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Your Favorite/ The Best Tank Size


Favorite/ Best Tank size  

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  1. 1. Favorite/ Best Tank size

    • 5 Gallon
    • 10 Gallon
    • 20 Gallon
    • 29 Gallon/ 30 Gallon
    • 40 Breeder
    • 55 Gallon
    • 75 Gallon
    • 125 Gallon
    • The biggest tank you can get your hands on
    • Other (specify)

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I like the 75 gallon because it has enough depth and length to allow larger groups of tetras to display their normal  schooling behavior, and  with its depth and height it allows to accommodate  somewhat larger plants, and assembled pieces of driftwood to be combined to create caves and hiding places for dwarf cichlids and similar fish.

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I picked 55 gallon and wish I'd gotten one. If it wasn't such a terribly tedious and expensive process, I'd switch out my 45 for one. Anything over that would take over too much of my small living room. A 20 gallon is good, as you can pick long or high depending on what you want to put in there. I also like the 40 breeder for its good size combined with reasonable depth for easier maintenance.

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15 hours ago, Frank said:

Because, it's what I have. I also like the proportions...


3 hours ago, Brian said:

Depends on what I want to keep and or spawn.   

For the reasons Frank and Brian mentioned, 
I don't think there is a one size fits all best size.  The 10 gal. is a great multi purpose project tank.  My 29 planted is the most interesting.  The  extra height of the 65 makes it hard to clean..

If I have to pick one, it is the 75 gallon.   Dimensionally the 75 allows for better viewing and larger hardscape and fish options without crowding.  

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