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  1. My cherry shrimp farm is flourishing in my 5 gallon flex. Yep it's easy you can do it!
  2. Stocking!

    I took this video for my sister,  however here is the stocking. I have chosen to stock all at once so they could all be quarantined at the same time with the coop trio. 

     I also have ordered a new hang on the back filter. The Hygger is not working out because the shrimp get into the top skimmer. Lost 4 shrimp, lesson learned

    Once the Gravel is in place I will finish planting and place everything.

     I have a love for Otos and found bumble bees at the wet spot I was really excited about. What I have to admit is the pandas have captured my heart. I've never had corydoras before, I always saw the albinos and to be truthful they creeped me out. 
    They are a fish Cory McElroy  recommends all the time in his videos, and so far all of his recommendations have been fantastic. I ended up putting in 10 pandas, I absolutely love them.  They're so fun I watch them more than the Groumis'.

  3. Yes I have used it black diamond blasting sand. I worked great, You do need to use root tabs as fertilizer. The other option is to use strictly water column feeding plants.
  4. Hi everyone, my sister recently lost two of her and her guppies she just love them. She would like to find more can anyone tell me what kind of endlers these are?
  5. I added my seeded filter media, my favorite white cloud minnows, and some plants. The wood and plants are from another tank. I added a couple plants that I bought knowing this build was coming.
  6. I am so excited Matten corner filter is setup, the back has been painted black. Now I'm testing out equipment. I's a budget build so here's what I ordered.. Hygger lights HG 957, Hygger heater HG 007, and Hygger hang on the back filter. Has anyone used water clarifier? It came with my gravel. it's been a very long time since I started up a tank. would really like to clear up the water. I do plan to do planted tank as soon as the water clears up they'll start going in.
  7. I believe patience is the key And of course not overstocking. We make mistakes when we get in a rush. So... time and self-control, not getting too many fish. If you have a filter It's more than likely enough.That being said part of the fun of fish keeping is the tinkering, try new things adjusting, and all the things we learn along the way. So I guess the answer is yes, I'm sure we're over filtering. I do not believe the over filtering is going to hurt and it's part of the fun.
  8. @Matt Butzin beautiful piece! I am setting up a 40g and wanted to use driftwood. I was not sure if it would be safe.
  9. I hear you, it is hard to lose fish unexpectedly. I have been there many times over the years, In this hobby it happens but there is always much more joy than sorrow.
  10. Oh dear, I know all about color changes ( Goldfish are my jam) I have no problem with that. The tumor possibility is concerning. I will follow the advice given. Yes ,I have started the salt treatment, almond leaves and every other day water treatment. I will keep a close eye on him. I should have done some research before buying. I know better, but I fell in love. 🤦‍♀️. Thank you so much for the help!
  11. I would like to know if anyone has heard of that before?
  12. Ok, everyone the breeder just got back to me. They said" because this betta has dragon scale gens and sometimes they grow a white scale in a few weeks it should go of no problem" I am not sure if they meant fall off? I will continue with the salt and clean water. Lazarus lives! That is what my husband insisted we name him if he showed up alive. I tracked him daily, after 4 days Chris was convinced we would have another dead fish. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much for all your help!
  13. The guppies could be a factor if the pearl did not have active tank mates, your water is good. Is the Gourami staying at the bottom of the tank?
  14. It really depends on the betta and his individual temperament. But if you have one that I already work with shrimp, you might be in luck. I would go with fish that didn't have the same coloring and small fins. That is if you have a backup tank in case it goes terribly wrong and he turns into Beowulf. It happened to me and that ended up being his name!
  15. I have kept pearls before they are a great fish! Did you put the pearl in with the guppies? If it did not have another active tank mate before that might be part of the problem. Losing the other two would also stress it out. The temp. might be part of the issue. Have you tested the water? ( sorry if I missed that)
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