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How many tanks do you have?


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I have 

2 twenty high tanks

1 four point one two gallon tank (soon to be dismantled for a 7 gallon tank, and sold)

1 ten gallon rimmed

1 Fluval flex9

1 twelve gallon long (dry starting not yet up/running)

and if we're counting QT

3 three gallon QT (running, I have 1 more 3 gallon and two 2 gallon that are ready to be set up if ever needed)

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8 running, two of those are inverts and plants only. 

5 empty, one is on deck for a high tech scape and the rest are standbys for fry grow out, quarantine or in case of impulse purchases 😁 

oh, and a 100 patio pond for my goldfish!

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Just 2* a 40 breeder and a 2.5g shrimp tank 

*Doesn't include:

- The 20 tall in my garage that was meant for a friend but he never picked up so I attempted a daphnia culture

- The two large Tupperware containers on my counter hatching out Killifish 

- The large jars with infusoria cultures

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I have 6 at the moment. 

1x 3 gallon
2x 10 gallon
2x 20 gallon
1x 65 gallon

and 1x 3 gallon that holds salvinia minima that I’m selling

so I guess 7 then oh man and I have a 30 in the wings ssssshhhhhhh don’t tell the better half. Lol

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