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  1. If you can't get Easy Green in Canada then NilocG Thrive is the way to go, if you have shrimp too get the S version.
  2. Instead of using slate I've sometimes also used bigger pieces of Mopani wood that I had pre-soaked to remove some of the tannin to screw them to a particularly stubborn piece of driftwood that would keep floating somewhere in between the substrate and the surface, to weigh them down.
  3. Looking really great. I'm looking forward to see how it will all come to together when it fills in. Nothing quite as satisfying as to see a well developed concept for a tank come together. How is the Homalomena insignis doing for you? I was looking at them when I put my tank together, but went with some bucephalandras instead.
  4. I'd get the 48" for better coverage of the whole tank.
  5. @quirkylemon103 my Bolivian rams don't mess with my shrimp at all, but I can't say that for all cichlids. Apistogrammas for example would take care of them in short order. It's been years ago that I've kept kribensis, I had some in a tank with Congo tetras but that was long before I kept any shrimp, so I can't really say if they would be a good mix.
  6. Angelfish reach maturity at anywhere from 9 - 12 months and can lay eggs every 8-10 days, once they reach the age of 3 frequency decreases until it eventually stops. So since you are guessing they are about 2 years old, they are in their prime and they are most likely prepping for new additions to the tank. Congratulations, you might be expecting!😁
  7. Got a shot of my Phoenix moss (Fissidens fontanus) that I attached closer to the surface above the Christmas moss with Blue Dream shrimp cleaner crew, and another showing my number 8 Anubias bloom this year.
  8. @Dee00 as @Streetwise recommended the Fluval 3.0s from Aquarium Co-Op are a great option, or if you want lights more in the direction of the Kessils but without the Kessil price tag, the Aqua Illumination Prime Freshwater LEDs are a more affordable solution but without the Kessil shimmer. Here's a link to the manufacturer with stats on the lights: https://www.aquaillumination.com/products/prime-freshwater and the link for the Fluval Plant 3.0: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/type_lights/products/fluval-plant-3-0-led-light
  9. ORD but the tank looks great, and your catch of the day all look like very nice additions. When I was planning my tank I was considering a plant shelf with some orchids and bromeliads but since the wall the tank is up against in our living room is the one where we've got my wife's paintings and my photos the plan got vetoed by local government, and I wasn't that attached to the idea that I would have sent it to reconciliation, and overhaul; and so the budget for grow lights for the orchids and bromeliads got absorbed into the Kessil budget and everyone was happy.
  10. Wow you're a braver man than I am with that bookshelf right above the tank. 😄
  11. Sophie says she is located in China, so she doesn't have access to YouTube, and Amazon.
  12. Sometimes they like to explore, a small piece of driftwood or some different plants, but your tank looks really nice.
  13. Cardinal tetras get bigger than Neons but they look similar, except there is no white on their bellies the red stripe continues all through the body and they like the higher temperatures. Do the stores in your area carry any of the freeze dried worms for bettas? Or live Tubifex worms? You might have to ask some of the local fish store owners, I'm sure they have to have food other than the flakes for the bettas they sell.
  14. Clad to see you too have a resident feline aquarium inspector on site to ensure all is done in the appropriate fashion 😄
  15. Usually not a problem between bettas and neons. Do you have a better picture of your complete tank and the betta?
  16. 😄My Bolivian rams would get the Gold medal in conniving & guilting, the way they gather in the spot where I feed them around feeding time. It's as if they have a built in timer, what gets me the most is when I find that I have to go open a new container of sinking pellets and the looks I get when I go to get it; if looks were rolls I'd have a basket full at that point. They get so excited swimming up and down in anticipation of me opening the lid, as if they're telling me to get with the program already. 😁
  17. Red, pink, purple, and several shades in between, although the blueish purple bee balm spreads the most. hummers and butterflies will frequent all of them but the hummers definitely prefer the red, and with them being such a desirable piece of property you'll see the most amount of aerobatics, and mini dogfights over the red bee balm.
  18. If they are just males I would figure maximum 8 to 10, however if you should happen to get a female all bets are off because they turn fertile at about two months, and can have anywhere from 20-30 babies each time. I'd probably go with 7-8 males to leave wiggle room for growth. Max size for endlers is 1.4".
  19. Sweet! Very nice tanks, and fish. Looking forward to see the progress after the move.
  20. Nice Cherry shrimp! Welcome to the CARE forum @Pygmy cory.
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