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Signature as Context

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Signatures can help provide context for posts. The right words can go a long way to helping others understand your perspective, and hobby focus.

You can edit your signature in Account Settings/Signature, and create a nice minimal signature.


Effective hobby signatures should be short, and not distracting. Please do not promote your brand, channel, site, store, etc.

Try to avoid large images, long quotes, or memes. I personally prefer to just use text.

Remember that many forum members check-in on their phones!

If you link to your forum journal, please embed the link. Check the URL to make sure that you are linking to your journal, and not a specific comment in your journal.

The vertical bar character ( | ), also known as the pipe, can be useful to separate items, such as journal links. It should be shift-backslash on most keyboards.


Here are some signature examples:

Young betta keeper, learning about plants in small tanks | Tank Journals

Old-school hobbyist returning after time-off with a 120 gallon Angelfish community | Tank Journals

Veteran hobbyist building 16-tank fish room for breeding | Fishroom Journals

Chasing every color of Neocaridina | Shrimp Journals

Keeper of this, that, and the other thing, with a focus on a specific technique | Tank Journals

List of hobby things you value | Tank Journals

All about ponds and outdoor life | Pond Journals

Aspiring Nerm, ready to learn | Tank Journals

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Besides the stuff about promotion, those are just my suggestions from being involved in forums for many years. I have edited the text a bit. Your catfish is cute!

On a previous audio/music production forum, we would list our computer, OS and version, music software in use, audio plugins, hardware, and style. With technical questions, it eliminated the back and forth phase of figuring out what someone's basic setup was.

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On 6/18/2021 at 10:29 AM, quirkylemon103 said:

if I wanted to put something funny in signature how can I make it less intrusive? 

Your signicture is your signicture. You can do whatever you want with it. I beleive the point of the thread was to encourage people to include their linked journals, or what kind of tanks you keep in their signicture.

You could always put your joke beneath your journals:

20 long hopefully jungle | My tanks/tubs | Welcome thread


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Hi @ErinV,

Here is how you make a journal link. Go to the fist post of your journal, and click the three dots, and choose share. Copy the link that shows. Then go into your Signature, and select the text for Journal that you have, and click the link icon in the editing interface, the fifth icon from the left. Paste in the link that you copied earlier.

Here is the link to your journal:



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