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  1. @SimiI live in Montgomery. We need a club here, as well. Let’s talk.
  2. Hey everyone, I have a tank with cloudy water that will not go away. I have tried everything written on this forum and on the CoOp blog and I cannot get the water to clear up. Any ideas? (Image attached)
  3. @CoryThanks Cory. I will do that. Also, keep up the great work with your stores, videos, and product development. Because of your fishroom tour video of Select Aquatics I just purchased some Montezuma swordtails from Greg Sage. 🙂
  4. Hello everyone, I'm going to be in New Orleans in a couple of weeks and hoped to visit a fish store or two while I am there. Does anybody have recommendations? Thanks!
  5. @Wingman12r @lefty o Thank you both for your answers!
  6. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if the salt in the brine shrimp water is harmful to corys. I ask because I don’t have a sieve to rinse the shrimp.
  7. @CorydorasEthanThanks. That’s what I think too
  8. Hello everyone, I saw some Corys in the fish store today. They told me that they were corydoras punctatus, I’m not convinced though. Would someone please help me identify this fish? Thank you!
  9. Hello all, I've tried reaching out to the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association (AAAA) to see if they accept out of state members but no one has responded to my email. Does anyone know of someone who is a member of the AAAA that I could contact? I live in Alabama and the AAAA is the club closest to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. @quirkylemon103Cool. So I take it that you live in Texas? How many tanks do you have?
  11. Hi everyone, As society begins to open up a bit more, I hope to attend some aquarium events this year. I have never been to an aquarium event before. Does anybody have any recommendations? For example, I see that Aquashella is taking place in Chicago, Dallas, and Orlando this year. Would Aquashella be a good event to attend, and if so, in which city? If possible, I would like to attend an event at which some Aquarium Coop folks are present. I'm a huge fan and customer and it would be cool to meet some of them. Thanks!
  12. @KBOzzie59I test my water weekly. I change my water when it hits 40ppm nitrates, so about every two weeks. I never let my nitrates get above 40ppm. I provide my tanks with Easy Green once a week, per the instructions on the bottle.
  13. Hello everyone, I have used Easy Green for the last few months in all of my tanks that contain Java Fern. I am seeing little to no results. Should I up the dosage, and if so, how much? Currently I am following the instructions on the bottle of one squirt per 10 gallons. Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone, I was looking at the Repashy foods for my swordtails and my attention was particularly drawn to the community plus and grub pie. There doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference but perhaps I’m missing something. I’d love to hear the opinions of my fellow fish keepers.
  15. @Its HutchAh, sounds like it might be a while then. Dang. I need some lights for my two 75g and I wanted to buy them from the COOP.
  16. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone from the Co-OP has mentioned when the Finnex Stingray 48in lights will be back in stock. Has anyone heard anything?
  17. Hello everyone, I’m thinking about getting the 90in tall and wide Gladiator rack for two 75g tanks. The tanks are 21in tall. Gladiator shelves come with four shelves. However, if I take one shelf out that equates to 30in of space between each shelf. If you subtract the 21in from the 30in that leaves 9in of clearance. Is this truly enough room to operate a siphon or will water changes be a pain? I ask because I would hate to spend all that money to find out the rack won’t work for me.
  18. @s1_Why would you put decking down as opposed to not doing so? I am about to get a gladiator rack system so when I saw your recommendation about the decking I had to ask.
  19. A lot of fish food, some fertilizers, clove oil (just in case) and some other odds and ends.
  20. @Patrick M. Bodega AquaticsThats Ok. I figured it out.
  21. Hello everyone, Im having issues with a canister filter; it has no suction. Priming does nothing. I can hear the motor running. I cleaned the impeller... I have no idea what’s going on. Can anyone help?
  22. @Daniel I hear ya. However, I trade the fish I raise to the local fish store and I can’t give him deformed fish. I guess I could just separate the culls into another tank but I don’t have a ton of room to do that.
  23. Hello everyone, I am really getting into breeding fish and before I get too deep I want to know how to ethically cull fish from people who actually have experience doing so. The Internet is all over the place on how to cull fish so I am turning to you all, my fellow aquarists. I ask about culling because I know when breeding enough, deformities, weak fish, and other issues will appear and make culling necessary, I just want to cull as ethically as possible.
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