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  1. That can happen with a lack of flow it's just a build up of bacteria, you can soak it up with a paper towel or stir it with your finger or something to break it up. You should be fine leaving a lid off to allow for gas exchange but you can always drill some holes in a lid if you'd rather have it covered. You can also throw some floaters in there but it's mostly lack of water movement. In my Walstad jar I run an airstone overnight to help keep it from building up without gassing off co2 during the day. (I know the co2 loss is minimal that's just how I'm preferring to do it currently).
  2. if you put it over an airstone it should help promote it to grow new water roots, a lot of houseplant people who keep plants in water have found using an air stone improves root growth expressly when transitioning plants over.
  3. I've done some work on the pickle jar since posting but yes! 1 gallon pickle jar - added an amazon sword (already regret it due to the size but I'm just gonna see what happens) added more gravel and a fert tab, reworked the airline so there's less flow, and replanted the piece of pearlweed that isn't visible at this angle. Ignore the clump of hair algae up top I need to put it through reverse resperation to try and salvage some of the plant matter but there's so many baby snails in it I haven't had the heart yet. Home to a random number of MTS, Ramshorn, and bladder snails. 1 gallon Walstad cookie jar - The pearlweed has been taking off and I've had to thin out the duckweed several times. Home to a pair of MTS and at least a pair of bladder snails.
  4. I'm playing with growing some plants emergent! Nothing too exciting so far but it's been fun to watch it root and start to grow.
  5. Yes! I usually try and use pebbles but I'm out of ones I know are tank safe so I improvised lol. Besides almost glueing one of the plants to my hand it worked great!
  6. I moved some Java Fern plantlets over from my tank to my Walstad jar, if anyone was wondering quartz aquarium media is heavy enough to weigh down small plantlets lol.
  7. Not just today but over the last few days I purchased from TC plants from a local big box store to use up a gift card I got for the holidays, moved some snails over to the Walstad jar, and did some algae removal from 'Endor'. The pickle jar now has an amazon sword (it looked smaller in the TC package so I don't think it's staying in there long term), there's an Anubias Nana in Endor, and I split up the Lobelia Cardinalis is split between a clump in the Walstad and the rest set up to grow emergent in a little bowl.
  8. No update on what's been causing the light to turn itself on (yet) but the light riser I got for the tank arrived! It raises the light up about 2 inches, I'm hoping this will help a bit with algae and also help me keep enough light on the houseplants I have in the back of the tank. (Picture once I'm feeling better and have my desk clean)
  9. I can get a picture later, I'm home sick today so can't really move my desk out by myself. The light is plugged directly into the surge protector, the filter is the one on a WiFi plug so I can turn it off for cleaning and mucking around in the tank. They're both plugged into the same surge protector. I don't see anything loose or out of place on the light end of the wire so if it is something wire related it's on the other end.
  10. Has anyone else with a Spec V / any Spec had their light start turning on by itself? I've woken up several times now to the light turning itself on in the middle of the night. It has been since I plugged the filter into a WiFi plug but they're only on the same surge protector so I'm not sure if that's the case or what.
  11. I only have a 5 gallon tank but I've used a (designated) turkey baster for water changes.
  12. The last Betta that I had Tilly (aka Tillikum, I name all my fish after whales).
  13. Added an airline splitter to the pump running the airstone in the pickle jar and threw an airstone in the back of my Spec where I've noticed a dead zone flow wise. Already noticed a difference in water circulation! Next step is to streamline all the tubing so it's not all over my desk but I'm out of airline tubing holders.
  14. Running - one 5 gallon, a one gallon pickle jar with an airstone and a bunch of moss In storage - a 5 gallon hex, a 5 gallon bow front
  15. If it's been in water for a year that's probably not what caused the cloudiness. You could try putting it in a garbage can? I've only run nano tanks so I don't have any experience with larger decorations like that, hopefully someone else will chime in.
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