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Found 18 results

  1. I broke my rule of not ordering live fish in the dead of winter and sadly the fish did not make it. Well packed, water temp of 63 degrees when they arrived, which should be fine for endlers, so I'm not sure what went wrong. To my surprise, there were very much alive babies in one of the bags! I am drip acclimating them right now in hopes of saving them at least. They are quite active! Ammonia at 0ppm in their water, but nitrites very high. Advice? I was not prepared for babies here and live nowhere near a fish store to by anything in terms of live food, etc. I do have the AC easy fry food.
  2. For those of you with some experience shipping fish . . . In general, what nighttime/daytime temps at the origin as well as destination cause you to include a heat pack in your shipment? Are there any other things to consider . . . like UPS vs. USPS in terms of heat pack use? When to use 40hr vs 72hr? I'm guessing there are probably a lot of variables involved in the decision, but I'm really just looking for some high-level tips without going down a rabbit hole of endless nuanced circumstances and scenarios. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can share.
  3. I know Aquarium Co-op still doesn't ship internationally so was just wondering, does anyone know how much it would cost (ballpark figure) to get a box shipped from the US to the UK? Anyone ever posted internationally before? There's a bunch of Co-op products I really want 😭 haha so was wondering if it was even feasible to get a friend to get them and ship them to me.
  4. Plants arrive yesterday in great shape. I was impressed with the packaging some of the very best I have had. Thank you so very much.
  5. Has anyone outside of the US used a freight forwarding company to reship coop products overseas? If so, any recommendations or tips would be great, Thanks https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/online-shopping/buying-online/articles/shopmate-and-us-freight-forwarding-services
  6. Just curious if shipments are coming from California? I ordered some stuff online and its coming from the Bay Area. Made a ton of purchases before and everything has always come from the store in Edmonds? I have (1) item of my order delivered the rest is not here?
  7. Do people generally put any sort of supplement in the water with their fish when they mail them? Do i need a heat pack? How many fish per bag? (1 month old mollies) Would putting carbon in the bag with them be a good idea?
  8. So Friday 03/29/2021 morning 5:35am (Pittsburgh, Pa) EST zone I placed an order. Of course the team is still all asleep dreaming about fishes and things. Friday 03/19/2021 10:20pm Your shipment has arrived at the USPS origin facility.Kent, WA, US Latest Update Mar 21st 2021 9:16am Your shipment has arrived at the USPS regional destination facility.Pittsburgh PA Network Really can that be any better. In my mind’s eye I picture Cory speeding across the country- saying Speedy Delivery just like Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers. Pittsburgh’s own Fred and Joanne Rogers we love and miss them.
  9. Ok, so I have never shipped fish, and until this year I have never even considered shipping a live anything in the mail. I find I enjoy breeding them though, sooo...Not trying to make a million, just need to make space and break even on food and shipping costs. For those of you who have or do ship, a few questions... Is it worth it? Cost and failure rate to ROI? What are the most stress free methods? The most cost effective? Are those the same? Packing tips?
  10. Hi all. Thanks for the awesome videos you post love them all. Do you ship to South Africa?
  11. I have been drooling over some cool guppies I saw online, but I have not been able to really find them anywhere but on Ebay, or in Thailand. I was to scared to spend the money to import them but I finally decided to take a shot on some that are probably first generation (or 10th?) americans. So I bit the bullet and ordered a trio. I got a tracking number, and cleared a 10 gallon, asked the seller for water parameters (VERY hard water) and brought the cycled tank up to as close as I could get while I anxiously waited. The tracking number showed no progress for 8 days after they were supposed to be shipped, and I contacted the seller to find out if they actually were in a box somewhere, or if they never left. The seller gave me no information and supplied a new tracking number, so I assumed there was a goof and the fish were never actually shipped. 2 days later they showed up, healthy, fine, a little duller than the pictures and kind of skinny. I left a good review anyway, and started them on a round of levamasole immediately, and offered baby brine which got them eating. They perked up, but still seemed small and duller than I had expected. Three days after that I got a second trio, this one was GORGEOUS, and one of the females had dropped in the bag and not eaten the fry. Wait...what? The first set was in the mail for TEN DAYS. Aside from being hungry they seem fine. I am flat out amazed. I LOVE GUPPIES. So for the record, I ended up with 6 fish + about 15 fry for the price of 3. I have contacted the seller and offered to send more money--obviously.
  12. Hey gang, extremely new to the hobby, and was mainly looking for some reassurance I guess. Tank has been up and running for about four and a half weeks now, but I started with no fertilizers whatsoever. My plants seemed to have stopped melting, but there doesn't seem to any more progress, and there's a start of some hair algae and cyano. In terms of water hardness, looks like I'm lacking in nutrients: kH: 2.0 gh: 3.0 Just bought some root tabs from Aquarium co-op, which should help the Amazon swords, lilaeopsis brasilliensis, alternanthera reineckii mini, and dwarf hairgrass. Was thinking of getting some Easy Green liquid feet for my Java Fern Windelov and Christmas moss, but I live in Minnesota, and it's looking like we're getting a cold snap soon; how does Aquarium Co-op anticipate for temperature sensitive items? Is there a chance the Easy Green will lose nutrient effectivity due to freezing? How does AC Easy Iron and Easy Carbon compare to Seachem Iron and Excel?
  13. This thing! Was wondering if it's recyclable. Or if you guys had any idea on how to reuse it. It's too cool to throw out. X3
  14. Hello I live in Ontario Canada was just wondering if you ship dry goods to Canada like the brine shrimp eggs and easy green
  15. Cory, I have heard you talking about international shipping rates. Have you ever looked at the simple export rate from pirate ship? That is all. Thank you
  16. I’m really stressed right now because my plants were delivered at 11 am today and I didn’t see the email and I won’t be able to get them out of the mail till 12pm tommorow do you think they will die or survive?
  17. I noticed when I placed my last order shipping was $4.99. Is this a permanent or temporary change?
  18. I was wondering what kind of shipping service you guys use as I live in a locked building so getting items shipped here can be difficult to deal with certain carriers.
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