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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings! I have neocaridina shrimps in 2 different aquariums and in both cases, they keep dying when molting when they reach teenager/adult size. It appears to be the white ring of death. They have cuttlebone and I feed them a variety of food, including hikari crab cuisine, hikari shrimp cuisine and glasgarten mineral junkie bites. I am getting a bit frustrated as everyone keep saying shrimps are easy to keep… Both are planted and cycled tanks, with 2 type of filtration (sponge filter + the buildin fluval flex filter). I am careful not to do big water change and the temp is between 75 and 77. So my conclusion is that the problem has to be in the water. My tap water : 0/0/0 Gh 4/75 Kh 2/40 Ph 7 Chlorine : .8 My 15 gallons tanks (12 clown killifish and 3 nerita) 0/0/10 Ph 7.2 Kh 2(API) /0 (Coop strip) Gh 15(API) / 300 (coop strip) My 5 gallons tanks (only blue shrimps 2nd generation. Mum had her fry then passed away) 0/0/10 Kh 2 / 0 Gh 8 / 300 Ph 7.2 I figured I need to lower the gh in the 15 gallons (have yet to find out how) and raise my kh a little bit (by 2-3 I’d say?) I bought Seachem Alkaline buffer but I am so afraid to make a mistake. Anyone has ever used it? It’s confusing because they say to use it with the acid buffer… but I don’t want to raise my gh. Do I put the powder directly in the aquarium after each WC? And I base the quantity on the volume of the tank or of the water changed? Thank you!
  2. How do you guys buffer Seachems acid buffer and alkaline buffer together? I don’t understand their way of doing it.
  3. Little info: keeping goldfish in soft tap water with practically zero k h. I added crushed Coral and it'll raise kh a little bit but not too high, my pH tends to be around 6.8 so I'm wondering what other options are the best. Equilibrium makes zero sense to me because I do not have plants in my tank, so I was considering seachem gold buffer or API proper pH 7.5 any recommendations? I like that the API product also serves as a water conditioner, but with seachem I'd still have to use a dechlorinator
  4. Good morning everyone Good morning everyone In one of Coreys Videos about guppies he mentioned you could add a little bit of marine salt to the water to buff the pH and put some minerals back in the to the water. I don’t remember how much he recommended I believe it was a tablespoon per 10 gallons. Does anyone know this answer. thank you Roger
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