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  1. Hey everyone, I need the advice of the collective! Can Val plants hold up to the high temperatures that discus require? Thanks.
  2. @StellaI hope you can make it to the store. While Nashville getting so big has its drawbacks, primarily in the cost of housing, the growing population hopefully means many more customers for Aquatic Critter.
  3. @MAC I plan on putting angels in the tank.
  4. Hi everyone, I need some advice on scaping a 65 gallon tall. It is 24 inches tall. I would like to avoid using Val as I already have a tank with Val in it. Thoughts?
  5. Just out of curiosity: who owns Aquabid? Their website does not make it clear, that, or I’m missing something.
  6. @StellaI used to go to MTSU and would run up to Aquatic Critter fairly frequently. I can't say enough good things about that store. They are an amazing local fish store. The quality of advice, the quality of care they give to the fish, the massive selection...I could go on and on...Have you been there recently?
  7. @Stella You go to Aquatic Critter in Nashville, don't you?
  8. Can anyone point me to some resources regarding deep sand beds? I have watched Cory's videos where he visits Ocean Aquarium and mentions deep sand beds, but I was hoping to check out some resources that give additional information. Also, for the process to work, does it have to ONLY be a deep sand bed, or can a deep gravel bed work as well?
  9. @Jungle FanOooh! I know that they have been out for a while, but I really, really want some Kessils. What Kessils are you running?
  10. @Joe L.Testing the sponge filter out might not be a bad idea.
  11. @Joe L.Yeah, I thought canister filter as well, but worried about it being outside. It’s a Marineland canister filter. Would that be an issue?
  12. Hello everyone, I plan on getting a 100 gallon pond from Tractor Supply for my red eared slider to put outside. Any filter recommendations? I’ve never done an outside pond, so I am totally unsure about what to get. I would normally do a sponge filter, but given that it’s a red eared slider... they get chompy.
  13. @PeteFor sure. That's why I find Dean's fish room so amazing. He really doesn't incorporate plants into his tanks very much at all, yet his tanks are pristine. One of the many reasons I find his fish keeping skills top notch.
  14. @Kphillips6I got the water to clear up by adding 10 Java Ferns and 10 Water Wisteria. Within a few days the tank cleared right up. It just goes to show that what Cory, Dean, and the rest of them say, get your hands in the water, experiment, and learn. It took me a few months to learn that the plants would clear up my water, but think of all the valuable experience I gained from just chipping away at the problem for a month or two.
  15. Great suggestion about contacting Jack Wattley, Lucas Brett, and Ocean Aquarium. I bet they all have some interesting perspectives.
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