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Found 10 results

  1. Show me your fish art! It doesn't have to be somethig your drew, It could be something you bought online.
  2. I've been persona non grata online of late because I've been busy getting ready for a craft fair I'm participating in this coming September. Toward that end, I've been designing new beading patterns, and I ended up doing a few that are aquarium themed. I couldn't resist! So I want to show them off. Angelfish & Cardinal Tetra Bookmark (I hadn't put the ends on it yet) "Fishy Fishy Fishy" bookmark (I didn't go for realism on fish colors on this one - it's just for sheer fun) The box that matches it: Pen covers I did some that are dog-themed as well, and a couple that are cat/fish themed, but those are the fish-only ones. So far, anyway. I have ideas for more. I'd like to do another angelfish one - with black marble angels, but I haven't decided what sort of schooling fish I want to include on that one. 🙂 Anybody else doing aquarium/fish themed crafts?
  3. I'm guessing there's a fair amount of people outside the USA in the forum, seeing that the co-op had fans all over the world. I really like looking at money bills from different places, for me they're borderline art. Got any beautiful, colorful, unusual bills that you'd like to show off? Here's my favorite, it's from Mexico. It depicts Sor Juana, a nun that was a big part of Mexico's literature and poetry. In the back it depicts the monarch butterfly sanctuary in Mexico, where tons of butterflies migrate each year. What about you?
  4. Not sure if this is OK but I wanted to share my new tattoo. The guy in the bowl looks like me, and the betta looks like my fish Fred.
  5. The shrimp and I are still super pleased with easy green @Cory 🤘🏼🤘🏼
  6. Think this will make my fish nervous? I’m thinking right above my tanks.
  7. Just finished my first acrylic painting! Hoping to one day capture the liveliness of my livebearer tank, but for now a single koi will do 🙂
  8. I have a racer nerite snail in my goldfish tank; its name is Snowpatch. It was named for the white patch on the shell. No one wanted it because its shell wasn't perfect, so I brought the snail home to help with the algae in the aquarium and for the kiddo to enjoy. I noticed Snowpatch's handiwork on a pot in the tank. You can see exactly where the radula scraped off the algae. I rather like it; it has kind of a tribal art pattern to it. The beauty of nature in my living room! What "natural art" have you seen in your aquariums?
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