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  1. Thank you jungle fan for responding. I’ve had the tank running since June with real plants. I added 6 platies in July 01, 2021. Testing with test strips nitrate were at a constant 40ppm with easy green. Nitrites were 0. When I added the rams I noticed the nitrites were ticking up since last Friday. The tank is stocked with MTS, bladder snails, 3 ghost shrimp, 3 platies (14 platy babies), 2 green corydoras, and 3 golden balloon rams. Anubias, ton of wisteria kept trimming and replanting , frogbit and wisteria. It’s a 90 gallon tank with co2.
  2. Using my aquarium coop test strips was reading high level of nitrites. So i did a 50% water change. I dosed the tank with water conditioner while it was half empty and add water from the tap at the tank’s temperature. I had a platy die, all 14 babies platies alive and the mom hanging out on the surface of the tank. The rams seems like everything is fine and I notice a lot of dead bladder snails. What did I do wrong here? I’m so sad because i felt like I was finally coming to my own (dialed in) and all the plants were looking great and healthy.
  3. Thank you for the replies. I actually had 14 babies but her belly looks the same to me.
  4. Try to have this fish as a centerpiece. My only female out of purchasing 6 from aquabid? What are my chances here? I feel like its any day now Thank you
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