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  1. Well, it fits in a ten gallon perfectly, I wanted a center piece fish, and I just love the look of betta fish. He also happened to have a unique pastel coloration for a betta which I found very attractive. So if you have any other suggestions for fish like them I would love to hear it!
  2. Update, I don't think my poor betta is gonna make it through this dropsy. 😥This is very discouraging, but it will not keep me from keeping fish, I will just try to prevent such a thing from occurring again. Though it still feels terrible. I don't know when he started getting dropsy, but I think by the time I noticed it, it was too late. I spent 33 dollars on the best looking betta in the fish store only for it to catch dropsy and die ;-; I hate to have this happen so, do you guys have any tips on how to prevent this from happening again?
  3. Amonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 10 ppm. Ph 7.5 Water Hardness 120. 78 degrees F, I started the tank about 3 weeks ago.
  4. Not very long I keep it at about 78-79 because 80 is too hot for the plattys He also looks like his scales are sticking out, so that is probably not good. I think he has dropsy 😥 I got him just 3 days ago and he has dropsy...
  5. I checked my water, and all the parameters are fine, and I use an aqua clear, air stone, I have tried feeding him once a day 2 pellets (which he has not eaten). I have tried a couple of other foods, but I figure if he is hungry enough he will eat eventually.
  6. not that I know of, my best guess would be swim bladder disease, but I could be wrong. I don't really know what sicknesses bettas could have. He has is gills flayed as far open as the will go and he is floating at the top of the tank lethargically and he has not eaten. It is not Ich at least.
  7. My Betta fish is floating at the top of my tank not doing much, and I have no idea why. Before This he was hiding all the time, but now he is just at the top of the tank. He has not eaten in days (that I know of), I have tried two different foods at this point. He wouldn't stop hiding, and he is now doing nothing at the top of the tank. I need help. Is it my flow or is it something else that I am unaware might be happening. I dosed seachem prime just now (a decent sized dose), so that should help if it is water chemistry. (I just did a water change yesterday as well). He is just kinda letting the filter push him around. I fed him some food right in front of him, and he did not eat. I have no idea what is going on, so help is much appreciated.
  8. So, as the title said, my betta is not coming out of the hardscape in my aquarium. I just got him a couple of days ago he is a super chill betta, but also really shy. He is a juveniles betta. I also have a Mystery snail and 3 platties in the tank with him. I have an air stone with a valve turned pretty far down, and I have a cut up water bottle attached to my aqua clear so it is not my flow. Is he still stressed or am is it water parameters that do this? I have tried 2 different food, but he never goes to the surface, so he never gets any of the food I try to feed him. I am also wondering if the platties are out competing him for food or not. I could use some advise.
  9. It is -9 F here, and it feels like -34. I still got to go to work (outside). Wish me luck.
  10. UPDATE TIME! So, to start, last night I came home from work and my fish were gasping for air at the surface of the tank. So, being prepared for this I added my extra filter for the night to add extra surface agitation, and I did a water change. I made sure to leave the level a little bit lower so that it would splash a bit more since they are HOB filters. (I know I need an airstone just need money as well lol). That seemed to help, and by morning... they were doing fine. I cam home from work, and they are happily swimming. I test my water and I have 0.25 ppm ammonia. I dosed some fritz zyme 7 and a bit of seachem prime. My fish are happy as can be. On another note my male platty seems to be chasing only one particular female, is the a reason for this?
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