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  1. Replanted this new one a bit, and fed baby brine shrimp
  2. Work has been too demanding for weeks. We had a cold snap a couple weeks ago and i lost about half of my tub fish. I failed to check the weather 😔. So i made an emergency evacuation of the remaining tub guppies from my porch to the garage and they’re doing fine. About half of those tanks in the garage weren’t heated but the garage is insulated and the tanks are next to a big south facing window. Algae galore! But the guppies are fine. Then I decided to soothe myself from the guilt of guppy death by adding 2 new tanks in the house 😃 The top tank is my first time using actual plant substrate (partial) and the parameters are so different from all my others that I’m nervous about that. Right now both tanks are just cycling with plants 🌱 & snails 🐌
  3. Great idea, Odd Duck! Keep us posted on your progress, please!
  4. Stunning pictures! Wow! You’re all so skilled at photographing your gorgeous fish! I pulled up some of the pond boys today after forcing myself to wait these past 2 months or so….and i was very pleasantly surprised! It’s hard to get just exactly the color in your imagination onto the fish!
  5. I love ❤️ them! I’m glad you kept 2! Thanks for posting the extra pics, I’m crazy about guppies! 😃
  6. Thank you for sharing! I just found your journal tonight and enjoyed bingeing the saga of the sad bowl, although I empathize with your disappointment. I hope you have a rejuvenating vacation. Folks in the medical field have my highest respect and gratitude 🙏 Thank you. I wonder if you’ve considered going low tech? No filter, no air, no heater? Just concentrate on scaping and getting the plants happy & growing for a month or two before introducing any livestock? It may be a nice challenge!
  7. The platinum one! 😍 More pics please 🙏
  8. I love 💕 reading about your adventures. Thank you for sharing both your disappointments and triumphs! I loovvveeee all the pictures, too! Please keep sharing! I’d love to see more pics of your blue & green guppies!
  9. Welcome, Pattie! 😊 Did you confirm your tank temp? Maybe I missed it. You said Buddy hangs out at the top and at the heater. It won’t explain the tetra loss, but maybe Buddy is looking for more warmth. I hope 🤞 things get better soon ; you’re in the right place for help & support. 🙂
  10. Guppies 😍 A moscow male and a couple of my muttly line females.
  11. I, too, am enjoying your story! I’m pulling for your new cory kids. I look forward to the next chapter! ☺️
  12. I’m so excited for your project! It’s been a long time since i bought a random female, but honestly, it’s the best! The anticipation of each step of seeing if she’s filling up with babies, then having them, then watching them grow, then finally starting to color up so you can finally see what you get! Please update lots and keep posting pics! Best of luck 🤞
  13. I LOVE Isaac’s tanks 🥰 thanks for sharing, Isaac! Marcy, go for it and have fun! 😄
  14. OMG! I never knew why toothbrushes have those ridges! Thank you! I use an air line to suction debris off the bottom of bare fry tanks. To make the line rigid and manageable, i feed it through a couple straws.
  15. What about guppies or endlers?
  16. Thanks everyone! I am lucky to be able to go to the co-op. I only discovered it during covid though, so after waiting my turn, i was so excited and anxious about EVERYTHING… guess what I completely forgot to check out? The freaking GUPPIES! Ughhhhhhhhhh. I’ve gotten distracted by everything else EVERY time and have never laid eyes on co-op guppies in person! 😂
  17. I’m happy to be here and appreciate the opportunity to learn and enjoy. Thank you! I’m a fish geek and love breeding guppies. I have some rosy barbs and goldfish outside also.
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