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  1. Everyone has been there - get something new and you want to rush everything. I made a somewhat expensive mistake thinking my "peaceful" betta would tolerate a shrimp cleanup crew and added 10 "adults" I ordered online (nearest LFS is about 70 miles away). While he coexists happily with a group of chili rasboras, these set him into Terminator mode 😕 I was able to save half into what is now a shrimp-only nano tank. I had not tested water parameters in about a week as everything looked great- happy snails, happy plants, a bit of algae. When I started losing my rescues one by one, I did check... and found my ph was .8 higher than the other tank sitting 2 feet away. Only difference was 1/4 cup of crushed coral under the aqua soil. Despite all this, I have a single shrimp - the largest of the order, but still well under 1" - that is quite proud of his tank and his "pest" snail friends. A new order is about to arrive that has been raised in identical parameters to this tank - 7.6ph, 200gh, 80kh, 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, 30ish ppm nitrate. Temp 74 degrees. I've got my drip acclimation ready to roll, laser thermometer to check temps match. For the veterans out there, any other advice? Really want these guys to thrive!
  2. After losing Morocco (Betta) I went to my closest LFS and got a Lampeye killifish (Poropanchax normani) and two CPDs (Danio margaritatus). I have never kept this fish, so it will be a learning experience. The CPDs appear to be a pair, they swim together and pretty much say close to each other. One of them has a bent spine but I still wanted to give him a home. They are about 1.3 cm and not quite showing strong colors. The killifish is still very shy, but I am hoping he'll start feeling comfortable soon. Feeding them Hikari First Bites and Repashy, as well as Betta pellets (not at the same time). So far, they don't seem to go for the Repashy but it sank to the bottom of the tank, to be found by happy snails. No names yet, as I wait for them to tell how they would like to be addressed.
  3. 5 Gallon Fluval Spec For my first tank back to the hobby I wanted to do another nano tank since that's what I'm familiar with, and also living at home easier to talk my family into, and decided to go with the Spec because I like how sleek it looks and it fits on my desk with room for my school notebooks for when I'm in classes. Originally I was going to do a completely plant and driftwood tank but then I found a cool Star Wars AT-AT aquarium decoration on Amazon and decided to do a themed tank. The overall goal is a lush green tank (while still low tech) so it looks like an overgrown lush forest with the AT-AT as the only non natural element in it. Unsure if I'm going to stock anything in it or leave it just plants but if anything I may do some Neocaridina once the tank is established. I decided to use Fluval Stratum because I've heard good things about it and I like how it looks. Plants I'm for sure adding and already have in my possession are Monte Carlo, Crypt Wendtii Green, and Pogo Stellatus Octopus. Plants I'm considering are Java Fern, Anubias Nana petite, and possibly some type of floater. I'm open to suggestions. The tank is still settling from being filled but I thought I'd include anyway. The light was only put on it for the picture which is why it's a bit crooked, and the angle I was taking the picture at seemed to catch the blue LED's more than the white ones it doesn't have a background on it, though I am considering a black one.
  4. This post was originally dedicated to my 35 gallon hexagon that I refurbished but I have decided that it is now the journal for my MTS journey! I hope you all find my MTS entertaining or aspiring as I grow my aquarium addiction! So I acquired an old 35 gallon hexagon aquarium from a friend that had been sitting empty and unused for quite a few years. The tank leaked, the stand had mold or mildew in the wood and was just over all in pretty rough shape. I stripped all the old silicon out and resealed the tank. Sanded and painted the rims. Sanded and sealed the stand with Killz and then painted it black. I replaced the old hinges with new stainless ones and added a matching handle. The tank did not come with a lid so I made a custom one from a plexiglass. Got it all scaped up. Now I'm waiting on the fish to arrive. Let me know what you think!
  5. Hi Aquariast’s, I’m Daniel out of CA, I’m relatively new to the hobby! I started with a 5 gallon tank with a blue betta fish, Saff. Recently, due to illness (he ate some Neon Tetras),RIP, I decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank and dive into a planted nano aquarium. Researching, watching Co-Op videos on YouTube, there’s so much information to consume and start a journey into this hobby. My tank is only a week old and I’ve been working on testing the water parameters pretty consistently. I still have lots to learn and already have questions bubbling up in my mind. I added an image breakdown of my creatures but here’s some insights on the plants I’ve added / adding: - Pearl Weed, Dwarf Sagittaria, Scarlet Temple, Micro Sword, Duckweed, and Fairy Moss, Fissidens Rock, and 2 Moss Balls I also plan to add in the Honey Gourami after a few weeks to be my centerpiece fish in the nano aquarium. Looking forward to seeing this planted tank come to life! Pleasure to meet everyone! -Daniel
  6. Well, this makes it all seem very real, my very own journey thread. A lot has been going on with my tanks the last few months, and the changes happening in the next few months will be very exciting! I guess a bit of an intro is needed. I have had tanks off and on for many years, but usually stuck to smaller betta set ups because I was in rentals with limits to tank size. August 2020 I took a leap and decided to get back into the aquarium hobby. I had a perfect wall for my first larger tank, a 55 gallon. For most of the second half of 2021 I had either mental health or physical health that was hindering me, so all tanks went to maintenance mode and were surviving but no longer thriving, tank maintenance went from pro active to reactive, and it became a huge mental block for me to dive back in to spruce everything back up. Almost like trying to do a deep clean of your kitchen after you let it go messy for so long, you know? After recovering from my physical ailments, I was so excited to get my tanks back to good condition and my fish happily thriving again. A lot of my plants are looking worse for the wear, I did massive pruning of the stuff that just wasn’t cutting it, but my poor Java fern seems to be really suffering. I purchased some new Java fern from my LFS that I will be using to help fill in the bare spots until I get my existing Java fern to thrive again. For all of my hard work, I was rewarded with not one, not two, but THREE species spawning for me, in two different tanks. I now have my very first angelfish fry, currently 2.5 weeks old (eggs were laid on 1/3/2022), down to about 2 dozen but these guys are all doing so well and don’t anticipate any casualties. I also have my first batch of bristlenose pleco fry, 45 that I managed to catch and move into a grow out. Part of my major tank maintenance was moving the young male chocolate BN from my 20 high into the 55 where I had 2 female albinos. Within a few days the male chocolate, named Bart, had dug out some substrate under driftwood to make his own cave before I could even provide him a cave! My albino cory cats spawned for the first time in this same few day period, but they always eat the eggs before I can collect any eggs to attempt to get them to hatch. That’s enough talking for now I think, I’m not even certain I made much sense, but I just needed to get started! Tank intros! 55 gallon community - current inhabitants: angelfish, cardinal tetras, one lonely platy female, 3 bristlenose (male chocolate and two female albino), Julii corydoras, nerite snails 20 gallon high - current inhabitants: albino corydoras, trio of peacock gudgeons, banded kuhli loaches, 2 bristlenose plecos young kiddos (one chocolate, one albino), a few stray neocaridina shrimp from our old skittle shrimp colony 2 10 gallon betta set ups - these are currently mid-renovation and set up, with undetermined tank mates for each, but our two Bettas names are Hughie and Leviathan I will try to get individual pics of them soon Just set up a fluval spec 2.6 that I got on clearance on petco for $13 bucks last year and has been collecting dust. Still deciding on what to stock it with. I hate the built in filtration so much, and would really prefer to not have to tinker too much with it. If that’s the case, I’ll just tear it down the filtration housing, throw in a tiny sponge filter and call it a day. Currently considering chili rasbora for this one… any ideas? Yes my plants are sad, I struggle with Java fern and what looks like a potassium deficiency…. I want to get out of the rut of all tanks having the same few plants, but don’t know where to start or what I might like the look of… I am too impatient for soaking driftwood, so I got creative to weigh down pieces in the newly set up tanks, and took the potted mother plants of anubias and Java fern from the 20 high to put in the new tanks to help jump start the cycle. I guess that’s it for now, looking forward to sharing here, in hopefully a more cohesive manner 😉
  7. hi all been years since i had a tank . just recovered from a nasty messy divorce about 4 years ago and I've finally landed back on my feet once again. i really missed this hobby and would like to get my feet wet again lol and I'm looking at a eco tank setup if possible, but if need be, a filter powered tank is ok. would like to setup a betta with some betta friendly community fish tank near my bed. I've seen a few betta Nano tank setup ups at a fish shop and was thrown back with the pricing and they were generally around the 12 L capacity and thought, wow, that's small and be a challenge to keep the water parameters in check along with the GH and nutrient levels for the plants. saw a new tank, i think about 50L capacity at the store and I'm tempted to buy that, get some frost tint to stick on the back, a good light, heater and filter costing around the $350 mark I'm open for suggestions and after some good deals, if any, in this group. I'm also considering a HOB filter or a mini canister filter for the setup, mainly for the quietness . fish I'm thinking of raising in the tank (well not all, but considering only a few species of): betta Nano chilli tetra's Otto guppies I'm after some if those Indian almond leaves for treating the tank also
  8. I have a crypt that is starting to take over and crowd part of my tank. I’m just wanting to remove it but don’t really want to disturb my substrate since it’s been in the tank for 5 months. Could I cut the crypt at substrate level leaving the roots intact without having any issues from the roots decaying?
  9. A few weeks ago I ordered some Male Endlers for my shrimp setup, knowing I'd have too many and would spread them around all 3 of my tanks. I added the 3 largest to my Endor tank, which already had a plakat betta, kuhli loaches and a nerite snail. Parameters have been stable for a long time and everyone seemed healthy. I lost 1 endler the next day - despite drip acclimation I think the stress wa too much. The remaining two did great and were always together. I mysteriously lost one yesterday - no sign of distress... and no body. Everyone else is fine, water tests good. Soo... the remaining endler is alone. He doesn't interact with the betta ot loaches. Should I move him into one of the other tanks with more of his kind?
  10. Hi all, I figured I would update those who helped me figure out a Nano tank. I just picked up an Aqueon Frameless cube 6 gal. In light of this (get it light 🙂 ), what are your favorite lights? This is going to be a planted tank, and I am still debating between a pea puffer or shrimp. FYI: Petco had a sale 50% off frameless Aquariums, Black Friday? Go get one!
  11. Today while watching my shrimp tank (fairly new tank have only had 2 females get berried) I saw a fresh molt and all the males swimming around so I sat and watched for a while and saw one of my females moving her eggs from her saddle to her underbelly. When I checked back in 10 minutes later I saw she had dropped most of her eggs still carry 5 or so but I saw the eggs she dropped. So I grabbed a pipette and was able to gently suck up the eggs. After I grabbed the eggs I grabbed my specimen container and filled it with tank water and threw in an air stone in it. It’s currently sitting next to the tank. My main tank doesn’t have a heater so I’m guessing I don’t need to heat the container. I only have a 5 gallon tank so I’m not sure if an egg tumbler will fit. Do you guys thing this set up has a chance of success if I change the water out daily? Any advice on how to give these guys a fighting chance.
  12. I recently bought a tds meter and am currently trying to understand where the difference in my tap water and tank water came from. Out of my tap my tds is around 160 with a dkh of 0. Then when I check the tds in my nano shrimp tank the tds was 360. I have crushed coral in my substrate that puts my tank dkh ph 4. My dgh in the tank is 16 did my general hardness get so high from topping off with tap water? And would it be safe to use Rodi water to bring the general hardness down to lower my tds? If I did do this would my kh stay around the same level since the coral is in the substrate?
  13. So this is my jungle tank. (Was) my jungle tank. I housed a dwarf water lily that completely took over my tank with its spaghetti like root system. Turns out they aren’t that dwarf! lol. I’ve also takin out and trimmed up some plants to open the space up and it didn’t turn out too bad. I’m no aquascaper but I’m learning🤘🏼 oh and a third generation of shrimplets were born acouple weeks ago😁 feel free to ask me questions if you have any!
  14. Let me start this out by saying, I have super hard well water. There's tons of limestone in the area. I'm fact, about 5 miles down the street is a limestone quarry. On a well water testing kit the GH reads 450 ppm. PH is 8.4. We have a water softener, it sort of works. An RO system is not an option. Fishkeeping started as my pandemic hobby last year. Anyway, my first tank was a 3 gallon with one Betta and some plants. I used UNS Controsoil in that tank. Aquasoil only buffered my water for about 3 months. My biggest struggle with that tank was keeping it balanced. It was an algae filled mess. In January, I bought a 5.5 gallon tank, and switched my substrate to Seachem flourite. This tank has been easier to balance. Yesterday, was tank maintenance and water change day. I looked at my tank and decided to rescape it a bit. Then because I had the day off, I decided to visit two lfs. I bought some limnophila (can't remember what variety), water sprite, and luduwigia repens. After talking to the employee at the first lfs I visited, he thinks the only plant that will make it is the luduwigia. He did say I could set up an African Cichlid tank and they would breed without me having to anything. I really don't want to breed fish lol. I've run peat in a HOB filter before. Currently I only run a sponge filter. Louie my betta can't handle 2 filters running. Sir Nippy Fins (my first Betta) had no issues. Sadly, I lost him after jumped out of a gap in the lid. Indian Almond leaves and Adler cones don't do too much. Mostly, I use them for the tannins. I could mix in a some distilled water every week. Anubias grows well. I have an aponogeton that's pretty happy in my tank. I struggle with crypts. Amazon swords and Java fern merely exist. They don't really grow at all. Java moss and bucephalandra turned into a melted mess. My biggest surprise was red tiger lotus. It did so well, I had to trade it in after it outgrew the tank. The plant had two leaves when I brought it home. Three weeks later it had taken over half the tank. Floating plants are hit or miss. I've tried red root floaters twice. One lfs sells them by the giant handful for $3. My frogbit is doing alright. What other plants that like hardwater should I try? Sorry for the novel length post but I figure there are people who would find a discussion on hard water planted tanks useful. .
  15. The shrimp and I are still super pleased with easy green @Cory 🤘🏼🤘🏼
  16. So I'll confess to somewhat of an impulse buy - a 5 gallon aquarium that was posted locally. I always wanted to do a nano planted shrimp tank so this was my opportunity. I seized it! I had some Fluval stratum leftover from mixing it with eco-complete in the 33 gallon, so I decided to go ahead and use that. It's not quiiiiite as much as I would like but I'm hoping with the displacement of the hardscape it'll end up perfect. I am a little concern about possibly creating an algae nightmare but with it being a planted shrimp tank, I think it'll be ok. They'll be well fed and the Fluval with help lower my naturally higher pH well water. I could add about 4 otos, especially if algae becomes a real problem, right? Anyway, tomorrow I will be picking up some rocks and driftwood. I ordered some fancy botanicals from a LFS that were on sale - coco-curls, almond leaves, pods and banana stem. I'll transfer my anubias on cholla to the shrimp tank when it's set up. I'm still undecided about other plants. This tank/light set up has approximately 33-34 par at the bottom so be limited to low-medium plants. I'm not planning to do CO2 injection. Scarlet temple and wisteria are doing well in my 33 so may try to propagate some of the former for that pop of reddish colour and wisteria help compete with algae. I know shrimp love moss so I'll try to find and incorporate that too. Planning to add Frogbit to provide some coverage. TLDR: I got plans for this nano tank! Here is photo from day 1. I'll update as I add!
  17. What size is a nano tank in your opinion? Mine is anything under 10 gallobs.
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