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About Me

  1. I'm recently back into the hobby after about a 15 year hiatus. I'm 37 now, as a kid I had about 7-8 tanks and was always too scared to keep discus because our water is so hard here. Apparently that's not necessarily the case... in any event, I'm giving them a shot. I got 10 from Discus Hans (Stendker) in 2.5" size to give them a whirl. They're 'jumpy', but they didn't even pout for a second after acclimating (which was 5 minutes following the Stendker directions). Kinda wild, but so far so good. I am scared I'm going to wake up to all of them dead, but... fingers crossed. Only half decent photo of them on night one. I am floored by how beautiful they already are, I honestly expected them to be kind of indistinguishable for a month or more, but there are 8 varieties there and I can easily tell them apart. Anyway, I'll maybe document it here... sometimes I'm not so great about. Going with just some play sand and sponge filters at least until I get the hang of it. Aiming for big daily water changes. Tank is an absolute train wreck to look at. That power head needs to go and because I only keep the house at 62ish degrees, so I need more than 300W to get it to 85 reliably. Very much considering building a 'matten filter' so just one side is ugly with all the stuff behind it. Currently undecided. This is taken from the side, from the front, the background is black window film (for now). It might end up blue and the sand might be gone depending how much I hate it. Thanks for looking! 🙂 Sorry it's not a beautiful aquascape. 🤣 From top-to-bottom, left-to-right: dark angel, two blue diamonds, white leopard, two checkerboards, flachen (solid turquoise), brilliant turquoise, marlboro red (or red melon moreso now because of smoking), and pigeon blood.
  2. Moved a large Threadfin Acara out this past week. Starting to watch these Discus to see if any pair off. Water change with ramblings… Feeding, with more ramblings… I recommend to every aquarist: if you keep Rams or Amazon fish, at least try keeping discus. Easily my favorites.
  3. I moved this post to journal so I could add to the post as they grow so bee can see if they stay smaller than the 2 inches. UpSo last week I got some many discus. I didnt know they Had such a thing. So far so good they shipped no problem. I did have a issue with 5 fish that are going to be replaced do to a issue with the dorsal fin. It look as if the back is ok just the dorsal fin is messed up. They seller is. Replacing them plus two more. 1 Quote Dwayne Brown Posted 1 hour ago Wow those are really cool. How big do they get? Quote If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. - John D. Rockefeller T. Payne Posted 1 hour ago When you say mini discus, I'm assuming that you are referring to the fact that they are just young discus? Quote HH Morant Posted 56 minutes ago You're gonna to need a bigger boat Edited 55 minutes ago by HH Morant 1 × Quote Gentleman, Scholar, and Renaissance Man Brandon p Posted 17 minutes ago 2 inches so should could kept them in a much smaller tank. The seem pretty hardy so for Quote Brandon p Posted 5 minutes ago No the seller claims that they do not get bigger than 2 inches. These are still very young at this point. I’m skeptical but I have a large tank that 18 full size discus if I needed to. I will say that the guy has been nothing but honest and helpful when I’ve had questions or was not happy. They don’t seeem like a fish that he is trying to perfect. I ordered 12 he sent 14 just in case one or two died. A lot of personal sellers do this because the fish are cheaper than the cost of postage. 5 of the 14 h e Dora l fins that lay over on their side. No one wants that in discus. When I talked to him he is sending out 6 more to replace the what would 3 I need to have 12 that I ordered. I’ll post here again in a month juts to trach growth. Edited 4 minutes ago by Brandon p
  4. I MOVES THIS POST TO JOURNALS. PLEASE LOOK FOR IT THERE WITH ANY OF THE SAME TAGS UpSo last week I got some many discus. I didnt know they Had such a thing. So far so good they shipped no problem. I did have a issue with 5 fish that are going to be replaced do to a issue with the dorsal fin. It look as if the back is ok just the dorsal fin is messed up. They seller is. Replacing them plus two more.
  5. I have 8 Discus and know the strain name of Two ( I think.) I am hoping you fine folks would be able to help name the others? Large Yellow is a Yellow melon and the Solid blue one is a Blue Diamond I believe. The rest are , well, I don't know. The small yellowish one is an albino something. Three are brand new and not quite plumped up like the ones I have had for 4ish months.
  6. This site has an amazing amount of data, I'm going to need a major cleanup crew to sift through it all. Many moons ago I started with a 55g long, that was a bomb as I had no money nor understanding of anything! 10 years later I went at it again with a 30g. I was fairly successful it lasted two years. Looking back I owe my success I think to the live rock which was plentiful in the day... but I moved around back then and the tank suffered and lay in my wake... Now I'm back, hopefully with much more patience, armed with the internet and a few years accumulated knowledge. I kept that 30g tank and have had it up and running for 2 years with discus (bunch of bullies!) candy cane tetras, neon tetras and cherry shrimp - planted of course. I came across a 150g on facebook and thought, why not... So i'm here for the full critique. In the past I built my own 5g bucket sump with diy hang-on overflow for that 30g - that was a lot of fun ;(... I did get it working, but now I'm going to have a go with an internal overflow, and/or maybe sit-on-top diy using gutter or something... I don't plan on more than a handful of critters so I don't feel like I "need" a sump. I just need to polish the water and keep it moving. Coral... I don't know, we'll see, that means par par par NO live rock these days??? anyone know where I might pick up 10lbs or so in Seattle? I am only as far as building the stand... Here's a short vid of it: https://youtu.be/kCYVSYZbLdg
  7. All the fish that were in my 60 gallon are now in the new 150. The 60 gallon had a Fluval 407 canister filter and a large sponge filter. All the fish did fine in the 60. All I added to the new tank were 10 Rummy nose and 1 very small angle fish (about 1 inch). With the 60 gallon I did 50% water changes every other day. The 150 tank has a 50 gallon (75 gallon total) sump filter. I did move some media over and used Fritz 7 to jump start the filter. I also check water parameters daily to insure things are OK. Finally the question after you have the back end information. Do I still need to change 50% of the water every other day? Can this be changed to twice a week? It is a planted tank as well.
  8. Ninja Decided tonight was a good night to lay eggs. They are in a community tank scheduled to be moved to a larger tank once I can get a cycle complete in it. Not sure what to do... Once the new tank is cycled I can move all tank mates to the new tank Move the plants , decorations. But the eggs were laid on the large piece of spider wood.
  9. This is Ninja, He is a well eating , good behavior growing fishy. My question is , he has these holes?? on the back area of his upper fin. They are in a pattern and doesn't seem to be fin rot or anything like that. No other fish have any fin issue. Ninja has no other fin issues. Any ones else has a dicus with this hole pattern.
  10. In my 125 gal I have 6 new discus that are fully grown out. Beautiful fish but I admit I find it difficult to watch the ritual of of the pecking order development of cichlids! Now 5 days in and one fish especially very aggressive. Spreading food out to different areas of tank, still difficult to get food to all the fish. I am wondering if increasing the number if fish to maybe 9 might dilute the aggression of my one bully?
  11. What type of wood is best for a Dicus tank. I currently have spider wood in my smaller tank. I am building a larger tank and need more wood. Would like to pick the type of wood best for Dicus fish. Also, can I go to a landscaping company and get slate rocks for decoration or do I have to buy "aquarium" ones?
  12. What is the best way to feed discus will they eat the food off the bottom, and if they don’t I have a L 193 gold nugget pleco will it eat the blood worms
  13. I have a 40 breeder with 2 violet discus they are a pair I also have 1 L193 gold nugget pleco. The tank is pretty heavily planted new fluval 3.0 light coming in my last one died. I have a fluval 207 canister filter. I check my water every two weeks and everything is perfect. This is my college tank. The two discus and pleco are the only fish in there is that overstocked? I have two more years of college so most likely afterwards I would get a 125 but could the discus get to full grown and the pleco is already full grown and live in the 40 breeder? The second picture is an old one.
  14. Hello so I looked at one my discus today and noticed he looked weird anyone know what happened it just appeared overnight he’s also been swimming Kinda weird edit: I believe he’s been attacked and this is damage from that he’s currently in a cricket pin a bit bigger 1 gallon as a hospital tank I’m trying to get a 10 gallon I broke the only one I have trying to get it off the shelf eventually he will go back in with the other discus once he’s healed and I might try to grow him out a bit so he’s bigger than the others therefore there less tempted to atack it he had been in there for months with no issues until now
  15. What temp do you fellow Dicus Planted Community Tank keepers keep your tank at?
  16. I’ve been a fish keeper since the early 70’s. But have never kept Discus. I’m thinking of adding two to my 55 gallon angelfish tank. Right now there are 5 angelfish. Would that tank be too small to add two discus? Also what type of food is good for them? Are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?
  17. So I have a Dicus Community tank with a couple gold nugget plecos. So I try and provide food for the Plecos with Algae wafers. Well it seems the Angles, the rainbows and the dicus all enjoy nibbling on the wafers. Not sure if this is 'normal' or not My Dicus are not full adults yet.
  18. Elser

    Discus Fin Rot

    Guys I need some help. One of my breeding discus has fin rot and now is showering this awful bloated stomach and I just don’t know what to do. I have tried A combo of Salt and Rid ich plus, water changing everyday and re-dosing salt for the amount of water that was removed and full dosing Rid ich each time. After one week of that it still got progressively worse and now the discus has a huge bloated stomach. Here are my current parameters based on coop test strips. Nitrate: 5 Hardness: 25 Buffer: 40 pH: 6.4 temp: 83
  19. So one of my discus wasn't eating as well as the others, so I put it in a quarantine tank and started feeding it daphnia, which it will eat. After a few hours, it made a huge, stringy, white poop, which as far as I know is indicative of internal parasites. The thing is, about two months ago it went through a complete 12 day metronidazole treatment, and about a month ago I dewormed it with prazipro. It hasn't come in contact with any other fish. In fact, I did this treatment in all 3 tanks in my house and haven't gotten any new fish since. Does anyone know what could it be? It was fine, up until a week or two ago
  20. Hey everyone, I need the advice of the collective! Can Val plants hold up to the high temperatures that discus require? Thanks.
  21. Brief background: my oldest son has earned his Advanced Breeder award in our Fish Club’s Breeder’s Award Program, and I’m chasing his score now. By way of perspective, if Master Breeder is 500+ points with C.A.R.E.S. species breeding and some difficult types of spawning, Advanced Breeder is the milestone below that — 300 points. I share this just to say... we have a few years here of breeding tons of fish. I still feel pretty bad at it, but my LFS owner thinks I’m performing witchcraft in my basement. Now, this same LFS owner has tried in vain to interest the hillbillies in our region in discus. All to no avail. No one here is going to spend $75 or more on a fish that requires an experienced level of care, a decent sized aquarium, and might die unless parameters at the outset are excellent. He decided he’d set up his own Discus tank at home... but realized that his responsibilities were too much for that... SO what’s happened is that we’ve gotten a bunch of discus virtually at cost ($25-$50 each). It started for us with just a couple to see if they were as impossible to keep as “the internet” said. And it turns out that, generally speaking, they’re really not that much different than Angelfish to keep. Now, as these reach breeding size, I’m beginning to imagine breeding them. Like with other fish we’ve bred, I’ve done a lot of reading and video watching. I get the water parameters typically necessary... the light colored sides so that fry will go to parents to eat from their slime coat, the breeding cone, etc. What I’m trying to figure out is colorations. We have 10x discus. Of that, there’s the possibility that two color patterns could yield similarly colored / patterned offspring. There’s these two... And there’s these two... But I’m questioning what would happen if they’re not male female pairs (discus are hard to sex) and if, instead, two very different color morphs pair off? Like these two... Last week, we visited an old fish store that had “locally bred discus” for sale. It’s hard to make out here... but, in my opinion, they were just bleh. Colorless. Barf-sided. I’d never buy them. But is that what happens when you cross-breed color strains? Here’s a bad photo from the fish store... Now I’ve seen wild-caught discus. They have their own appeal. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of color expectations for fry from differently colored discus parents. Any ideas?
  22. So I wanted some smaller fish to go with my discus but the only problem is that all the fish I want can fit in a rope fish’s mouth if something can possibly fit in there mouth the will eat it so I need something that’s small like a tetra but won’t fit in a rope fish’s mouth
  23. Hey guys! I am new to Discus and am trying to do some research but I’m having a hard time finding some clear and concise information on them. I’ve got the chance to buy to 2.5” juveniles from a local breeder. Water hardness here is around 7.8 - 8.0. I’ve been observing the discus in store and they look great has of right now. I would like to get some but I can’t pin down what I’m really getting into. Some people say they’re really hard to keep? I’ve also seen a push lately from people saying they’re not that hard, you just have to do it right. What’s the rundown on discus? Will these discus be more adapted to my water since they’ve been bred in it? What’s a good price to pay for young discus? Are some types harrier than other? Last but not least, what’s the deal with Sendker discus? What are they? What are sentarem discus? Any help would be appreciated! Just trying to get some more knowledge before I buy!
  24. I am a “water changer.” I know there’s healthy discussions about the subject, but I don’t mind passively admitting that I do change water on most tanks. But I if I’m honest, it’s really a chore more than a joy in the hobby. I do it... but often wish I didn’t feel the need to. Except with this tank. This is so much fun to water change! I love watching these fish color up!
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