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  1. Freshwater Angelfish Care - 50 Years of Experience! Aquarium Plants Dying Plant Deficiencies Plants 101 Cycling a Planted Aquarium Biological Filter Aquarium Filter Tips and Tricks! Start Saving Money Now Giant Puffer Fish Gets 200 New Tank Mates For honorable mention since I've learned so much from so many of the videos: Irene's quarantine tank setup How to get rid of blue green algae Unboxings Fish profiles
  2. I have hard water with high iron too. In my measly month of experience (so take it for what it's worth), corkscrew val and crypts are doing really well. I'm aging my well water a week to get some of the iron out and adding a little bit of RO water from the grocery store.
  3. There are a lot of differences, so I don't know why. Alive Anubias Golden Located directly under light Different side of tank Bought from Aquarium Co-Op Planted with more roots in the gravel (rhizome is still higher than gravel) Has grown new leaves in 3-4 weeks of being in the tank Dead Anubias coffeefolia Located at the edge of the light Different side of tank Bought from LFS Planted with fewer roots in the gravel and rhizome was higher up a rock Never grew leaves in 3-4 weeks of being in the tank They were placed in the tank at the same time, so have received the same water parameters and fertilizers.
  4. I just lost my Anubias coffeefolia to rot. The leaves started to yellow, then the rhizome turned white and mushy. I just pulled it out of the tank to see if there was anything salvageable on the rhizome, but all leaves and most roots fell off. I also have Anubias Golden in the tank, and so far it's growing and no discoloration. Would it be safe to put another Anubias in the same spot as the coffeefolia, or should I put in a different specises? I don't want to kill a second Anubias if the virus or bacteria will linger in the gravel and rocks.
  5. In case anyone was wondering, I went and measured the Aquaclears since I couldn't find any official measurements. The gap where the filter sits on the aquarium is exactly 1", maybe a hair less. The tank edge/lip for my 75 gallon is also 1", maybe a hair more. Since I didn't want to chance the Aquaclears not fitting (wasn't sure about return policy if I put them in an existing tank and live rather far away from the store), I ended up with the Tidal 75 and have been pretty happy with that. @markkazdad I found those Tidal measurements, too. Thank you for adding those to the post! I should have thought of that.
  6. I have 6 congos in a 75 gallon with black skirt tetras, gold barbs, pearl gouramis, and an angel fish. I haven't seen any problems with them picking on any of the other fish. They chase each other sometimes, but never cause injuries to each other. I'm really glad I splurged on them because they are very showy. I don't have plants in this tank, so no experience with plant compatibility.
  7. Is there a substitute for Kanaplex? I can get the other meds, but not that one.
  8. My pearl gourami has a large lump on just one side of his body. Is this a tumor or something treatable? Today was the first day he didn't want to eat. Temp: 76 PH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 GH: 4 KH: 11
  9. I wish I could get a pair of Apisto cacatuoides but I haven't seen them in a LFS by me in about 15 years. @missriss126 They'll have to stay on my bucket list for a little longer lol. The rams are fun to watch and check you out too.
  10. Glad to hear plan A isn't a deal breaker! Now I can get something for me (the ram) and something my son can pick out (the platies), plus the adorable cories. The feedback from the forum has been great and helping boast my confidence with fishkeeping.
  11. My 20 gallon long is going to be done cycling in the next week or two, I'm guessing/hoping. I had originally thought about doing platies with maybe cherry shrimp and/or cories. I've had platies and cories before, but never shrimp. Then, I was reminiscing about keeping bolivian rams and thought about keeping a ram or two with cories and/or tetras. Then, I saw a guppy tank from Primetime Aquatics. Things kept going down hill from there and now I can't decide on what and how many. I'm hoping someone can prevent me from making a horrid over stocking mistake. Would you keep in this planted tank: A.) 1 bolivian ram, 4 platies, 4 panda or pygmy cories B.) 2 bolivian rams, 6 neon or lemon tetras B.) 6 platies, cherry shrimp C.) 10 guppies (I don't know what I'd do with the babies, but they are so colorful) I really want to do option A, but I have a feeling that is too much for the tank? Guppies are in the mix in case I can't decide between platies and rams and go in a completely different direction 😄
  12. I'm so torn, but I think the snail is going to have to go just because I have a feeling there is enough hidden leftover "stuff" to fuel a snail explosion of a nuclear size. Dang. I wish they reproduced a little slower because it would be great to have them clean it all. Of course, when I went back to pluck the little thing out to put it in a jar, it already disappeared. (It is going to live in my water garden container outside once the weather warms up some more.) I had mentioned the nerite snails previously to my significant other and that met with approval only after I said they couldn't breed in the tank, so that is another factor. Thanks for the advice on the water change! That helps a lot! I'll gladly put the buckets away for a little longer.
  13. I set up my 20 gallon long one week ago. I put in seven plants, a sponge filter from my other tank, and have been putting Stability every day. Tested the water today and ammonia is at 4 and nitrite is at 1-2. Plants are super happy with new leaves and runners. It's obviously not ready for fish, but I found a bladder snail today in there and there is plenty for it to eat with biofilm and possible algae. Question 1: Should I do a water change at this point to get ammonia and nitrite down? Things are high because the gravel I used came from an old tank that had lots of algea. It had been sitting dry for 6 years but I couldn't get every little piece out before putting it in the tank. Question 2: I was going to get a nerite snail. I'm assuming they aren't as hardy as the bladder snails? Question 3: How long do I have before I have a crazy number of bladder snails? Debating taking it out now before things get out of hand, but I really want the help cleaning things up before I could get the nerite snail.
  14. I also have the same situation: well water going through a softener, with a PH of 8.2, GH of 0, and KH of 11. I'm experimenting with using water straight from the well (PH of 8.2, GH of 20, KH of 11) that I'm letting sit for 3-ish days so that a lot of the iron precipitates out. I'm combining the well water with RO water from the grocery store, so that I still have some minerals but a lower KH and PH. I just started this experiment and am still playing with the percentages. With 25% RO water, I have a PH of 8.0, GH of 12, and KH of 9. Not sure yet if the plants will like this or not. I'm trying it with val, cypts, anubias, and a water lily. When my water comes out of the faucet, it has a PH of 7.8, but a lot of gas gets released since it's not under pressure underground, which is why the PH changes. The softener removes iron and some other minerals. It leaves the baking soda in the water, which is why the KH is high and the GH is low. On the plus side, you know the softener is doing it's job. 🙂
  15. I just caught a pair of my congo tetras spawning in my community tank! Was totally unexpected because I thought they were hard to breed but mainly because I had bought a group of six juvenile males. My main question since I now know that at least one, maybe two, are females, should I try to find more females so they don't get too harassed by the four or five males? They have all been growing at different rates, so I for awhile I thought I ended up with just two males. On a side note, I have larger gravel and a decent number of other fish in this tank. I'm assuming there isn't a chance the eggs will hatch and the fry will make it?
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