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Found 6 results

  1. I had a premise that came to mind based on a few conversations with others here on the forums. I wanted to ask anyone who wishes to try to find these items on their next trip to the local shop. Post your photos and potentially over time we can make a new list to keep things fresh. Whether it's a big box store or a mom and pop store, whatever you can find (or can't) seems to be useful information. I mentioned it on a comment on a video once, but a company like fluval or seachem, designs these product lines where you need to buy something on a month to month or semi-often basis. Eventually, those items either disappear and we all end up resorting elsewhere to find them, typically an online shop. This change has led to a lot of products just not being carried by shops around me. So, without further ado, and I have no idea if I'd even find these in my local shop, but hopefully this is some fun we can have on the next shopping trip. The goal being to give everyone a feel for "what is typically available" to hobbyists at a physical store. LIST 1: 1. Amano shrimp 2. Ceramic filter media 3. Fish Meds 4. Moss for aquascaping (excluding a moss ball) 5. An interesting "all in one" tank 6. A sera or eheim product 7. A glass lid for a 20L aquarium 8. aquascaping scissors 9. caribsea sand 10. A replacement pump or impeller for any HoB filter
  2. A simple request. For anyone who feels like it would be fun and interesting, please reply below with a photo of your tank from an angle you don't usually view it, share it, or see it. I was taking photos for a buddy this morning who may or may not get a tank and they had asked what species I had in mine. this led me to the following view and the thought of this post. I will retake it after I am done with the water change today, but I'd really enjoy seeing everyone's tanks in a new perspective.
  3. Hi everyone! So awhile ago my friends forced *cough* I mean encouraged me to play the Wordle, so I thought'd I'd start a daily fish Wordle for the next week or so if anyone is interested in playing (feel free to post results!). Here's the one for Friday April 29th: https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=xskwl
  4. Question for everyone... Imagine you're designing "the ultimate version" of what literally amounts to a Rubbermaid or Sterilite storage containers specifically for use with the fish hobby. What types of "features" are mandatory? What types of things make sense for your own use, but might not make sense for every hobbyist? What do you feel like is the "right size" for your own personal use? I might have to sketch this one out and get the design brain going. I'd really like to hear some use cases. For my own experience, I use my tub(s) almost daily. I use buckets with lids as tubs as well. There's a lot of things I use daily, other things that might make sense for longer term storage. I think there's two or three designs here that work extremely well and/or present an opportunity to make the hobby easier, especially for someone with an injury who might need something specific to make the hobby possible. Daily use: that cart that jimmy showed off, on wheels, with specific things made to hold and store things you use daily or weekly. (For me these are buckets with lids on a stool) Semi-regular storage: Think of the things inside of your aquarium stand itself. What would you keep there and is this the "best place" for it to be stored? Long-term storage: larger items, hardscape, things not used regularly but where something like a hot garage might not make sense. This is what I use my "fish tubs" for. (I have two of these)
  5. Cory has challenged us all to take part in the "1 hour challenge". Take 1 hour out of your day to spend time with your fish! You could be feeding, maintaning, and just enjoying your fish for this one hour! Did you spend an hour with your fish today? What'd you do?
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