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  1. While talking about USB air pumps. What I like to do with mine. I plug them into one of those battery back ups, that doesn’t run as long as it is charging itself.... once my power goes out and electricity is off to the charger it turns one my USB pump. Hopefully I will never need them long term, but better safe than sorry.
  2. What I am saying is that is what I do.... I know Discus Hans had a video showing it. What I’m saying works for me. There should be a couple videos on the drop and plop acclimation. Good Luck
  3. Yes, frequent. As to what is frequent I will let you decide. But topping off an aquarium is only doing that. Look at it like this, aquatic animals live in their own waste. We need to, with filtration, plants and water changes try to keep it all in balance. Good Luck
  4. Couple questions. How did the fish act before they died? Are you sure test is accurate? As the fish are shipped the PH should go down. While the fish breath they produce CO2, in short this will cause the PH to decrease. Once the bag is opened the CO2 is gassed off and this will cause the PH to increase maybe going right off the charts. This will greatly increase the ammonia toxicity. The other thing to remember- reduce stress and or the amount of time fish is stressed. So unless my tank temperature and bag temperature are more than 5 or 6 degrees different I cut open the bag pour fish in a net and get them into their aquarium. Remember this fish just spent 2,3 maybe 4 days in the dark and then they get light. Sometimes very bright. They get startled and breathing increased. Just get them into a stable environment ASAP.
  5. Yes. The eggs shells and the eggs that didn’t hatch with rather quickly start to degrade the water conditions.
  6. First and foremost- the fish must eat it. So whatever they like. Second I don’t think they have a demanding diet. Third a variety with the occasional treat. Good Luck
  7. Never place someone else’s water in you tank. I would remove the snails from the bag/container rinse them in aquarium water and you should be fine. If you want maybe get yourself some sort of container and put them in there for an hour or two . This way if they had baby pest snails as hitch hikers that would give them time to maybe crawl off of them. Good Luck
  8. Does everyone that keeping aquatic animals live in new or newly remodeled homes? For that matter. What about the supply line coming into your homes? My home was built in 1956. I have copper in my home. Good Luck
  9. Since you already treated with medication I would just watch the fish. If it is eating and seems healthy that is. Hard to say what the original cause was, but I don’t think it is a birth defect. With a good diet and water conditions and little stress you may start to see some new growth. Possible scare tissue and most likely never going to win best of show. But who knows.... Good Luck
  10. Turkey Baster. Especially if bare bottom. Good Luck
  11. I don’t have just one thing. 01. Read before purchasing. In my case a book or if on line a paper by someone that has written a book. 02. Go Slow- let tank, filter, fish and plants settle in. 03. Listen, we tend to learn more when listening.
  12. Brian

    Angelfish help

    Could a toxin got in the tank? Is it possible something could be leaking electrical current? For a tank full of seemingly healthy fish to all start acting strange. No other symptoms.
  13. A couple questions... Do you use any buffers? I had a buddy that would try to adjust his water for African cichlids. Salts, either marine or aquarium and epsom. Once he stopped trying to adjust the water the fish stopped all the flashing. Also, could the tank have any stray electrical current? Good Luck
  14. @Cory so I use a mixture of Eco Complete and river gravel I buy from a building supply company - My question is. With the use of EZ Root and the complete line of EZ fertilizers will my mineralized substrate last long? In theory? I know depends on plants ... how many... lights... the use of CO... and growth rate... water changes. Just to many variables... Thanks.
  15. I agree. I have found the purchase price (for the most part) equates to a slightly better bit. Sometimes the give guidance on approximately how many holes can be drilled. Good luck.
  16. Unless I want to protect eggs in the tank I like to control snails with tank maintenance, snail eating fish and the control and or limited food supply. I was a snail hater... Was. I find some - most important. So many snails love algae. Keep them under control and they don’t seem to be a pest.
  17. Well, you said Koi and 150 gallons. A couple options first do you have some place you could bring them in? Maybe some large containers in a garage? Or explain to pet shop that you want to keep koi. But in the fall you would be returning them. Work out a deal, those fish are going to out grow 150 gallons.... so maybe every spring start over?
  18. I don’t know, 30 plus years ago I had a king size water bed. It held around 225 gallons of water. I’ll never forget the display when I purchased it. .. they had a water bed set up and not on the frame, but on Dixie cups stacked on each other. The information provided for apartment dwellers had verification that the weight displacement was less per square foot than a standard refrigerated fully stocked. But that doesn’t help them with current situation.... lol. Always better to be safe than sorry...
  19. I dose daily, well almost. I don’t dose the day before a water change or the day of a water change. Good Luck
  20. Why? I would ask why? What was different with this plant? Why did this one die, and not the other one?
  21. I have used just about everything over the years. I have settled on paint. It is cheap, I can remove and change. Paint. Good Luck and let us know how it comes out.
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