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  1. The fish don’t flash often. It’s only occasional. I don’t have gill flukes. I’m concerned that I will get old tank syndrome or otherwise have a crash, because I have no buffering going on. Everyone I have read or listened to says I should build some KH in my tank.
  2. I think what the poll has resolved (and the OED backs up) is the versatility of butter. Is it a condiment? Yes. Is it lubricant? In a tight spot, yes. Butter makes everything better. Just ask Betty. She went back to the store to replace bitter butter because she didn’t want to make her batter bitter.
  3. This makes me so happy! YaY for giving feeder fish such a fabulous life!
  4. I understand that KH is desired to buffer swings of pH. I have none in my water. Thanks to the new test strips (200 for less than $17!), I feel like I can afford to test more often. And because it tests for chlorine, I like testing my tap water for it. I have only one small tank and so I keep enough water in gallon jugs hoping the chlorine will evaporate when it comes time for water changes. It usually does. I tested one of the jugs just now, curious about chlorine. I thought to have my husband eyeball the test, because I struggle with the GH blue/purple colors. He confirmed what I thought it said. Week old tap water: Nitrate between 0-10 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm GH 25 ppm KH 0 ppm pH 6.4 Chlorine 0 ppm My tank sometimes registers even lower pH, 0 KH and super hard water, thanks to Wonder Shells and my shaky understanding of chemistry. (Attaching a photo of current water parameters, as read by ACO test strip.) I have low pH loving fish, so it isn't terribly problematic … or is it? I didn't understand that the Wonder Shells was just a calcium raising product and was a bit gob-smacked by what it did to my GH and what it didn't do to my KH. I am a tad frustrated by the lack of an ingredient list on the package but also my lack of understanding. The tank always tested high in nitrates when I was using the API tests—or rather, I always suspected it did as the degrees of orangeness was hard for me to read. Likewise, the API KH test kit always befuddled me, as I was never sure what the yellow was supposed to look like. My water would turn from a very pale blue to a very pale yellow in two to three drops. I don't own an API test for GH. I bought the KH test at the local big box. They didn't have a GH test and now I can't seem to find just the GH test. (My title didn't have room for itemizing the whine.) I have added quite a few plants and my nitrates don't seem to test as high as they once did, so I am trying not to do as many water changes. But I sometimes see a fish flashing against the plants. Am I wrong to worry? Besides a slow creep downwards, I don't think my pH is drastically swinging. I do have crushed coral, but I only just read that it takes more than I have been using. Why can't I just dose with a pinch of baking soda? I've looked at the akaline buffers out there. It sounds like it is essentially that, researched and measured and to be used as directed. As for the photo, the colors look pretty true to what I am seeing in real life, except the nitrate is a tad blown out. I'd say it was between 25-50 ppm. Thanks for any and all advice or assurances. 🙂
  5. I asked my husband if butter is a condiment. His response? ”Can be.”
  6. This thread has been featured in the Aquarium Co-Op email. Ironically, though, if one clicks the link without being signed in, everyone’s signature is not visible. Great 🧵 tho’. It was worth logging in to see what everyone was talking about. 🙂
  7. I bought some pso and it did well enough until I put mermaid weed (Proserpinaca palustris) in my tank. The pso just shriveled up and the mermaid weed was messy and not healthy enough for me to keep it. I liked the pso much more. I think I will try it again, I am glad to read I am not alone in my struggle with easy plants.
  8. I am tempted to try a turkey baster on snail eggs. Why do pest snails have to perpetuate the stereotype???
  9. A hack from a cheapskate: save the plastic mesh bag that grocery stores sell produce in. Excellent at scrubbing fish tank walls (or pots and pans). Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️
  10. @Fish Folkhave you ever seen the barren wasteland under a magnolia tree? I think it’s the reason why I worry. Those were interesting articles. I am fascinated by just how little is known about it.
  11. I first learned about it with my magnolia tree in the backyard. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about it, but perhaps I googled why things didn’t grow under magnolia trees. (The answer being there’s a substance in the leaves that retards the growth of other plants.) And then I saw one of Cory’s live streams where somebody kept spamming the chat with his question, What about allelopathy? Since then, I have seen descriptions of plants mention this characteristic, dwarf sagittaria, for instance. So my question is, should this be a worry? I keep going back to the spammer’s refrain, What about allelopathy? Will dwarf sagitarria hurt my anubias?
  12. Both Cory and Irene have done videos on this lately. Edited to add, the electric blue acara featured in Cory’s video is gorgeous!
  13. I think The Accidental Otocinclus would make a great book title.
  14. May he rest in peace. And I hope you and all who knew him find comfort in his memory.
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