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Found 12 results

  1. I've had an established tank with 5 angelfish and other community fish for almost a year now, with only 1 casualty, until this. A few days ago a woke up to one of the angel fish dead in the center of tank. I thought maybe it just had something wrong internally and went about my day after testing the water and seeing just a slight ammonia rise. Today I got home from work, and its buddy who was always with it in the back also turned up... I retested everything. Everything was fine, nitrates are the only thing that seem a little high at 15-20. I tested the tap water also, tap tested at 10. I'm not sure why they both passed, but all the other fish seem to be doing fine. If anyone has any ideas on why they might have died, I'd be intrested in hearing your thoughts.
  2. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone could help identify what killed my neon tetra? I think it is probably neon tetra disease but was worried it could be columnaris or something else? I removed him as soon as I saw and I think it must have developed quickly as didn't notice any problems last night. Had my neon tetras for almost a year if it makes any difference. Either way are there any steps I should take to avoid my other ones getting it? Thanks in advance!
  3. This happened overnight. She was completely fine and happened out of nowhere. The only thing i can think of is that she over ate. i typically feed more than i should sometimes cause some of the slower fish wont get to eat. she was really bloated when i found and everywhere i look says dropsy but her scales dont look raised. are they? sorry for so many picture of something unsettling but i wanted to make sure if anyone could spot what happened.
  4. So we’re gonna start with a bit of a backstory to get the full scope. I have a 10 gallon tank (which had a divider) and my 2 bettas passed away within 2 weeks of each other, one from old age(I had him for 2 years) and the other from a tumor(he was with me 20 months). The water perimeters stayed stable and I took out all the silk plants, but kept the gravel, rocks, moss balls, and wood. I deep cleaned, suctioning the gravel, and did 3 water changes (80%, 50%, and 70%) and added new plants over the next 2 weeks to prepare for my new fish. Harry (an opal) and Adam (a delta) seemed to be doing well in their new tank, but Harry only lasted 8 weeks, the last 2 of which he was dealing with swim bladder issues. After 1 or 2 deep cleans of Harry’s side, and a month of water changes, I took out the divider and let Adam have run of the tank. He was never happier! It has now been 4 months that I’ve had Adam, and as of Wednesday, I thought he was a little constipated, but daphnia, peas, and fasting didn’t help, then last night he was more bloated and started pineconing, though he was still alert and attentive. (Picture from last night) He looked worse this morning and was slow to respond, though he did eat with some difficulty, but now it’s evening and he hasn’t eaten dinner, seems sluggish (though he can still zoom if the net gets close to him) and I don’t think it will be much longer before he passes. If I diagnosed correctly, he has dropsy. I know the success of treatment is really low, and though I love him and don’t want to lose him, I feel that trying to treat him would do more harm than good. My water has always been at a safe level and I’ve always been really careful when cleaning and everything. I don’t know what could have caused this string of deaths…. Am I doing something wrong, or could it just be that I’ve gotten bettas with hidden health issues? It’s just been hard, soon to be 4 deaths in 6 months. Especially as my fish are my emotional support. Also, when the time does come, what do I do to clean the tank to make sure it is safe for a new betta? I will definitely be replacing all the silk plants, and doing a standard deep cleaning, but is something more needed? (This is the first case of dropsy I’ve had) And what about the gravel, rocks, moss balls, and driftwood? Or the filters? Can they all stay or do they need to be replaced as well? Thank you so much for your help!
  5. On Sunday I purchased 4 panda corys from my LFS. I brought them home and put them directly into quarantine and started the med trio as a precaution. At first the fish looked fine albeit skinny from not being well looked after by this local store. Three of the corys had been relatively active while the smallest and skinniest one stayed pretty still on the bottom of the tank. However on Tuesday I got back from work and one of the fish was laying on the bottom of the tank on its side. (this was one of the 3 that were acting normal the first few days not the smallest one) I made 100% sure that it was really dead before removing it from the tank and inspecting him. I am not a fish expert and have no experience with this but I noticed that his gills were a little red maybe inflamed but not any more than the other fish who are still in the tank alive. (ammonia in the tank is at 0.5 ppm) I also noticed a green color under the scales behind the gills. Basically... where should I go from here. If there is a specific reason for this fish's death should I take any extra steps with the rest of the three to ensure their health? The rest of the fish seem to be acting healthy as of now so perhaps the stress of the quarantine process was just too much for the little guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. I have just attatched my water parameters if that help at all.
  6. Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well. I'm a first time poster here but long time (subjective?) follower of Aquarium Co-Op. I'm sad to report that I have inadvertently killed some fish with my water skimmers and I've tried many possible remedies including various sponge additions and mesh fabric. Nothing has yielded a viable solution yet. However, I do think my tank does need a surface skimmer since I have a heavy bio-film build up and am running C02 so need gas exchange. In the interim, I'm running oxygen injection which I normally don't do but I can't currently use a surface skimmer as it is resulting in dead fish =( . The fish I'm keeping are CPDs, a few Dwarf Emerald Rasboras and now, 2 less Chili Rasboras as of this morning (I tried another solution to the problem but didn't work). Collectively, all of these fish are small enough to get sucked into my surface skimmer even when blockers are installed. Before I post pictures and provide more explanation, I wanted to see if anyone has derived a solution to this problem? Thanks for all your help.
  7. Hi guys! I'm British, live in Greece and reside in Newbiesville! I'm here because I'm in dire need of guidance. Long story short. I have basically killed 4 fancy goldfish: Emo, Elmo, Mr.Poopy and Manuel (not all at once) in the same tank. When I got my fish, the pet shop guy didn't tell me about cycling my tank or anything when I asked him what I needed to do. When my first 2 fish died (one after the other) I searched and found out about New tank syndrome and the cycle, started doing an in fish cycle, but could never get rid of the nitrites, it kind of stalled. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, sky high nitrites. Water changes, Prime, stability etc etc. So here I am with this 25 litre, empty tank. (yes, I know it's too small for 2 fish now!) My plan is to buy a bigger tank between 70 and 100 litres (depending on my husbands mood!) and have some small fish like neons,, rasporas etc I was wondering if I could keep this tank going and try to manage to cycle it, so when I get my new tank I can use the filter-sponge from the old one in the new tank? I don't have any bio material. Should I get some? But what should I do to get my cycle in shape? Thank you, I really don't want to give up!
  8. I’m new to guppies as I just wanted a fun fish in my 7.5 gal planted tank with shrimp. I got a male and female pair from the Co op and after a couple days they started hiding in a cave.. I had people tell me to get a second female in the mix because they might be stressed.. so I did, but when I got back from the store I found both guppies dead with their tail fins ripped apart.. the next day I got another female and a male because the new (and alone) guppy seemed skittish and I figured company would help. And it did. Until a few days later she was randomly dead. I did multiple water tests and changes through this process and my parameters were always good. I cycled for 2 weeks with old media and My tank temp is 78 degrees. I currently have a male and female and don’t want them to kill eachother like the last pair. So I’m at the crossroads of deciding whether to rehome the guppies or just getting another female and hoping it works. are these types of hiccups typical in guppies? If so I might keep trying, or am I seriously screwing up here? Should I separate the male and female? Thanks guys. I attached an image of my tank( with the first pair) and of my newest trio of gups, the yellow female is the one that passed randomly.
  9. Taco Playz

    Dead guppy

    So I just had a guppy die instantly what happened? Ammonia 0 Ph 7.6 Nitrate 5 Nitrite 0
  10. Hello First time fry parent here. My 8 weeks old HG fry keep dying. Have had 2 deaths in a week. Water changed twice so far. The first one dead was the smallest one. I thought he was weak and didn’t develop his labyrinth organ properly. The tank has a plastic cover for humidity build up. Today one of the biggest one died. A sponge filter, a small LED, a heater set to 78. Ammonia is not 0 as I feed them quite a few times but change water every 2 days. I have a HOB, is it safe to move them in my main tank? The biggest one is 0.5 inch. I have Corys, Otos, and their HG parent. If it is water quality issue, moving them to main tank is my only option. Will they survive Nitrate of 30ppm? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Greetings. I feel so terrible- I am new at fish keeping. Decided to pick this hobby to try and feel better - to change my mind from focussing on my chronic disease, anxiety, etc. Sadly... I care so much, I am oversensitive, I want to do so well, I donˋt want to cause any harm or stress to my fish... I end up really anxious. Poor Candi must be so annoyed with my all questions. And at the end, I think I did the opposite and made the passing of one fish much more stressful then it should have been. Yesterday my golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow got spooked by something and swam up and then down really quickly, crashing on the substrate. It looked dazzled after that so I closed all the light and let the group settle in a early night to reduce the stress. This morning it was just swimming at the top, barely moving, not schooling with the others, its mouth wide opened. Not much reaction - one fish even bumped into him. I didn’t want him to suffer, or suffocate or die of starvation and didn’t know if maybe he had something stuck in its mouth. I put him in a small cup, tried to look in its mouth, using a tiny object to poke gently- there wasn’t anything that I could see. I could close its mouth but it would reopen in the water. And the poor thing started trashing and wiggling... I think I half killed him by stressing him out so much trying to help. At the end I euthanized him with clover oil but it pains me to think I put him through so much in its last moment. Some would say it’s just a fish, but I don’t agree. No living creatures should suffer. Anyway, not too sure what to do next time if something happens to my fish - try to help it with the chance of making it worst and high level of stress... or letting nature run its course. Thank you for listening. I figure I would give Candi a break...
  12. Over on YouTube, @KGTropicals asked the poll question, how do you dispose of dead fish? The comment section was sometimes informative, sometimes absolutely hilarious. I wanted to pose the same question here. How do you dispose of fish when they go to the million gallon aquarium in the sky?
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