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  1. I think that you can as I have done this. I have Sewellia sp. 'SEW01' Spotted Butterfly Loach and Sewellia lineolata Tiger Hillstream Loach.
  2. Nothing until today, this is when I have spotted the problem.
  3. No, all smooth. Aren't Corrys covered with skin?
  4. Not easy as it is all the time at a dark part of the tank, also the lights are off for the next 14h. I am in the UK.
  5. Hi all One of my fish has a blotted stomach and eyes, it has lost colure and looks 'pale'. All other fish are fine and active. Water parameters are: PH - 8 NH3 - 0 NO2 - 0 NO3 - 50 PO3/4 - 1 KH - 12 GH - 16 T - 24C / 75F. Any help is welcome. Thanks Ben
  6. Thank you all, feel better now. When have a bit of time I will watch the Youtube clip. Cleaned 2 tanks yesterday and 2 today, another 2 that were just taken off line still to go. Ben
  7. Can someone please identify this creatures? Are they a problem? If yes, then, how do I get rid of the? I have cleaned my tanks and found these on the pre filter of my canister. Also, about a week ago I have seen one inside the tank. Thank you Ben
  8. What he said. I am a new comer to the hobby and this site was my #1 to go for fish information.
  9. BenA

    Wipe out

    🥶 The container is in the sun-room but haven't got any algae let alone green water
  10. BenA

    Wipe out

    All larvae in the brackish water container have disappeared and instead I have noticed X2 free swimming fry, I hope that they are Amano Shrimps. Is there any food for baby shrimps or First Bites is good? Thanks
  11. On Sat. I am going to collect 8 Rainbow For £150.00. The Mrs. didn't blink, she bought the tank 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I don't see a need to change water that often, even in small volume. Keep an eye on your water parameters and check for Nitrate and Phosphate, higher levels will eventually encourage algae. I change about 25% of water every 2 weeks but if to be honest there is no need for this as all parameters are good but by doing it I feel better and I guess that you are just like me.
  13. BenA

    Wipe out

    Thanks. I did think about it and currently the concentration is of ~0.2%. I have arrived from work too late to transfer the fry so had to delay it. The plan is to put the fry in a small container with the original fresh water and then to slowly introduce the brackish water, after doing it for an hour to tip the lot into the container with the brackish water, then, after another 3 days to gradually increase salt concentration to 10%. I know that in comparison to the ocean it is low but I didn't find anywhere that they leave in marine environment so I will leave it at 10%.
  14. BenA

    Wipe out

    Well, I have split the larvae into 2 groups, 1 in the original tank with all other shrimps (fresh water) and 1 in another container, this one is with added salt as Amano larvae needs brackish water. Today while checking the tanks we have seen about 10 very very small fry, the plan for tomorrow is to catch and transfer some of them to the salty water tank and see what happen. Interesting.
  15. BenA

    Wipe out

    Thank you. I have talked with someone and it was confirmed that these are Amano larvae. I am aware that very few if any at all have managed to raise them but I am trying, can't miss this one. The only thing that I don't know is how long before the larvae turns to fry. Does anyone know? @Biotope Biologist? Thank you.
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