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  1. Hello everyone, I thought I'd share an incredible species of snail I personally own that is local to the country I currently live in (Israel). Meet Theodoxus jordani, this tiny snail is part of the Neritidae family. It behaves exactly like it's larger cousins, is voracious algae eater, looks amazing, and lays tiny little eggs everywhere. There are two main differences between it and a "regular" Nerite: Firstly, it's tiny! This snail reaches a maximum size of 1 cm but most commonly they reach the size of 0.5 cm. Secondly, they breed in freshwater. They lay tiny singular eggs in the aquarium that hatch after about 30 days depending on the temperature. This is what makes them incredible in my eyes. I have breeding groups of them in 4 out of my 6 aquariums. Breeding behavior Size comparison Horrible macro shot of an egg.
  2. I am going to setup up a tank or more at my folks' house in the Vermont woods, since we have to move the White Clouds and Neo Shrimp inside. I got a 15 gallon for them, but they want something bigger, and they want to use this as a stand. I'm thinking a 29 gallon would be perfect. My dad took these photos. I just realized that I frame and crop much like the old man.
  3. My 5 gallon planted shrimp tank has broken out with green water. My parameters are consistent nitrate- 10-20 nitrite 0 ammonia 0 gh 300 kh 80 ph 6.8 I am running a finnex stingray 8 hours a day I was running it 10 hours then dropped it to 8 once the green water showed up which seemed to make it worse. For filtration I run a aco sponge filter. I do around 2 pumps of easy green a week to keep my nitrates around 20 ppm. I am also injecting co2 and my drop checker is a lime green after 2 hours of light and stays like green till it turns off. In the tank I have 3 Amano shrimp and 10 red rilis and a collection of pond snails. I started 2 months ago and the green water showed up about a week and a half ago. I know that my best option would be to get a uv sterilizer but I haven’t been able to find anything that isn’t just overkill for the tank. Would I be able to water change my way through this doing 10% daily water changes or will that stress my shrimp to much?
  4. Im going to try my hand at an aquascaped nano tank so i thought id share my attempt and likely many mistakes with you all. I picked up this 6.8 gallon tank on sale last week because it looked cool for the price and i like the internal filtration but i didnt have a gameplan for how i wanted to set it up. I knew that it would be a small community set up and eventually house my endlers and asian stone catfish. I would also like to use it for some breeding projects along the way so i want to incorporate lots of nooks and potential hiding spots. I found some inspiration last weekend while hiking locally. Its tough to tell in these pictures but the mountainsides above the sandy creeks and small lake are full of caves. So i thought id try a scape with that idea in mind.
  5. So I'll confess to somewhat of an impulse buy - a 5 gallon aquarium that was posted locally. I always wanted to do a nano planted shrimp tank so this was my opportunity. I seized it! I had some Fluval stratum leftover from mixing it with eco-complete in the 33 gallon, so I decided to go ahead and use that. It's not quiiiiite as much as I would like but I'm hoping with the displacement of the hardscape it'll end up perfect. I am a little concern about possibly creating an algae nightmare but with it being a planted shrimp tank, I think it'll be ok. They'll be well fed and the Fluval with help lower my naturally higher pH well water. I could add about 4 otos, especially if algae becomes a real problem, right? Anyway, tomorrow I will be picking up some rocks and driftwood. I ordered some fancy botanicals from a LFS that were on sale - coco-curls, almond leaves, pods and banana stem. I'll transfer my anubias on cholla to the shrimp tank when it's set up. I'm still undecided about other plants. This tank/light set up has approximately 33-34 par at the bottom so be limited to low-medium plants. I'm not planning to do CO2 injection. Scarlet temple and wisteria are doing well in my 33 so may try to propagate some of the former for that pop of reddish colour and wisteria help compete with algae. I know shrimp love moss so I'll try to find and incorporate that too. Planning to add Frogbit to provide some coverage. TLDR: I got plans for this nano tank! Here is photo from day 1. I'll update as I add!
  6. Nano tanks, meaning 10 gallon or under. Go ahead, share them. Post pictures. I have a veiltail betta and 3 pygmy corydoras in a 5.5 gallon tank. I also have an empty 1.5 gal and 2 gal tank.
  7. I'm trying to get angelfish eggs to hatch. So I'm setting up a nano tank with heater airstone to put the eggs in after they lay them. My problem is they lay on leaves so when I put it into my nano tank it starts to break down. I have no filter and no substrate in this tank and was wondering if some floating plants or a hanging bag of ceramic media would work to keep better quality water?
  8. I have an idea and I am looking for guidance as if it is a good idea or not. This will be my 6th tank and I am looking to do something a little bit different. I have recently gotten a new 60g tank with stand and a large cannister filter. I am curious to the idea of stocking this decent sized tank with a massive amount of nano/micro freshwater fish and ornamental shrimp obviously being heavily planted. Is this a good idea? I haven't really seen any forum posts anywhere about nano fish in anything larger than a 29g tank. Stocking Ideas so far: Chili Rasbora, CPD, Kubotai, Ember Tetra, Green Neon Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, WCMM, & Yellow Neocaridina. Should be quite the rainbow effect of colors going on. I am worried about trying Endler's and accidentally getting just one female and being saturated with livebearers. Pygmy Sunfish maybe? Killifish or halfbeaks? Are there any other ideas or suggestions? I would like to do Scarlett Badis but know that wouldn't end well for the shrimp, I have a lot of really good lfs that can pretty much order anything so any suggestions is greatly appreciated!
  9. Let's talk about nano tanks! I just purchased another tank- the PetSmart 5 gal Betta Retreat tank that Cory reviewed in one of his older vids. Aaaanyway, I always wanted to do a planted shrimp tank so I'm thinking I'll get 3 fire reds (hoping they'll breed). Extras can go in 33 gal, just want a small steady supply in 5 gal. The only thing is that the 5 gal is coming with a male betta. I don't know how aggressive he is. I could put the betta in the 33 gal if he is too aggressive. I only have a pair of guppies and 6 corydoras in there right now but I wasn't planning on keeping a betta because of the guppies. I've read mixed reports of keeping bettas and shrimp together. What are your experiences? I have a second 33 gal and possibly a 15 gal in the basement, however, I don't think I want to set them up right now. I may be moving in a few months and don't want to leave them for parents to care for (they aren't really fish people though they have cared for the 33 guppy tank successfully).
  10. Hello everyone, I'll be setting up a new heavily planted 10 gallon aquarium over the next few days, while I wait for the plants to grow in I figured we could brainstorm on what I could stock the aquarium with. I have neutral water that is moderately hard, I'd like to keep species that can thrive in temperatures in the mid 70s to help with plant growth. My intetial idea is 8ish exclamation point rasbora, 2 scarlet badis and 3ish stone cat fish. Maybe some dwarf shrimp too, but if they get ate by the fish it's not a big deal since I have a thriving colony in another aquarium. I'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas you have for a 10 gallon nano community. Thank you in advance.
  11. I saw a video on the best fish for a nano tank you all did. In the beginning it showed a 3.5 tank. I really liked the look of that tank. It was wider looking. Do you know what brand that was? I haven’t had a tank in 15 yrs as I’m on well water and it is no good for a normal sized tank. But 3.5 gal I could just use bottled water and I really miss a planted tank so I think nano is the way to go.
  12. I'm seriously considering getting a small tank for my office (somewhere in the 15-20 gallon size) but have never done a small tank. I also want to try doing it planted. But I'm worried about maintaining water parameters and things like that. I'm guessing that the smaller environment is more inclined to go south in a hurry if something goes wrong. Is that true? How much micro-managing do you have to do. With my 55 I do water changes once a week or every other week depending on how the water looks. I check the parameters once a month and have very little fluctuation so all in all, very low maintenance. is it the same for a smaller tank? Hmm... does @Cory have any videos posted on this subject on YT? That would probably be a good starting point.
  13. I have these little tanks I set up in an hour or two. Most are home to just snails but one has mosquito fish fry. Thought I would share.
  14. Check it out - Its my new ultra-nano tetra tank. How many can I safely keep? Just kidding - thanks for the free swag in my order Co-Op!
  15. Anyone on the forum know how an easy DIY to make one? I've been using just a piece of airline for sucking up debris from my 1.5g jarrarium, but the flexibility of the airline results in frustration because I can't direct it easily without sticking my whole hand in there, which causes issues with the hardscape and plants. I need a non-flexible end, like on gravel vacs, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that. Any ideas?
  16. Hello 4 weeks ago I started my 5 gallon planted tank. I started the tank with plants in it from day one Plant list:Crypt parvaWater spriteDwarf water lettuce Pogostemon stellatus octopusCrypt lucensI am using hob filterI have a heater that holds the tank at 76 degrees And a stingray finnex light after two weeks my water parameters have been stable atPh 7.2Ammonia .25 ppm (it seems other people using api master test will get this reading alwaysNitrite 0 ppmNitrate 5 ppmGh 150Kh 80 after two weeks I added a nerite snail who is happily cruising around cleaning my glass. I also have some rams horn baby snails who came with my plants I have left in the tank.I was planning on getting 6-8 least rasboras, 10 cherry shrimp, and two Amano shrimp. My original plan was to get the fish in this week then after a week or two bring in the shrimp. But I am getting tired of seeing all the diatoms and algae in the tank. Would it be a bad idea to start with the shrimp?
  17. I went from never winning anything to winning two contests in the last 6 months, I believe. I just won this UNS 16T. Its dimensions are 6.29” x 6.29” x 9.45”. It’s only 1.5 gallons, so I have no clue what to do with it. I wish I had some fish buds IRL I could just gift it to. Any ideas on what you would use this for? Never had a UNS tank before, but I’ve heard they’re really high quality. *Not my picture*
  18. Hi Everybody! My name is Lisa. I am from Summit County, CO which has mining, skiing and tons of snow. I started my aquarium 2 years ago because I was told, “No more house plants!” by my hubby. So, to expand my plant knowledge, I began studying aquascaping. Thanks to Aquarium Co-Op my underwater garden is thriving. I’m here to learn even more. I started with a 5 gallon and a year of dialing in my well water and tank I ended up dialing in a smoothly running established tank that ran for nine months with out changing. But then disaster struck, when, while getting new carpet, my bed frame fell, bouncing off of me and falling diagonally onto my tank. Long story short I now have upgraded happily to a 10 gal. I do also have a 3 gallon at work, that really only has Java fern overgrowth, drift wood and nerite snails for cleaning. Why only two aquarium? Well remember that sweet loving hubby of mine. We all make compromises, but with that being said I do have a passion for my main tank and am hoping to reestablish that ecosystem I had in this new tank. Current Plants: -Java fern, both windelov and traditional -Java moss, what can I say, it’s quickly becoming a girls best friend. -Anubias nana petite, yea it’s coming along...I think... -Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’-just got this sucker but it’s perfect! -Radican Marble Queen Sword, growing some new leaves after the stress of the move -Ruffle Sword also got a massive trim and coming back. -Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, my absolute favorite! and tons of Marimo moss spread out on my driftwood. I do have a few fish: -mustard gas betta- you saw it coming. His name is O.D.B. He was chosen and named by my man. -a golden mystery snail-the chef Raekwon -a clown pleco- inspect the deck -a nerite snail- method man I do plan on completing my Wutang tank here in the future with the extra room but am waiting for everything to get established before doing that. With all that being said, Thank you all for the knowledge. Now, for the learning cycle to continue.
  19. I’m curious if there is a plant we could grow with leaves out of the water, or semi immersed that people have noticed is aromatic? I listened to an L.R. Bretz live stream recently where he mentioned Brazilian Pennywart(?) as being aromatic, maybe. 🙂
  20. Finding it hard to clean a nano tank with gravel vacuum. I have to take all the decorations out first and then by the time I'm finished vacuuming more than half the water is gone. Any advice?
  21. Hey everyone, I used my old too small betta tank to do an aquascape and make a nursery for my baby mosquito fish from my pond where they would have gotten eaten. Thought I would share. 😆
  22. I have a 29 gallon planted aquarium started up 3 weeks now all is well I need ideas for nano fish I was thinking 10 ember tetras or neon tetras and 2 borneo hill stream loaches I have 6 nerite snails already any advice would be great.
  23. I have two tanks that are still relatively new, that I am battling algae in. One is a 7 gal cube, with a Twinstar 300, and Rotala, (several species), Alternathera reinickii, Staurogyne repens, Elodea, Japanese pennywort, Cryptocoryne mioya, Anubias nana petite, and various bucephalandra. Fluval stratum and Eco Complete capped with sand, 2 nano sponge filters. I have 6 pygmy cories, 1 pea puffer, 6 nerite snails, some cherry shrimp. The second tank is 5 gallons, with an ONF Flat nano, Eco complete substrate, and a similar mix of plants, minus the Elodea. Both tanks have duckweed, Salvinia rotundifolium and Salvinia cucullata. The 5 gallon has Celestial pearl Danios, a horned nerite, and 3 blue dream shrimp. A Dymax Slim Flo filters the 5 gallon. Whew! OK, I have programmable dimmers on both tanks that I just installed. I have them newly set to 8 am 30% 9am 50% 10 am 75% 6 pm 50% 7pm 30 % 8 pm dark This means that during the work week I won't see my critters much, but I'm restricting the light to cut back on algae. Think this will work? Too restricted? I've seen Irene's video on balancing the tank, and I have several tests coming to check for nutrient imbalance. I use Easy Green and Root tabs in both. Thanks for any advice.
  24. I planted my 5 gal nano tank. I think it looks good. I have the nano filter and another one I had laying around. I migh replace with another co op filter. I’m using a usb pump on each one.
  25. Lets say you had a empty 5-10 gallon, what would you do with it? Explain what kind of scape you would want and what kind of fish you would stock it with.
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