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  1. Bettas actually do need a heater, filter, and more than a few cups of water. Also, tanks take longer than 24 hours to cycle.
  2. My kids (2 and 4) love my angelfish, so I second or third that motion. The fish come to the front of the tank and will follow the kids' fingers.
  3. An aquarium themed quilt would be so much fun! If I ever get quilting time again (ha!), that would be something for the next project.
  4. @ColuGiven the other problems (lost all of my barbs a few months ago) I've had with this tank, would you possibly suspect mycobacterium as an underlying cause? I had to pull out my female gourami last week to treat fin rot, which she's healing. Just wondering if I should get a UV sterilizer in the near future. All test readings are still 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 10 nitrate, with 25% weekly water changes.
  5. I just spotted divots today on my angelfish. They are only on one side of it's head, right behind it's eye. Is this Hole in the Head disease? It is eating and behaving normally.
  6. She looks pregnant to me. Here is a couple of shots of my platy that is currently pregnant. You can see the dark spot of fry towards the back of her abdomen.
  7. @Jungle Fan I used to work for a garden center and landscaping company and love having the hummingbirds come to the yard. I manage to get one or two to hang out starting in spring, but I end up with a few more in August when they start thinking about going south. To add to the hummingbird list, in my sandy Indiana yard, I've actually had really good luck with Windwalker Royal Red salvia, probably the only red salvia that will handle my wet winters. My biggest surprise this year has been that I accidentally got Black and Blue salvia to overwinter, even though I'm Zone 5 and it needs Zone 7. The miracles of oak leaves in garbage bags! Those two plants are heavily guarded by my resident hummer.
  8. I was waiting to reply to see if I was making any progress with all your suggestions. So far, it hasn't gotten better, BUT it isn't getting worse. @Fish Folk I have left the light level alone, but I did go back to my original fertilizing schedule and made sure to have the right amount of Nitrate. This is my first time really having to work at balancing a planted tank, so I was just trying out the most common solutions lol. I didn't block off the blue lights because they aren't in a nice row that would be easy to do. I did stumble on another post you replied to that had a link to some info on algae. It mentioned too much iron as one possible cause. I haven't gotten an iron test kit yet, but my well water is very high in iron. I've changed my ratio of well water to RO water when I do water changes to see if that helps. Went from 66/33 to 50/50. @Koi I had never thought of poor water circulation as causing algae. I added an air stone to the other corner last week, and my cypts are loving it! They grew overnight the first day I put it in, I swear. I'm also suspecting my overpopulation of platy babies is contributing to my problems, so I'm trying to patiently wait it out until they are big enough to either take to the LFS or put in the 75 gallon.
  9. I bought a really nice leather purse from (1) Mikono - The Refugee Craft Shop – Mikono Craft Store (jrs.global) which sells goods made by refugees in Kenya. They aren't in stock now, but they are affordable and have the bright fabrics on the purse flaps. (5) Facebook
  10. I do! It goes on all the flowers, and I almost wish I had more fish water for the plants lol.
  11. I like groups of tetras in my 75 gallon. Lemon and black skirts are my go-to fish. I also have hard water and a pH of 8.2.
  12. My garden is having a bad year. My current highlights are the Lucifer Crocosmia, which is marginally hardy here. Not only is it repeatedly surviving winter, but the clump has also gotten huge. @Daniel That is my only thriving coneflower this year. Extremely jealous of your patch. 😄 Then, the Rudbeckia maxima is another high point, which just keeps getting more impressive every year. It is supposed to be surrounded by tall phlox, so it looks like a bit of a lone soldier. I foresee a garden redo coming next year. Lastly, I can always count on my butterfly weed to look nice. I'm trying Plains Oval sedge around it to fill in some gaps. So far, pleased with it.
  13. My female gets irritated at my congo tetras every once in a while and chases them around. No damage ever occurs, so I'm not worried. I find it amusing since she is still smaller then the tetras but tries to boss them around anyway. Plus it's just the males that bother her, not the females lol.
  14. My planted 20L has been up and running since beginning of March. I've got a trident java fern that melted back end of April, corkscrew val that is going nuts, a crypt wendtii, crypt balansae, and an anubias golden that are growing well, a hygrophila araguaia that has been trying but not thriving, and a dwarf aquarium lily that has been doing great until recently. I'm dosing twice a week with 3 pumps of Easy Green and potassium. Lights are on 4 hours in morning and 4 hours in evening. PH is 8.0, GH and KH are around 200 ppm. I have 2 adult platies and more than I can count platy babies in there at the moment. About 5 weeks ago, I spotted some hair algae growing on the hygrophila. It has been spreading and getting worse ever since, even with manually removing what I can every week. I've reduced the lights about 3 weeks ago by 1/2 hour and am giving an extra pump of Easy Green each feeding since my nitrates were down around 5-10 (assuming val was eating it up). Picture of hair algae in tank isn't the best. My dwarf aquarium lily in the last two weeks has started to fall apart (I guess that is the best way to describe it). Huge chunks of the leaves are breaking off. Today, I found three leaves still on it that were growing crinkled instead of smooth. I'm not sure if the hair algae and the lily collapsing is a deficiency or something else. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. I use 5 gallon buckets to bring well water in and to take the dirty stuff out to the garden. My thoughtful husband splurged on a bucket lid that screws on, instead of a snap on one. No more splashing buckets!
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