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  1. - just paint your backgrounds black, don’t install a ‘3D background’ - real plants! - do your waterchanges with long hoses, not with buckets - don’t mess with duckweed - find your own path, what for some dude on the we isn’t working, might work for you. - don’t buy RO water, just use rainwater.
  2. Thanks for the info! I have seen this combination in a LFS and it was striking! It was a big tank, heavy planted, a lot of driftwood and 10 wild discuss and 10 big altums. I was like 'shut up and take my money'. To bad I don't have that kind of money or the space.. Thanks for the advice, never heard this before. Is the aggression between males also an issue between different types of pleco's? I now have a Royal Pleco, Green phantom and a bristelnose in there. I'm thinking about getting an extra gold nugget.
  3. @Colu thanks for the info. Do you know something about growth rate of altums? Mine are about 6 to 7 inch and I have them 1,5 year. Will they grow further? Or are they probably a bit stunted?
  4. Today was fish moving day for me! I’m emptying my 30 gallon to make room for my pare of angels to breed. They are now breeding in a community tank with a total of 10 angels, pleco’s and tetras, so it’s a bit crowded there. Mooved my 3 dwarf blue gouramis and my 2 chocolate gouramis to the big tank. Always stressy to catch and rehome fish. But keeping duckweed out of the big tank was maybe the most stressful thing 😅 Managed to get the gouramis out quite quickly. One chocolate was really stressed out but recovered well and quick once in the new tank. All the angels went greeting the gouramis, but no agression involved. The breeding pair of angels don’t bother the smaller fish and only go after the other angels. Very curious how the gouramis will act in the new tank. Especially the chocolates, they have always been skittish. They defenetly have enough space to hide with my big vall. Some pictures of the moove:
  5. More than a year ago I bought this group of angelfish. They were sold to me as ‘Peru Altum Angels’. Is this correct? They never gotten to the height of an Altum. They are about 6-7 inches. I have a breeding pair in the group, maybe I’m putting the pair in a separate tank. But first I want to be shure what I’breeding.
  6. First time hatching BBS for me today. Planning on a breeding project soon and preparing myself!
  7. Nice Reading this journal! I’m planning on breeding my blue dwarf gouramis, hope to learn from your process and I wish all good luck with it!
  8. This forum inspired me to start with some breeding projects. So today I went to MLF store and got me some supplies (brine Shrimp hatchery and a sponge filter). Still deciding on what the first project will be. I have some Dwarf gouramis and a couple of Gudgeon peacocks, probably one of these 2.
  9. Welcome! Nice tanks you have and what a cool looking betta!
  10. Some one has experience with duckweed and angelfish? I just accidentally introduced duckweed in to my 125 gallon tank (was doing waterchanges on different tanks at once). Wil my angel fish eat it? Or should I start preparing for a battle?
  11. Yes I can confirm this. I started my colony 3 years ago, always with fish (30 gallon Heavily planted tank). I started with small fish (chinese danio gold) and mooved up to bigger fish. Now they in there with an African dwarf frog, 2 chocolate gouramis (used to be 6), 3 blue dwarf gouramis, 2 peacock gudgeons and a bunch of endlers. Offcourse a lot of the baby’s get eaten by the gourami (You can see them hunting in the plants), but still enough make it to keep the colony going. Before the dwarf gourami’s, I could even sell 50 or so every 2 months. A year ago I even stopped target feeding my dwarf frog, so my best guess is he is surviving on baby shrimps he accidentally puts in his mouth 😅 My tank:
  12. I used black ‘chalkboard’ paint. It was advices somewhere on the internet. It needed 2 or 3 coatings, and then it was perfect. If I once decide to want to take it off, it should go really easy with a razorblade.
  13. If you keep the split, you could always have a second type of shrimp, and see what you can breed the best! Or you can select the most red ones and toss them in the second tank, so you can try to breed really pretty shrimp (nog really shure this will work).
  14. Those are kind of the parameters I get when I mix RO with my tap water. My thanks do really wel with these parameters. I don’t know about the CO2, but based on my research on CO2 (I had CO2 running in one of my tanks for almost 2 year), I think it wil evaporate anyway. Maybe you just can store it a few days in a bucket before adding it to the tank. But I have to say, I’m certainly not an expert on water parameters. I do know consistent parameters are the very important, also this is an argument for well water I think. If you do change your water to your well water, if you can, test it first with a thank where there is not a lot you can loose. Good luck with it!
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