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Found 10 results

  1. Do I obligatory need airstones for the aquarium co op sponge filters or do they work fine without them?
  2. Should i be running a Air stone in a planted tank with shrimp??
  3. I remember in a video/live stream (or multiple?) cory mentioned that he can tell whats going on in a tank by how foamy the bubbles are. I noticed both my home fish tanks and outdoor pond-tub have fairly "thick" water. I put thick in quotes because I don't know if it has higher viscosity, but bubbles tend to be larger and they take longer to pop and my tank water wets surfaces differently (spreads out more). I only noticed this when I setup a tiny shrimp tank on my desk at work (which has a different municipal water source) and noticed that I can get much finer bubbles out of a never clog air stone vs at home where the smallest I can get are about 2mm diameter. So my question is, other than meds (I have no meds) what else can effect this? I know there's a broad array of answers but what would be plausible/most probable?
  4. Hi, I just noticed my silicone suffering from a lack of oxygen! Due to this I've decided to get an airstone. Now, I know the USB Nano Airpump works, however the more power the better right? That's why I'm hoping to get the "SpaceX Merlin 1D" rocket engine, yes I know that it isn't technically an air pump, but it still produces thrust. I would be planning on using the sea level variant, with a smaller nozzle, which according to SpaceX produces 7,607kn or thrust, or 1,710,000 lbf of force. My question is will be enough air being pushed through the air stone? Secondly will the exhaust from the fuel of liquid oxygen and what is very refined jet fuel be detrimental to the health of the tanks inhabitants? Thanks! APRIL FOOLS!!
  5. One of my no clog air stones just clogged and I couldn’t even blow through the hose. After Looking closer It seems it unscrews and has two felt pads and on plastic. I always wondered what the extra tiny pads in the bag where for. Therefore no clog just went out the window correct? Do we need to clean these felt pads? Replace them every few months? If replace where do we get them? thoughts?
  6. Suggestions for an air stone/disk that provides very fine bubbles?
  7. I have a heavily planted high pressure CO2 tank I'd like to change the filtration to sponge filters from a canister. Anyone have experience with the CO2 loss by adding air to the tank? Wondering if the loss is enough to be concerned about. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Quick question does anyone know why the ziss air stones are green now?
  9. Bought a never clog air stone. Great product for the price . Be careful because I had it for maybe a month and my 4 year old tugged my black co op air tubing and plastic stone hit ground and broke in half.tried to glue it but no dice.
  10. I will be setting up several plant only tanks and want to know if there are any advantages/disadvantages to having airstones and heaters. Highlight No CO2 In garage in Albuquerque, NM
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