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  1. To be fair he was from petsmart but he was one of my healthiest fish ever
  2. Alright thanks.I would get more but I’m moving in 2 months and I don’t want to lose more of them.
  3. Hey. 😔 I was doing a nightly checkup on my 75 gallon and I noticed one my cories dead. He was swimming perfectly earlier in the day and he’s never got picked on before. But like 2 hours ago I noticed that he was sitting in the corner by the filter not moving. Do you guys know why he died?
  4. So you left it in the tank for 2 weeks?
  5. I bought a placebo banquet block from here and wondering when to feed it and how long it will last with 2 plecos one small one big and 5 cories in a community tank.
  6. Yeah. I got 2 bristle noses
  7. Hello! I bought a banana plant from aqaurium co-op and I didn’t know my plecos could eat them. I have dropped both banana plants in the tank and planted them a little. I have not noticed anything wrong with them yet but idk. Do you think my plecos will eat them or not? I also have 5 cories
  8. So I bought a banana plant from aqaurium co-op kinda from an impulse buy and I don’t really know how to plant it. Does anyone know how to plant it?
  9. Alright thanks guys! I’ll be getting the plants in an hour or less
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