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  1. Good morning and Happy Mothers day Team, I just purchased a 65 gallon 36x18x24 and want to purchase a stand which can hold a 30 gallon breeder under it. Do you think if i split a muscle rack in half 72x36x18 is safe for a 65 and 30 gallon filled with water, fishes, rocks, wood and decor? I have linked a few places selling it below as reference. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Muscle-Rack-Silver-5-Tier-Boltless-Steel-Garage-Storage-Shelving-36-in-W-x-72-in-H-x-18-in-D-UR361872PB5P-SV/300097687 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Muscle-Rack-Black-36-W-x-18-D-x-72-H-Five-Shelf-Steel-Shelving-Unit-150-pound-capacity/35584046 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Muscle-Rack-Silver-Vein-36-W-x-18-D-x-72-H-5-Shelf-Steel-Shelving/54134491 Do you think 65 gallons which holds about 772 lbs with just water in it would be too much for a limit of 800lbs per shelf especially if I split it in half? I would appreciate any guidance and advice. Hopefully, someone has tried this before. 🙂 I am also open to any suggestions as well. Happy Mothers day again everyone!!!!
  2. Hi All. Here's the situation: Simple 15G tank setup (Fluval Flex), 4 platys + 2 more fry that we managed to save in a breeding tank that are doing well. My main concern: My plants don't seem to be thriving, and I'm afraid the newly appearing algae is possibly out-competing them. Tank is about 2 months old. Nitrogen cycle seems well established (near-zero ammonia, low-to-zero nitrites, and nitrates range from low to up to 30/40 ppm, depending on fertilizer dosing. I currently have some moss, which is doing fine. 2nd plant that's "probably" something like hygrophila polysperma, although I honestly don't know. This one is interesting - the bottom leaves look pretty bad, covered in black/brown spots and some holes, look like they're dying away, but the top is looking great, new leaves growing in emerald green. I also pruned and replanted a couple stems from this, and the new plants look to be doing ok thusfar. Last plant - star grass. It was growing like crazy at the start, but now seems to be slowing down and looks......... unhealthy. This seems to have coincided with a lot of algae (pretty sure it's diatoms - brown gunk covering the walls and the gravel). I just recently started fertilizing a week ago (that "one step" or whatever it's called from Aquarium co-op). Interestingly that's when the star grass seemed to have taken a bit of a dive. Gravel on the bottom is quite coarse, because 5-year old girls like florescent fun stuff, not proper substrate. Any suggestions? Should I try to clean all the algae off surfaces during weekly water changes? Should I continue to fertilize or is that making it worse? I was hoping the star grass would eventually achieve a carpet-effect through pruning and propagation, but now I'm worried they aren't going to make it! Lights are on about 10-12 hours a day - too much? Any tips much appreciated (fish are doing fine - it's just the plants that are a concern). Thanks!!!
  3. I have a one gallon tank, so I thought, perfect for shrimp. What would I need for a 1 gallon shrimp tank? It is more like a large jar, but I have a hole, either for feeding or something else. Do I need a heater? A filter? What else? How often do I have to change the water? What type of shrimp and how many? Any plants? What about substrate? What type of food? Also, I am a teen, so my parents said I have the MTS, so my budget is about 30-50 dollars. It would be very helpful to send links to the products of filters, heaters, or substrate on amazon U.S so I can take a look! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions!
  4. I just finished planting my 6th and my husband seriously hopes my final tank. Fiscally that's our best choice. I thought I was finished a couple months ago but I found out the "Momma" in me just couldn't handle seeing the babies being eaten and I'm not a good sales person, so my guppy breeding tank was the last one to be transformed. I do have my hospital tank that I hate to just have sit there. (Any ideas, or is it even possible to have anything in a tank that will be the quarantine/hospital tank while it's not needed for Q&H and stay in it while others are being quarantined and medicated) It's a 20 gallon tank, with everything. Even plants, I know that's not best but it looks so pretty.
  5. Just purchased a new acrylic Aquarium that is only 40 gallon. I do not know what type of stand is appropriate. I’ve checked with local pet stores and they said I could use one from Petco that is a metal frame. Wondering if anyone has knowledge of what I should be looking to purchase.Thanks in advance
  6. I’ve been trying to balance my 75 gallon, and I’m constantly unsure what I should be doing. I’m going to share my parameters and I hope someone more advanced might be able to help me along. Tank is a 75 gallon. Light: 48” NICREW Plus Planted. Currently set at 40% light. Comes on with a 30 min sunrise and 30 minute sunset. Total time on is 9 hrs. Fertilizer: Easy Tabs about 30 every 3-4 months plus an additional 6 every month for three Amazon Swords. I dose Easy Green. I was dosing every week, but I stopped that when someone recommended that I stop dosing liquid fertilizer because the majority of my plants were root feeders. I recently dosed to get to 20 ppm (slowly over 7-10 day), but it has been two weeks since I dosed and nitrates are rising instead of being used. The tank is heavily stocked. I have livebearers in the tank and there are fry everywhere. I also have Otocinclus, Neon Tetras, Rasboras, snails, and Cherry Shrimp. As for plants I have the Amazon Swords, crypts (lots of crypts), Crypt Parva, Dwarf Chain Swords, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, Anubias, Anubias Nano Petite, Water Sprite, and some Java Moss. Here is a recent update that I posted in my journal that provides an update on where my tank is and the decisions that I am trying to make to create balance in this tank.
  7. I have a 10 Gallon fish bowl that I would like to use for acclimating my fish when I get them or possibly as a fry tank. It is pretty dirty so I would need to clean it but I don't know what I should clean it with. Should I just do water or can I use soap with it? It won't be used for a couple weeks.
  8. A few months ago @Fish Folk made an excellent thread on a 1 minute video of your favorite tank. But how about some pictures! Post pictures of your favorite tank. This could be a tank that you had 20 years ago or a tank you setup yesterday! and Why is it your favorite tank? What kind of fish or plants do you have in it? Heres my favorite tank. After rescaping this tank and adding some neon tetras its been a blast to watch. I like it for a few reasons: The Plants are growing FANTASTICLLY Hugo is such a goof ball... Matnience is EASYY. A waterchange every week or two and THATS IT! Stocked with... Male Halfmoon Betta (I think... idk if its halfmoon) 5 Neon Tetras Planted with... Hygrophillia Compact Varias Anubias Species Red Melon Sword (or some type of sword...) Hygrophillia Siamensis Salvania (Giant Duckweed)
  9. Yesterday I moved everything out of my 29g and moved in a 75g. Let me tell you, it was hard work. I finally got the fish in the 75 at 1am this morning. BUT I love the 75!!! OMG! I hope my plants and fish transition well. I have about 25-30 Platys. Thus the bigger tank and will be adding Angelfish soon. 29g 29g The move.... BAHBAM! Cloudy mess But Oh ya! I managed to install the lids backwards. DERP More Pics to come!
  10. I have a seeded (about 2 years in an established, planted tank) sponge that I would like to put in my new tank along with a brand new sponge filter. How long can I expect to cycle my tank before I can add some nerites and neocaridina?
  11. I've been trying to contact the same company that did Murphy's tank, but the email bounces back, and the phone number is "currently not in service." What I emailed that company is below. Please see if you can think of a solution to my problem. (Google isn't finding me an appropriate company in my area.) "I have a unique circumstance. My child has special needs, and part of that is a compulsion to slam her head into hard surfaces. My aquariums are glass, and all out of reach. My fish are my sanity-saver, but have to be kept where I can rarely see them, and my daughter can never see them. I would benefit greatly from having a safe tank located where I and she both can see it. I'm thinking 20 gallons, but even 5 gallons would be worth the effort. It would need to be strong enough that it could take what amounts to a bowling ball being slammed into its sides and top, dozens of times over the years. For the number of gallons, it would be ridiculously thick acrylic."
  12. Am I the only person forever anxious that a tank will leak? Many days, I look at the silicone and glass more than I look at the fish. As my username says, fish calm me. But the actual glass boxes drive me nuts! While I absolutely don't want to have a leak I could've prevented, I also don't want to be more anxious than is appropriate for the threat level. I guess I'm wanting to know if this diligence is warranted. Got any fact-based thoughts on the matter?
  13. Another question from the newbie... I purchased a 75 gal Aqueon tank from Petco as their $1 a gallon is sale is going on. I am not trying to get the cheapest or most expensive items to set up my tank but, after inspecting this tank further I am wondering if I should spend more than $100 on this size of tank. Here are a couple questions and concerns... Picture #1 - Why is this glop of silicone like this under each corner of the rim of the tank, and can I remove it? Not sure if its because this tank is mass produced or if provides a function. Picture #2 - The silicone is oozing out of where the glass meets on the outside edge of the tank. Can I razor blade the bead of silicone flush with the glass? Picture #3 - This wide silicone smear on the inside corner - is this going to look terrible when the tank is full of water or will it disappear? Picture #4 - A few silicone edges inside the tank were not feathered out. Will this thick edge be prone lifting or lead to a future leak? Can you razor blade that off to where the silicone was feathered out? Thank you again!!
  14. Before After This snail tank started out as a plant grow out tank that I put next to my indoor plants for an experiment. Next thing I knew there was a bunch of snails so it became a snail grow out. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  15. So I'm trying to make a fish tank stand using the concrete block method. I've tried using 2 x 4's on it and I just cut these pieces of plywood out to see if they'll be true. I know that all 4 corners need to be touching so it doesn't twist but no matter what I do I can still fit stuff underneath it. I've watched Co-Op's and Joey's videos on building one and this specific issue is never brought up. Can someone please help me figure this out and in return I will send you my eternal gratitude?
  16. Hello! So I have been in the hobby for about a year and the largest tank that I have ever had was a 15 gallon, I always kept trying new fish with that limited space and now feels like a good time to move on to a bigger sized tank but I am so confused! Should i get the next size up? Like a 20-29 gallon, or directly go for a 55-75 gallon . The reason that i am considering such big sizes is because i feel like i can definitely handle the maintenance and cost that goes behind it but I don't want to make the wrong decision. Feel free to leave any suggestions, It would really help me a lot! Thanks in Anticipation!
  17. Been here for a few days but forgot to properly introduce myself. Got my main tank here. A 20 gallon Aqueon Led Aquarium Got my black angelfish Pineapple swordtail 5 female mutt guppies 2 bronze cory one albino and one unknown. 2 types of plants that i forgot their names, (If anyone knows what these plants and cory are please tell me) 4 or 5 kuhli loaches Got more tanks will update and edit soon if anyone wants to see more.
  18. Hi guys! This is still a work in progress but figured out I could post this here in case anyone is wondering how to polish/restore an acrylic tank. This was the first time I've ever done anything like this and it's my first acrylic tank (and it's big!), and after much research in old forums and asking around, I ended up with this result. I'm pretty satisfied with the result! It was a learning experience! I bought this SeaClear system 2 100g acrylic aquarium for $150, complete with the stand and canopy (I ended up discarding these though.) As you can see, the tank is extremely dirty, scratched and hazy, it seems it wasn't used for quite a bit of time. Came with these ugly discolored gravel lol, no way I will be using that! It seems to be a really old school type? It comes with the original bio balls used for the back, sump-like compartment as well as the pump, can't beleive it still works! Dude had it outside in straight up desert climate. I might have to change that in the future. The background integrated sump. It had crusted up mulm and some rainwater lol. A quick hosing to do a general cleanup. Wet sanding the scratches End of the first day, you can tell by my fat guy "OOF" that I was tired as hell haha. It was a killer arm workout. Must polish until you achieve a frosty looking acrylic. I used 400 - 800 - 1200 and 2000 grit, but you will get better results if you use a wide variety of numbers! The amount of work you have to do also increases though. I did 2 sanding rounds with each grit. I bought that small sandpaper holding thingy at harbor freight, for $5. It definitely made the work much, much easier to be able to comfortably sand. Tutorials said you could use an electric sander if you want to do the work faster and easier for you, but you have to be careful not to electrocute yourself, as you will be using water with these sanding papers. I did not have one and decided to do by hand. Get someone to help you if you can lol, my uncle helped me with all the process so it took me less time than if I did it alone. You could get the whole family to help out one weekend! They will feel proud when they see the beautiful aquarium all set up for sure. Or get some friends, some cold beers/snacks and sand away lol! After 3 days of sanding, it was time to polish the acrylic. I used Mother's car headlight polisher, along with a drill and a polishing bonnet with drill attachment: The bonnet was $9 at harbor freight, but it ended up breaking! I guess the heat of using it too much obliterated it. I suposse they were made for a quick headlight polishing, not for a giant 5ft. acrylic tank lol! We ended up moving to a buffer instead of the drill. It had more power and was more comfortable to use. Felt the Mother's polishing cream wasn't enough, so I bought a Novus polishing kit. That did the trick! I achieved this result with it: Now with custom made stand. I felt the one that came with it was too flimsy. We did one with multiple 2x4's. Can't take chances with 100g of water and a huge oscar in earthquake prone area! (Baja California, Mexico, close to San Adnreas fault lol.) Now I need to finish up the stand (needs doors and paint) and I need to purchase a few pieces of the sump system that are missing. It seems it uses a "drip tray" of some sort to "rain" down water onto the bio balls below! It is a wet-dry filtration system, I have never used one of these, not even a regular sump, but it will be a learning experience as well! The guy is anxiously waiting for his new, forever home to be finished! Stay tuned for the next round of work! I need to complete the stand, (paint and doors) and reinforce the acrylic seams with Weld-On 40 acrylic cement!
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