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  1. So I got this bulb from the coop yesterday and since then it has grown this white fuzz on it. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Enjoying watching this dwarf aquarium lily grow. Co-Op bulb out performed all others!
  3. Hey guys, I have tried twice now to grow water lily in my aquarium from a bulb and both times they have just grown fungus and pretty much started to disintegrate. Can anyone give me some tips on successfully growing them? I have 2 bulbs left and I really want to make sure I get it right this time!
  4. My dwarf lily has made at least one baby bulb, and I want to experiment. Any chance a dwarf lily could live sitting on a bare-bottom tank? Or possibly even glued to a rock like a rhizome plant would be? Honestly, I'm not attached to it, so if something might work, I'm game.
  5. One of my Tiger Lotus sent a shoot out and it appeared to be in the substrate. Then the original plant bulb broke away and all the leaves came off. The bulb in still in the aquarium. Will the old bulb grow more leaves or is it done?
  6. I bought some aquarium Lilly seeds at an overstock store locally for a dollar. I threw a couple of seeds in my qt tank as its not being used atm. One sprouted and one rotted. My questions are. When should I plant it in my tank I want it in? Should I remove the seed husk before I plant it? How deep in the substrate should I plant it? Should I expect any die back moving from one tank to another?
  7. Just wanted to show the growth for this little bulb plant I purchased from Aquarium Co-Op and planted in my 9 gal Fluval. The bulb arrived on 7/11/21 with no growth showing. Today I snapped this pic. Using 1 pump Easy Green fertilizer/wk. I wonder if it will grow up/out of the tank and overtake my office! LOL Thank you Cory for your recommendation!
  8. Would a dwarf Lilly grow be too big in a 15 g fluval flex?
  9. Have any of y’all been able to get your aquarium lily to flower? I’d love to get this one to flower since it’s very visible in our living room.
  10. My planted 20L has been up and running since beginning of March. I've got a trident java fern that melted back end of April, corkscrew val that is going nuts, a crypt wendtii, crypt balansae, and an anubias golden that are growing well, a hygrophila araguaia that has been trying but not thriving, and a dwarf aquarium lily that has been doing great until recently. I'm dosing twice a week with 3 pumps of Easy Green and potassium. Lights are on 4 hours in morning and 4 hours in evening. PH is 8.0, GH and KH are around 200 ppm. I have 2 adult platies and more than I can count platy babies in there at the moment. About 5 weeks ago, I spotted some hair algae growing on the hygrophila. It has been spreading and getting worse ever since, even with manually removing what I can every week. I've reduced the lights about 3 weeks ago by 1/2 hour and am giving an extra pump of Easy Green each feeding since my nitrates were down around 5-10 (assuming val was eating it up). Picture of hair algae in tank isn't the best. My dwarf aquarium lily in the last two weeks has started to fall apart (I guess that is the best way to describe it). Huge chunks of the leaves are breaking off. Today, I found three leaves still on it that were growing crinkled instead of smooth. I'm not sure if the hair algae and the lily collapsing is a deficiency or something else. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. I brought these from some spend a lot money 30ish plants. They couldn’t understand how stop blooms and algae. They used real dirt and I would never that’s more advanced hobbyist I think. Mines inert substrate and I control fertilizer. Any I’ve never had plants I google a lot of them but idk what these are. want let me upload more picture for some reason. Idk identify these be nice I assume bright light and co2 be enough any plant I lightly fertilize. But some not doing so well maybe not substrate plants all these planted.
  12. … makes me feel like I’m good at growing aquarium plants, when indeed, I am not 🙂
  13. Enjoying watching these Dwarf Aquarium Lilies start out. My Malaysian trumpet snails dig them up ... but otherwise, I’m starting to see some new leaves. Some are in coarse sand, some in Eco Complete.
  14. I bought this dwarf Lilly bulb about 2 months ago and I got it sprouted already. It has been showing very little growth and don’t know what’s wrong. The PH and water chemistry is fine. What do you think?
  15. Do dwarf aquarium lilies flower? I’ve had one in a tank almost a year and yesterday morning I discovered a very thick stem with a bulb pushing against the lid.
  16. Sold a bunch of fish to LFS recently, and got a small handful of Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily bulbs to try out. Never worked with these before, but thought they’d be fun to try. Starting out Ok. Some had broken off the bulbs, others are bulbs just starting to sprout. Looking forward to how this develops. Any tips? Do share!
  17. Hello! I got my bulb around 2 weeks ago and I’ve only seen these white sprouts grow on it about a week ago. However, there are some lighter parts on my bulb that make me a little concerned. It also smells bad, and will occasionally emit bubbles from the lighter areas. I’m not sure if it’s starting to rot or not.
  18. Hi everyone! So... I went to my LFS, for some red root floaters annnnddd... I may have gotten some... Other stuff. I first of all got this beautiful piece of rock it's an about 3 pound bit of ohko/dragon stone with really good texture, and some darker colours that I personally think would go really well with a lush mass of plants. I also was passing by the tank with dwarf aquarium lily bulbs, and couldn't resist this really vibrant lily. I know these get really big, for a 5.5 gallon, but I just couldn't pass the opportunity up. I'll probably have to do a lot of trimming to keep it from shading other plants, although if it keeps even a fraction of the red it currently has I'll be more than happy for that tradeoff.
  19. I picked up 3 red dwarf lilly bulbs from Aquarium Co-Op. Two have finally started showing signs of life. Noting at all out of the third. Any idea how long it should take before I give up on the 3rd or just leave it be an keep waiting?
  20. So this is my new bulb plant., exactly one week old. It started growing good but now the color seems to be a little odd. I did have the fertiliser added to the water.
  21. Greetings! I've been so busy with my betta tank this week that I didn't notice this little gem creeping up in my 20L danio tank...won't be long now before it breaks the surface! More new growth also coming out the other side. of the bulb.
  22. So this is my new aquarium I am setting up., started putting water and everything on March 21st. Still waiting for the cycle to complete before adding fish. This week on Monday I got the ordered package from aquarium coop website and I got this bulb plant for which I put in the gravel on Monday. Today it shows something coming out from the side., should I flip the bulb or wait for it to sprout a bit more? I also plan on adding water sprite., any thoughts on that? Here are the few pictures. any suggestions are appreciated.
  23. About 2 months ago i bought a dwarf aquarium lily bulb and it has been going crazy except that it only made lily pads and never made any leaves.My 2 problems are that it wont make any leaves at all and my other problem is that i was getting annoyed of all the lily pads roting so i cut all of them of and they havent grown back.if anyone has any experience with this plant i would appreciate some tips thank you
  24. Everywhere that I read, people say to wait until the bulb sprouts, then bury it halfway. But, the directions say that it can be planted halfway; after it sprouted. Is it OK to leave the bulb on top of the substrate? Or, must it be planted halfway? P.S. It looks more like a tuber, to me. Thanks!
  25. Had my bulbs for a week or two. My partner had to (jokingly) ask why I was keeping a dead mouse in the aquarium. Just some hair algae that came attached 🙂 Just started noticing some growth towards the bottom of the bulbs. Since the stems and leaves will be naturally pink/bronze, I wasn't sure if they were roots or stems, so I flipped them over to point up just in case. But what do you think? Should I flip them back down?
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