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My new fish in their temporary home.

Ive been wanting one of these forever

-Red Lizard Whiptail


My first ever livebearers “P” class orchid endlersF6147F32-7C25-4207-B088-E443360514EA.jpeg.39dfb8ff6e3017feaef33322fe08f704.jpegE5D97371-AE69-473F-8706-1FD8C7EE1AB9.jpeg.57c8679943aebb2bae9cba6ff4d890d8.jpeg

And Asian Stone (Anchor) Catfish. Just picked these guys up a few hours ago.

Theyre supposedly nocturnal and shy but here they are being neither of those.1E64E22F-8AC5-4EF7-87A0-0B3F155BAAFC.jpeg.b554eb04d249ff52708381ef3cae9d90.jpeg874C12C3-A9C5-4FD6-9D32-2E96C5A1EEA0.jpeg.8a4d2ad66085115c541a5fb1fc3d083f.jpeg

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9 hours ago, Sliceofnature said:

Wow your plants are looking amazing too. Especially those crypts and whatever the red plant is next to them.

Thanks! I use Tropica premium nutrition once a day and add Seachem Flourite root tabs once a month. The pink plant is Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'.

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