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Found 4 results

  1. My garden is still getting started but here’s what’s blooming today.
  2. I'm thinking that, instead of simply disposing the aquarium water resulting from water changes, the aquarium water would make good garden fertilizer. The aquarium water contains nitrates, biodegradables and some nutrients, which the garden plants could utilize. Have you had experience with using the aquarium water as fertilizer or have some thoughts on whether this is a reasonable idea? Thanks.
  3. At least, according to my Croton. With all the changes I've been making, all of my houseplants have been getting only detritus-rich water from fish tanks. They're all happy, but apparently my Croton decided to take it a step further. It's blooming! Never done that before, and I've had this plant for YEARS. Check it out! Anyone else have houseplants that are absolutely flourishing because of a steady diet of fish poop water?
  4. Reading this book as we begin our gardening season here in FL. I came across this & thought, "Hey! that's what Nerms do at their aquariums! " So... what should Garden nerds be called? Because, I think I might be one of those too!
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