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  1. If my one sponge filter seems to be overwhelmed, do I have to get another one or can I just replace the one I have with a bigger one? Background: I have a 20 gallon tank with a medium aquarium co-op sponge filter. While trying to solve the mystery of my cloudy greenish tank, I decided to just see if cleaning the sponge filter would help. Well that thing was DIRTY! For reference the last time I cleaned it was 2 weeks ago.
  2. I’m trying to see if the water in my guppy tank is hard enough for them. I’m not sure how the tds plays in to it though. Should I make any changes based on these results? Gh: 10 drops 179 ppm Kh: 4 drops 71.9 TDS: 247
  3. Ive recently been dealing with a very bad cloudy water situation. Almost to the point that you cant even see in the tank. Ive been doing weekly water changes and my water parameters are perfect. No ammonia nitrate or nitrite. Im almost certain my fish are all still alive and well and ive also been using filter floss and water clarifier but still no results. Not to metion the tank gas been setup for going on two years now. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Hi everyone. I'm having a really hard time clearing up my water in my new 55 gallon. Fluval dirt substrate, i let the tank cycle for about a week before adding fish. I currently have 8 corydoras, 1 rainbow cichlid, 2 gourami. In terms of water parameter benchmarks, all the levels are pretty much perfect. The local fish store told me to put purigen in the filter, which i did and it seemed to help a little but the pack got very dirty. Any helpful advice?
  5. Hello first post here. I am starting a new tank. I put everything together on Tuesday. I rinsed everything off put it in the tank then added a bottle of Fritz Zyme 7. No fish yet. I haven't touched it since. I have tested the water and everything is perfect according to the strips. Today I went to adjust a couple of things in the tank and I noticed this white stuff floating in the tank. It was all settled to the bottom and started floating when moving stuff around. It will float around the tank then settle back down again. I am trying to figure out what this stuff is and what I can do to fix it. Thanks for all the help.
  6. I fed my otos some zucchini like I always do but forgot to pull it out after 24hrs this time. My water is cloudy in the 10 gallon tank. I did a normal waterchange (1/4 of the water). How long will it take to clear? Is it safe for the fish or should I do a massive water change. This is a very well planted 10 gallon.
  7. Three of my 10 gallon tanks always have cloudy water. I do water changers about once a week, dip test are good, may have a nitrates around 100 but. I do have plants so I do use east green. Suggestions?
  8. Acurel F works great for cloudiness but does anyone know if it pulls nutrients out of the water?
  9. I'm using the tank and substrate my daughter had. She never had problems with water clarity, but since I set up the tank using the same substrate, Black Diamond Blasting Sand, the water is still foggy. It's been a month and the fish are doing well. I rinsed out the substrate well before using it. I've had aquarium shops test the water 3 different times and the results did not show any abnormal readings. I've used different water clarifiers that didn't change the foggy look. I drained and replaced 1/4 of the water last week. The only thing unconventional I'm using is the substrate of blasting sand that my daughter previously used without problems. I can't think of what to do next. I'm afraid to replace too much of the water for fear of killing the 11 tetras I have in the 55 gallon tank. Here is the information about using Black Diamond blasting sand: https://aquanswers.com/black-diamond-blasting-sand-aquarium-safety/#:~:text=Here’s why using Black Diamond blasting sand in,edges. It will not hurt your bottom-dwelling fish.
  10. Almond leaves are a wonderful thing for aquariums as they bring so many different benefits. One thing I have wondered about at times is why do certain almond leaves cause different effects on the water. There are some brands of almond leaves I am able to add to my tanks that will stain the water but water cloudiness never occurs. Then there are other brands of almond leaves that within a day of adding them to a tank they will begin to cause cloudiness. Is there something I am missing when buying almond leaves?
  11. I’m setting up a new tank and my Fluval Stratum is clouding up my tank. It’s been 5 hours and my tank still looks horrible. Any advice?
  12. I'm having trouble keeping my tank clean, it keeps getting very cloudy and has like a yellowish tint to it. We've done a water change and it still looks nasty afterwards. I've also treated the water with some tetra aquasafe for tap water, and tips would be great to get my tank looking clear.
  13. I have a well established shrimp tank with one Neorite snail. This is a 5.5 gallon tank with Aquarium Co-op Nano course sponge filter and nano pump. Water parameters are excellent and shrimp are multiplying like crazy. However the water is non crystal clear, it is milky. I am feeding Bacter Shrimp Dinner every other day and adding Bacter AE once a week. I also add carrots or spinach on the days when not feeding Shrimp Dinner. Would love to have help on getting a beautiful clear tank
  14. Alright guys, so I’m trying to help a customer who comes to my store with a tank cloudiness problem. Her tank has been cloudy for almost 3 months now (white haze cloudy). At the start I told her it was just a bacterial bloom for a new tank and it would go away in 2 days, it did not. A week passed and we did a water change (0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 20 Nitrates, Ph 7.6). She’s got guppies, they’re active, they eat, she doesn’t over feed, she even does a fast day. Tank is still cloudy. Water change, still cloudy, test water still cloudy. Add in intake sponge, still cloudy, replace the cartridge with sponge, still cloudy, use water purifier, still cloudy, use filter floss still cloudy, water changes, still cloudy, let it sit for 2 weeks, still cloudy. Every time we change water it’s cloudy, we test the water it’s perfectly fine. The fish are active and healthy, everything is fine except it’s white cloudy. My only thought now is maybe there’s somehow excess calcium in the water? Maybe her tap has ridiculous amounts of calcium? Gonna test hardness tomorrow but does anyone have thoughts otherwise? It’s a 10 gallon with guppies (I think 4 or 5), intake sponge on filter, sponge in filter with floss, water changes weekly, it’s a healthy tank as far as I can tell. What am I missing? BTW part of my confusion is I have the same tap, my water is crystal clear, my water even tests the same as hers. I feel like I’m missing something but every time I’m researching it always goes back to bacterial bloom but that doesn’t seem to make sense.
  15. Hey everyone, I have a tank with cloudy water that will not go away. I have tried everything written on this forum and on the CoOp blog and I cannot get the water to clear up. Any ideas? (Image attached)
  16. My pond was clear before adding my lilies. I have them capped with pool filter sand in solid buckets. I'm assuming this is from the sand or dirt and will settle out eventually. Any other causes I should look into?
  17. I had a piece of spider wood in this 20 gallon tank with my bristle nose Plecos, the algae was unmanageable. I washed it off many times, soaked it in peroxide and ended up boiling it for hours over a couple months. The algae always came back. Last month I totally gave up and removed it. For the last 30 days since the removal, I've done 25% water changes on this bare bottomed tank weekly. I've also cleaned out the filter twice. The fish and bristle noses are doing okay and seem happy but I can't get the water or bubbles to clear up. There is a slight brownish tint to the water which I believe is from the fresh zucchini I feed. The brownish tint is also in my other tank that I feed my other bristle noses in. But that tank doesn't have bubbles and is pretty clear. The tint can really only be seen when you look through that tank sideways. When i test the water parameters there good. I do have very hard water done here in South Florida but my other tanks are super clear. What can I do to clear it up? I had thought it would get better over time but its not, well its better for a few hours after cleaning the bottom and doing the water changes but by the next morning I'm back to barely being able to see through the tank even with the light on. I don't mind the bubbles but I think its a symptom of the cloudy water.
  18. Hi all, I set up a 10 gallon tank to eventually hold a couple of kubota rasboras and a betta. I filled it with washed small grain gravel (not quite as fine as sand) and have it running with a sponge filter. It has been two days and the water is still cloudy. Should I change the water or keep waiting for it to settle?
  19. Two weeks ago (or so) I have finished to cycle the 110gl tank, drained all old water out and replaced with fresh water, let it sit for few days before I transferred the fish. Few days ago the water became cloudy white. The only reason that I could think off are the few leaf that I let to rot (wanted the potential nutrients go into the water). I have boiled all wood that I could and kept the rest in heavily salted water for 3 months in order to sterilize them, the only piece of wood that wasn't treated is the root. Is it possible that the fungus on the root causes the water to cloud? Even if it is not, how can I get rid of it? Thanks
  20. Hi. Hope someone can give me some advise on my tank. I have a 10 gallon fresh water tank. It's about 3 months old and went through it's cycle. Water always looked good. Went through ammonia, nitrites to nitrates. All good now. Just checked. Reading's today no ammonia or nitrites only very light reading of nitrates. Total fish 4 neons, 3 corys (recent additions), 4 baby platties (mom and dad died during startup) and two snails. I don't feed them much so don't think I over feed. Only once a day and miss a day here and there. Over the last three weeks it's been in a cloudy state. Tried 1-2 gallon water changes each week and a little more during some days maybe a cup or two. I did switch out the filter about a month ago from basic filter that came with setup to Tidal 35. Didn't do water changes for at least week when I did the switch. My question. What to do now? I also tried this weekend Seachem Clarity but didn't improve. I have layer of floss too along with bio media rocks. Should I not do water changes, don't touch the filter for week(s), etc. Looking for what to try as this is getting really discuoraging. Thank you if you can help and I'll add more info if needed. I have tank and filter pics. Marty
  21. Hello, I have been having for sometime 6 or 8 months this problem in my aquarium. It go from green to white cloudy water then it gets clear and them go back to either green or white water color. I see to have at the bottom some green algae sometime it see to be black. My tank is a 46 gallons and house it 10 Black long fin tetras, 4 red eyes tetra, 3 Platy and 4 serpae tetra. I have 2 java fern plants that are doing really good. I do not use anything for the plants. Filtration, I have 2 each 30 gallon aqua clear and one medium sponge filter from Co-op. What can I do to get this under control?
  22. Every one! I replaced my substrate with sand and might have forgotten that it clouds up the water. It's taking quite awhile to settle. Is it safe to put my fish and snails in there while it's cloudy?
  23. Starting a new tank so quarantining the first group of fish with trio. After 24 hours, my water is very cloudy and some yucky stuff floating around (some of which is stringy) Just read one of Aquarium Co-Op's blogs that said not to feed for a few days...but a little late on that because I fed them since they came from big box store. Question: how long do I let them swim in such a mess? Is this normal? Ps I have another tank but never had this issue.
  24. So for a few months my husband and I bought a house, moved everything in, found out I was pregnant, and have been trying to do/fund everything ourselves. I have to say tank Maintence had gotten away from me for a few months coordinating everything. Now I’m trying to get my tank back to where it was but it seems I can’t ever save it from being this rust colored, cloudy mess. I’ve tried frequent water changes, algae fixes, water clarifiers, plants, stones, machines and NOTHING is working. I think I’m going to have to buy another tank and start that one then see about moving fish over. I’ve looked on YouTube and the internet in general and all I get is “those are tannins and it’s fine”. That’s not what this is. Thanks to anyone who will give me any advice. I really appreciate it.
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