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  1. Im setting up a 2.5 gallon make betta nano aquascape. I live where it is very cold mist of the year. I need to heat this 2.5g. All I have is a 100w heater. Abviosly I cant use such a mssive heater. So what can I do. I cant break the bank on this one and need some advice.
  2. I wanted to share with you my first steps into the wonderful world of aquariums. I'm not sure if this will be useful to anyone in the future, or if I'm just preserving and sharing the experience for posterity. I must say, I enjoyed the entire experience immensely, and I'm looking around at where I can fit more tanks. I started with three little tanks. 2x 10lt (2.65 us gallon) and 1x 15lt (4 us gallons) and a love of Marimo moss balls 😃 I knew I wanted it to be heavily planted but knew nothing about aquatic plants... so I read, joined the forum and watched youtube. I was imagining the tanks as being just plants, but i soon realised that to have my little worlds work properly I needed to balance it. That's when I fell in love with shrimp. I had no idea there were so many different types and colours, I'd have a few snails to keep things clean and it seemed a Betta would complete my setup. Again, I had no idea they could be so fancy and beautiful. I also decided that I wanted the plants to be my filters.. so I'm going without for now, if I need to I will add them later. I want to keep my bioload low. I'm going to wait until I see some good plant growth before I even think about adding my fish and then shrimp. I really don't want to kill anything, especially by rushing things. I made my shopping list and started gathering all the bits and bobs I would need. 3x 25w heaters Driftwood, to get biofilm on and tannins for my shrimp 3.5lt Tropica Plant growth substrate (1cm 1/2" all over) 10kg (22lb) Black limpopo course sand Stones Fertiliser Root tabs When it came to the light I did struggle a little, I didn't want to spend tooooo much. I wondered if I could uses a plant grow light, that wasn't specifically for aquariums. I found a lamp that would be perfect, with 144 full spectrum LED's on 3 goose necks. this had a timer for 3, 6 and 12 hrs. 10x dimmable and was only 29.99 gbp. @Jessica. showed me that she used that kind of bulb in a super cool antique lamp she'd made so I decided to try it. When it arrived the build quality was actually much better than expected. I tested it on some herb pots that were struggling in the kitchen with the lack of sunlight. within a couple of hours my limp horizontal parsley had stood up and was leaning towards the light, I turned it.. it leaned back. I was so happy! I ordered my plants, waited (somewhat) patiently, and then set to putting it all together. Just to namecheck.. I have been really inspired by @Streetwise nano tanks and just about everything @Daniel does! The plants I chose were Salviania Naturns (Water spangles. floater) Elodia Densa (anacharis) Bacopa Caroroliniana Water Wisteria Myacca Fluvitalis Java fern Hair grass Liliopensis Brasiliensis (micro sword) Amazon Swords Jungle Vallis Echinodrorus Harbii (Oval leaf amazon sword type plant) oh.. and 10 Marimo Mossballs
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks to the pandemic I am falling hard into the hobby. Got my first tank since childhood a few months ago, a 10g hydroponic set-up from amazon and boy howdy was it a crash education, but things seem to be going well with my betta and nerites and I'm already thinking about my next tank. I'd love to have a desktop aquarium to keep me company in my now indefinite work-from-home office and Cory's review and mods for the Marineland Portrait 5g totally sold me. He mentioned that it could be a good home for a single dwarf puffer, and has otherwise talked about keeping a single one in a 5g tank being a good option. So I'm planning on planting heavily with a sand substrate, cycling that and establishing some malaysian trumpet snails for food, cleanup and aeration (and because I think snails are just really cool in general, and while MTS aren't the most visually appealing, it sounds like they're the only ones that can breed to keep up with a murderous puffer). But of course after having bought most of my stuff, I'm reading some sources online that they're shoaling and it's cruel and terrible to keep them in groups of less than 6 in a giant, species-only aquarium and I'm feeling a little heartbroken. What do you think? Should I just get another betta + nerites instead?
  4. So my awesome daughter handed me a large tote full of random aquarium supplies when she got home from work tonight. Not very many useful things , but there was a couple of small heaters and an air pump and this... https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-Betta-Falls-Kit-Black/dp/B00INCRSFC Obviously I'm not going to put a betta in it, let alone three as Aqueon suggests, but I do think it might be cool with some plants in it. Any suggestions on what I could use it for?
  5. I was thinking of doing a low tech planted nano bowl (3 gallon or less) similar to what GFarmer or MD have done on their YouTube channels. What fish/shrimp would you guys consider outside of Betta or Cherry Shrimp. Nothing against either of those options, I love them both, just trying to get ideas. Oh, and open to any pointers since this will be my first attempt at a no filter or heater nano bowl.
  6. Hi Everybody! My name is Lisa. I am from Summit County, CO which has mining, skiing and tons of snow. I started my aquarium 2 years ago because I was told, “No more house plants!” by my hubby. So, to expand my plant knowledge, I began studying aquascaping. Thanks to Aquarium Co-Op my underwater garden is thriving. I’m here to learn even more. I started with a 5 gallon and a year of dialing in my well water and tank I ended up dialing in a smoothly running established tank that ran for nine months with out changing. But then disaster struck, when, while getting new carpet, my bed frame fell, bouncing off of me and falling diagonally onto my tank. Long story short I now have upgraded happily to a 10 gal. I do also have a 3 gallon at work, that really only has Java fern overgrowth, drift wood and nerite snails for cleaning. Why only two aquarium? Well remember that sweet loving hubby of mine. We all make compromises, but with that being said I do have a passion for my main tank and am hoping to reestablish that ecosystem I had in this new tank. Current Plants: -Java fern, both windelov and traditional -Java moss, what can I say, it’s quickly becoming a girls best friend. -Anubias nana petite, yea it’s coming along...I think... -Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’-just got this sucker but it’s perfect! -Radican Marble Queen Sword, growing some new leaves after the stress of the move -Ruffle Sword also got a massive trim and coming back. -Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, my absolute favorite! and tons of Marimo moss spread out on my driftwood. I do have a few fish: -mustard gas betta- you saw it coming. His name is O.D.B. He was chosen and named by my man. -a golden mystery snail-the chef Raekwon -a clown pleco- inspect the deck -a nerite snail- method man I do plan on completing my Wutang tank here in the future with the extra room but am waiting for everything to get established before doing that. With all that being said, Thank you all for the knowledge. Now, for the learning cycle to continue.
  7. Hi everyone. So, I siliconed an old gumball machine. There is a minor leak, but I am in the process of fixing that right now. Anyway, I am wondering if you guys have any plant and creature suggestions. I was thinking a single nerite snail would be cool, but I still don’t know what else could possibly work. The glass probably holds 2.5 cups of water, so it is very small.
  8. I am going to setup up a tank or more at my folks' house in the Vermont woods, since we have to move the White Clouds and Neo Shrimp inside. I got a 15 gallon for them, but they want something bigger, and they want to use this as a stand. I'm thinking a 29 gallon would be perfect. My dad took these photos. I just realized that I frame and crop much like the old man.
  9. My name is Eliot and Im from the Northwestern US. I only have one tank right now as my apartment complex only allows 10 gallons or less, but before I moved I was working on several breeding projects and building out my first fish room. Today I have a 7.1 gallon Aquatop cube tank which is home to a black samurai betta named Alex, and an Amano shrimp named Simon.
  10. Anyone use this Kent Marine fertilizer? My fiancé picked it up for me when we were at a et store in town. Any thoughts??
  11. I’m moving my betta from a 2.5gal to a 10gal. I realize the 10gal might be too big for my desk and might go to the dresser. That being said I would like to still use my 2.5gal. I’ve seen people make terrariums using twigs and dirt and stuff from local ponds or rivers and also the water too. Would this be a good idea to do with the 2.5gal? Or does anyone have any other ideas?
  12. Hi everyone. I'm brand new to the hobby and i'm looking for some advice. I'm setting up three nano aquariums, I'm not sure if they will just be heavily planted but I love shrimp and snails and I would love a Betta in each What is the recommended filtration? I've been looking at external filters.. is it possible to split the input and output three ways and do them all from one filter? Does anyone have any experience with a nano tank with no filtration at all? I'd love to see any pictures of your setups 😁 Thank you so much in advance
  13. Hi, I'm hoping for a little advice on lighting for my trio of planted nano tanks. I was wondering if something like these plant grow lights would work for me? I like the idea of having one plug with three lights on the goose neck. I think they'd look pretty neat and give me room to grow up and out of the tanks. Am I missing something important? My tanks are only 8" deep to the very top of the glass. Many thanks in advance ☺️
  14. Yupppp. My apartment restrictions have not discouraged me from aquarium keeping. I wanted another 3 gallon to sit next to the one I have currently. I got 4 easy planters and some spider wood from Aquarium Co-Op and pieced it together in 5 minutes. Now to get me some plants. Stay tuned.
  15. I just traded my old 10g reptile dry terrarium to my friend for her old 2g aquarium. She used to keep her kid's betta in it and as for my terrarium i had no use for it anymore really. Just taking up 20 inches of space. Anyway. The little tank needs cleaning but is otherwise sound. except it doesn't have any hardware (pump, lid, light, etc) except for a magfloat. Does anyone out there have any ideas what i could do with it? I don't have good luck with shrimp in my water or i might go that route. I don't wanna jump through hoops getting my water parameters perfect for some skrimps tbh. Maybe use it for cultivating plants? Or is there a way i could use it to grow live food for my fish? I've never done live food before. Or maybe some other idea i havent considered
  16. Hello everyone, I am planning to redesign my 10 gallon into a nano aquarium. I have a rough layout in my mind but I was looking for ideas. If anyone wants to share a photo of their nano aquarium it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and happy fish keeping!
  17. Those that have watched my channel know I've gone through 2 other versions of a groot tank. Being at an apartment I couldn't have anything more than 5 gallons, so I rescaped my 2 gallon and made Groot my centerpiece. I've added some Marimo Moss Ball as a carpet on the rocks but have yet to take a photo. UNS 25s 2 Gallon Fluval Nano Light Lava Rock Anubias Nana Petite Crypt Lucens
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