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  1. @Pepere thanks for the info on running sand. I think I will give that a try, I prefer sand to gravel. Is pool filter coarse enough?
  2. I am thinking of using an UGF in a 20 long and have a few questions on them. 1. How's deep should the gravel be? 2. Air stone vs powered 3. Recommendations on brand This will be a low stocked thank Thanks
  3. My CPDs already started breeding. After doing a 50% water change I noticed 4 tiny fry in my aquarium. Don't want to think about how many ended up in the house plants from the water change. I got them just over a month ago from aquahuna and they came in so small I never imagined they would be of maturity to breed. I wish I hade the time to tend to the fry, I will just have to let nature do its thing.
  4. 5 Kuhli loach and possibly 4 peacock gudgeons. Tank was an impulse buy at petco 50% off sale. Just waiting on cycling and plants to establish
  5. I started with 3 bronze and they quickly turned to 15. Few days of frozen foods and a water change and they breed like crazy. Never collected eggs or changed food for the fry just let nature do its thing
  6. I just recently setup a 29 gallon and I'm debating between rummynose and Silvertipped tetra. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. I use organic soil and mix in a bunch of worm castings then a layer of oak leaves and top with 2" of sand.
  8. @Cinnebuns you need to realize the conversation on management and elimination is the same conversation. A single assassin snail or single puffer will not eliminate a heavy snail population but it will help manage. It eliminate snails you typically need several approaches. If you are looking to manage the population pick one approach and don't hit it hard
  9. You can hide the post but not delete it. Or leave it, the post may not have gotten the response you were after but it is still a good resource for others.
  10. @TheSwissAquarist very small, never seen one larder than ¼" with very thin shell. If I find one I will post a pic but I'm sure they are all puffer food by now
  11. Get pea puffers, they wiped my snails in no time. I had a tank that was out of control with snails and within a week they ate them all. Not sure the type of snail, small with a flat shell.
  12. I'm a fan of two smaller filters instead of one large. You will get better circulation than from one filter.
  13. How big is your rainbow? I am interested in what are the smallest fish people feel comfortable keeping their rainbows with. My son has one in his aquarium and it's territorial but not aggressive, it just wants to protect its cave. I have always wondered if you could use a rainbow to help keep small tetras in a tight school without the worry of any losses.
  14. That's great to know. I live in Minnesota so having option of picking up from ups and saving a day being in a cold truck is very comforting.
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