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  1. I'm trying to just convince myself I like the way bba looks at this point... my LFS has it so my tanks are always getting reinfected.
  2. my absolute favorite is water wisteria and I like elodia a lot as well, if you float them they just grow and grow. I also stick pothos roots in all my tanks... bonus with water quality, I like the way the roots look and you get a nice houseplant living on top of your tank!
  3. I have had a couple completely clog, I do appreciate having the extra pads and plastic!
  4. thanks!! I've decided to put him in a 30L I have and just move all the plants out... hopefully he will be a good fit with what's in there now 😄
  5. I also love that you can crumble it, my white clouds are crazy for it and can easily eat it broken up!
  6. my pea puffer developed a bump on its 'nose' a couple days ago, overnight. it's still behaving normally and eating. I've crawled all over the internet and while I can find people having the same symptom with their puffer, nobody seems to follow up with what it is. any of you seen it? my little pea is terrified of my phone, but I found this photo on reddit that seems very similar. this person said that the bump eventually popped and left an open sore.
  7. could it be columnaris? my betta looked exactly like this when it first started... and I have yet to completely get rid of it!
  8. I know everybody will have a different opinion... but what's the smallest you would go for a rainbow cichlid to happily live in? I have one that is getting bullied by the bigger boys [acaras and a blue eyed] in the 75g [he stays black all the time, they must ding him at night because he comes up missing scales a lot] and I know he would be happier somewhere else... thoughts? thanks guys! here's my little dude, he's probably about 2.5" 😊
  9. I'm drooling a little... I would actually love the look of an aquarium with this as the substrate! but I really love rocks 😄
  10. @Lizzie Block thanks! it's shown up in my 29g... I thought I had it contained to my 75g... silly me! I've read if you have anubias you will eventually get bba... anybody else heard that?
  11. oh man, I've been really wanting to get a 40b... sounds like now is the time!
  12. how exactly did you spot treat? using a pipette?
  13. I'm terrible about sticking to any sort of schedule, just not the way my brain works lol. I have a lot of different kinds of dry food [I keep it at room temp] that I switch up with frozen food and generally one starve day a week. generally they don't get the same dry food twice, and once a week a zucchini goes in and most fish will pick at that as well, even though it's targeted at the plecos!
  14. I have a 55g of land hermit crabs, two rescue dogs named Jasmine and Jacoby, and a horse named shmoo. basically, I just enjoy lighting money on fire. or so my husband thinks... 😄
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