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  1. I hate when you miss a shrimp mold. Gooduck with your new molted shrimp.
  2. He is in a 5 gallon quarentine tank with fresh water and a clean filter. He eats a small portion of rapashy super gold.
  3. My goldfish has a swim bladder issue. He has had it for some time now. He swims lopsided and has a lump in his stomach. He eats and poops but I dont know what to do. I fount him upside down on the filter. He gas nit eaten in a while and I need help soon.
  4. My goldfish is still alive. He has a small patches of icy from a previous sickness. I know the water paremeters are: water is hard, oh is 0.0, nitrate is 0.0, nitrite is 1.0. He is just inverted at thr top I dobt know why. He can still swon up and down and still eats well. He shows no signs of bloated belly or a parasite. Because of nitrite I water change 50% twice a week and only feed every other day. Please I dont know what to do. I also dont know how much time he has left. Thank you
  5. I would love a. Neocaridina red crystle shrimp tank or I have always had goldfish but I want to upgrade. A 230g or largee full to the brim with pure breed oranda goldfish. Just like @Cory 800g. I woild also like a 75 gallon with a school of 5 piranha. I know its quite controversial but I think I would put in the effort and love them.
  6. @Socqua yes it is a 29 gallon with two 2 inch oranda. I change 25% very water change. Mt tank cycled for 3 months and had pre bacteria and fish food to kick start tge cycle. Also I ussually dont feed much. Just a small chbe of rapashy once a day.
  7. Sorry to hear this. I have absolutly no idea. Did you quarentine the oto's. Even though you have algea it is really easy for oto's to starve.
  8. When tou said to stop feeding. Did tou mean feed less and only a few times or stop feeding all together?
  9. My fish have been in there for a month. Before the fish it was running and cycling for 3 months.
  10. I'll look into it. Thanks(ive been needing a puffer in my fish room)
  11. I have nitrite that is 3.0!!!! Hiw do I loer it without chemicals. I run 2 power filters andnlive plants with water changes 2 a week. Its an understocked goldfish tank and I cant lower the nitrite. Because of thus my fish have caught stress ich twice. I need some help now!
  12. So my goldies caught ich. I need to salt this tank now. Only theres one problem I have a articulated hillstream loach and anubias in the tank too. I read that you should be careful with RHL. So should I be careful or go full gangbusters with the salt?
  13. The best movie ever is JAWS. (Who does not like a crazy fisherman.marinebiologist and a police cheife hunting a 29ft. Shark for one and a half hours)
  14. I love to freedive and go fishing with my friends. I'm also quite the netflix watcher.
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