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Found 9 results

  1. I'm setting up a 55 gal soon and want to combine HOB and sponge filters. Would 2 nano HOB and a large sponge filter do the job? My fish prefer low flow so I thought that might be a winning combo, thoughts?
  2. Hey all, I am wanting to setup a 5 gallon shrimp tank. I relize that you cant do any filter why shrimp, as it needs to be "shrimp safe". I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with the following filters, and if they could tell me if it would be okay for red crystal shrimp or red cherry shrimp: Fluval Chi Filter Aqueon Minnibow Aquarium I dont have any eperiance with fish so all help and suggestions are much appreaciated
  3. I've been messing with trying to get a rockpile look without using up all of the space in a 20 long. Most of the rocks have been broken and the flat side attached to the tank wall with silicone. So far I think it looks pretty decent. The center section is filled in and has a piece of wood sticking out, I think I like it. The side sections need work. The sponge filter is sitting about where I want it for flow but it sticks out like a sore thumb. What would your next steps be?
  4. Does anyone know what the best sponge media for a hang on back is?
  5. I’m switching from a Tetra Whisper 20 to a Seachem Tidal 55. The Tetra is cycled but only has sponges in it. The Tidal has a weird shaped media basket so I can’t just chuck my sponge in there. I’m running them together for a week or two so that beneficial bacteria can grow in there. Is that silly or am I right in thinking that’s a good idea so I don’t disrupt my cycle?
  6. Decided to play with under gravel filtration to see if it's as terrible as I was led to believe. I'm using this 3.4 gallon tank made by Penn Plax . I couldn't find a small UG plate that would fit well enough to my liking. So I improvised . And this is how far I've gotten today.
  7. I like the very fine pre-filters even though they clog quicker. They need to be washed each week or they stop the flow to my aquaclear filter. The fact they get clogged mean they are filtering better. Your opinion?
  8. I'm setting up a new 20L. I like what sponge filters do in my other tanks (no ammonia or nitrite ever) but I don't want to try to hide them in this tank. I am not going to spend the money or put up with the cleaning headaches of a canister. HOB's are quite limited (in my mind) for biological filtration. So it seems to me under gravel filters fill the bill. So, why not? Is there something even better and easier I'm missing?
  9. Hi there, I have a 55g planted aquarium and right now I'm only using a double sponge filter. I am curious as to what your favorite filters are for a tank that is planted (hopefully will be heavily planted) with 10 fish? Thank you so much!
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