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  1. I've had my assassin snails for a couple years haven't had to buy more as they are breeding up a storm. But anything new coming into your fish room is good to qt ... plants included
  2. I swear catching the guppies you want to cull is the worst lol I swear the ones I want out seem to know it and hide and the ones I want to keep literally swim into the net lol
  3. Well the guppy strain I am creating JL's Blue Marbles is coming along nicely. I have more coming out like Dad the original Mr Marble. They still throw a few pinks and here and there a male that looks like the F1s. Overall the majority look like they are supposed to and I am pretty happy with my results so far only 10 months into this project. I've attached a gif of a bunch of males I caught with the original Mr Marble. Let me know your thoughts. Stay Spicy my friends!!!
  4. Well pictures would really help me help you with an idea of what your trying to accomplish feel free to reach out once you have some pictures and ill try to help the best I can.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with the blue dragons I do love that strain but I'm partial to all blues strains :). I found since getting back into guppies heavily that some just do not thrive here but if I'm lucky enough to get fry from the trio the fry do much better. I have learned to ask more questions about water chemistry. Fish and shrimp I have purchased that come from chemistry closer to my own seem to do better. I don't think selling is allowed on this forum and I'm grateful for that honestly. So I would have no way to let you know once I start letting some of the Blue Marbles go. But thank you for your interest that means a lot more than you know. I value this forum for what it is and can't Thank Cory enough for that he's done for the aquatic community. He is the reason I took my guppy breeding to the next level and got into live plants for the first time just 2 years ago after 22 years off and on with fish tanks. Best of luck in your guppy adventures. Stay Spicy!
  6. Seachems Live bearer brackish salt i buy the 8 pound bucket i use it in my tanks so since I have it in hand I use it for my bbs
  7. Yay!!!! Awesome I can't wait to see your fry keep us posted 😉
  8. Honestley Guppies in general don't have many "rare strains" once a new strain gets out there everyone wants it breeds it and soon everyone has it and its old hat. You dont see as many of the albino strains as they are weaker genetically so they don't normally hold up as well. On a true recommendation for guppies is buy something you like from a local breeder so the guppies are use to your local water! I absolutely love guppies and can't wait to buy a house so I can have more tanks and more strains lol
  9. They are gorgeous!!! Rb are a great show tank guppy! Do you have any males not showing the ribbon fin gene? Just incase you are not aware the ribbon fin males cant breed some can as juveniles but once the gonopodium gets too long breeding is out of the question. I'm not a fan of ribbon fin if trying to breed that is and because not all sellers will tell that side of rb fins and sell pairs and trios with the male expressing the ribbon fin gene. I've seen a lot of people wonder why they arent getting any fry from their RB guppies so just incase you didn't know figured I would share that info with you.
  10. To do it correctly you should have the set up you stated x 2 or better yet x3... I have a tiny apartment so I am very limited on space and so I'm doing colony breeding....my guppies do not eat fry because I feed heavily they all learn they do not have to chase fry so I only remove anything that is an odd ball...these still throw the occasional half black and pinks so those are pulled immediately and put in my true cull tank to sell to locals. I'm still getting a few males that look like the f1 males that are typey but not close enough to keep in the colony these go into my secondary cull tank with female culls and im letting them breed to see what happens.This is not the standard or correct way to do it but it working. This project only started in June with Mr Marble and 3 random females. Mr Marble was in my cull tank and I believe he's from my other project line blue dreams which are a blue with light white body markings pictures attached.I called JLs Blue Dreams..1st pic was a few months ago before the tragedy. The 2nd picture was more the beginning stages of the blue dreams strain. I recently lost almost the entire line of these blue dreams I had been working this for just under 2 years now and im supper bummed. I almost lost them a year ago when I moved then got them going again I stupidly bought some fish that came in sick and somehow cross contaminated my qt tank with the blue dreams it wiped out almost the entire tank I only had a few fry left I had one male in the 1st picture hanging on but he didn't make it. So for this reason is why you want multiple tanks of the same line. Also incase you add something to the line...outcrops etc and inadvertently mess it up not all is lost
  11. I use seachems live bearer brackish salt and follow the directions
  12. Is the father completely black or only half black?
  13. Thank you so much 💓 thats the best compliment ever. I wondered if people would like them since they are short tails. Thank you for your feedback
  14. Update on my progress I caught Dad and several juvenile males in different stages of developing the body pattern and a female with white developing on the top line.
  15. Its very pretty is it a strain of Japan Blue long tails?
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