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Fishtography ~ Share your fish photos

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Stunning pictures!  Wow!  You’re all so skilled at photographing your gorgeous fish!   I pulled up some of the pond boys today after forcing myself to wait these past 2 months or so….and i was very pleasantly surprised!  It’s hard to get just exactly the color in your imagination onto the fish!




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A few of mine I've taken over the past year or two (species listed below the pictures); all of these are taken with a phone. If I wasn't so bloody lazy and would dig out the slr i could probably take some decent pictures:


L204 pleco


L204 with Lemon blue eye bn and mystery snail.


Laetacara araguaiae 




apistogramma nijsseni


rotala h'ra


cockatoo with fry


female krib watching over her fry


Very shy L333. Spends most of his time inside the coconut hut. When I need to move him out of the tank all i have to do is pick up the coconut shell and he will be fastened to the underside top. When i feed the fishes at night i drop 1 or 2 pellets near the entrance and if he is hungry he will dash out snag the pellet and take it inside to eat.


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