GloFish). I clean it once every 2 weeks, syphon the gravel, and do 30 to 60 % water change. The tank is almost 4 mos old. My fish don't seem to be thriving. I've tried an airstone, aquarium salt, a ph adjuster, and beneficial bacteria. The tiger Barb's don't seem as active as I think they should be (i.e....a handful of them just hanging out not moving much for large portions of time du ing the day, unless I get close to the tank). My question is, should I adjust my tap water to suit the fish, or get fish that are suited for my tap water? I feel like I have the perfect water for a Discus but my tank is too small. What other fish are good in water this soft and acidic ph (6.0-6.5)?
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