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Found 14 results

  1. I've had this jungle val for about six months now and for the first three months it largely just sat there and did nothing. About three months ago it started growing and it now grows about a half inch per day in my thirty high. The longest leaves have reached the top (24"), grown across the tank (another 24") and are starting back across to where they started from (maybe six to ten inches so far). It hadn't put out a runner until a couple of weeks ago but now the new leaves and the runner are putting out red leaves. I've included a photo of the base of the plant below, but the red doesn't come through well on camera. The red is much more vibrant in person. I'm pretty impressed with it. I'll have to see if the red fades as the leaves grow, but so far, it's pretty intense.
  2. Hey everyone, I need the advice of the collective! Can Val plants hold up to the high temperatures that discus require? Thanks.
  3. I got a jungle Val plant about a month ago and it's looking pretty good, but I was wondering if anyone knew about how long it takes for it to start expanding?
  4. Hello, About a week or so, I received an order with Jungle Vallisneria. It was brown but I wasn't too concerned thinking it was transitioning? Is this color "normal" or is it dead? Should I cut off the brown long leaves so the plant can "re-focus" itself?
  5. I recently bought my first two species of plants - vallisneria, and dwarf sagittaria. One reason I chose them is that I thought they only need liquid fert, but now I'm seeing that they *must* have root tabs. Which is it? Do they need root tabs? Frankly, I don't want to mess with it. (I was planning to buy more of the val and sag, but if they need tabs, I'll hunt down species that don't.) Thanks guys.
  6. Just wondering why I would have a streem of bubbles coming from in the leaf? Thoughts
  7. I've had my Vallisneria for several months now (since mid-December) and it still hasn't grown much at all. I expected it to grow up to the top of the tank (29 gallon tank, so 18 inches tall) and to send out runners all the time. But mine is only about four inches tall with a one inch runner. Any ideas of improving the growth of my vallisneria? I use pool filter sand, with plently of fish waste in the sand, so I thought that should provide good plant food. I don't dose any fertilizers, so I am thinking of getting some easy green or root tabs. Which of these would you recommend? I also have a 30 inch Nicrew light. Other plants include Java fern, crypt wendtii, dwarf hairgrass, water sprite (huge), and dwarf aquarium lily (also huge). Do you think that the bigger plants might be sucking up all of the nutrients? Thanks.
  8. I received my Val back in Nov. It has been planted since. I did notice at first that the old leaves were dying and have had some new growth but that is about it. I have 3 plants and they are all doing about the same. Just hanging out and not much of anything else. I give them each a root tab every couple of weeks and the entire tank gets EZ Green weekly. Was really hoping it would take off and I could order more to really get the jungle look going. I live in Oklahoma and have extremely hard water and am curious if that might be inhibiting the Val. I have looked into dwarf sag to replace the Val. What do you guys think I should do? Keep waiting and see if it takes off? Replace it? Other opinions? This is a 75g planted tank. The amazon swords, anubias, dwarf aquarium lily, crypt lucens, and pogo. stellatus octopus are all thriving and growing very well in my opinion.
  9. I got a single jungle val from aquarium co op 1 month and 3 weeks ago.During this time it has grown new leaves and sent out 4 shoots with plants about 2 cm each.i have seen significant growth but not the tallness of a val.i use root tabs and liquid ferts.i dont know if its the lighting or what.
  10. Just got a bunch of Valisneria americana from a fish club member. Planted it in a 55 gal with a bunch of fish . . . Rams, Discus, etc. We have pretty soft water, so discus stay happy. But Val seems to get grumpy without being fed. Got some Easy Green! Now . . . any thoughts on how Discus may respond to a bump up of nitrates from Easy Green? Don't want to stress them unnecessarily.
  11. Hello all, I have a 30 gallon planted tank that has been up and running with live bearers for 2 and a half years. Lately I have noticed my Java fern turning black with a light layer of black algae and then the leaves fall off. There isn't much new growth and the plants have been dwindling away. I dose easy green once a week. I have also had issues with my jungle val. It had a growth spurt and git long then it all died off at the center of the leaves and broke off at the top. I had new growth after a few weeks and it happened again. Any tips are are much appreciated.
  12. I got some jungle val in May. When it arrived the leaves looked a little sad, mostly pale w/ some browning. With no growth in the 29 after a few weeks I figured maybe pruning some of the sad leaves would stimulate newer, healthy growth, but left many of the leaves on as there were none that looked great and I didn't want to just cut it all off and kill the plant. Here we are nearly mid August with still no new growth. They're under a fluval 3.0 in a 29 gal. I dose easy green per the bottle, put root tabs under them, and until last weekend the tank was heavily stocked w/ guppies. I feel like lighting and nutrients should be sufficient to see at least some new growth, but there's been virtually none for almost 4 months. I was under the impression that these were plants that will grow under most conditions. Any advice is appreciated!
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